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celebrate my being a woman

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Lady GreenWe women are amazing ;)

We are representative of creation, perfection, oneness. We’re women, and every man in this world enters by our kind. And almost every man is drawn back to that Life giving force, a magnet to that power, longing to return to the well of Life, the connection, the wholeness that lies between our thighs.

Many men believe women to be—weak. Subordinate. Secondary. But woman is a mystery. Every man owes his life to a woman, but where Woman comes from, no man knows. A rib? Hardly.

A woman is the closest thing to a Divine Creator on earth. We creates form from formless in the course of nine months. There is a reason the ninth letter of the alphabet is the letter ‘I.’ It is how we identify ourselves after entering this world by way of a mother. We are beauty beyond beauty. We are life, the giver of life and if there is anything in this world worthy of being worshipped—it’s us. Never let anyone, particularly a man, tell you anything different. 2 years ago

Lady Green 2 years ago

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