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clean my bedroom

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skyPRINCE 9 months ago

brassedoff69Can't Believe I Let It Go So Long!!

It’s done! Wasn’t that bad. Why I let it overwhelm me for so long I don’t know.

I’ve been doing great at tidying up everyday because I don’t want to go back to the clutter that was.

What motivated me was that I started to read The Happiness Project. Makes me very happy going to bed each night to a clean room.

Now I need to tackle the closet!! 1 month ago

brassedoff69 3 years ago

dthancock28found a starting point...

Started with the laundry today; just chucked it all out the bedroom door to get it out of the room. Can actually see some of the floor now in places! 1 month ago

dthancock28 2 months ago

brassedoff69I actually got a little done on this today!

Little being the key word. However, just straightening and vacuuming goes along way. 3 months ago

MissClaireeeVery happy

In a few days, doing just a bit at a time, I am starting to see results. Still there is much to get rid of, but it’s starting to come together. 3 months ago

MissClaireeeThis is taking forEVER

I got everything against one wall organized and in its place. Wow, there’s actually FLOOR under there for a change. It is so difficult to go through all these family photos when I was actually PART of the family. But past is past, and gone is gone. Tomorrow I might try to expose another wall pile. 3 months ago


Though my linens stay clean, everything else is a pile of crap that I need to separate between my ex-husbands’s stuff and mine. I’ve been procrastinating due to a broken heart, but I just can’t continue to live like a hoarder. Everything else in the house is immaculate except for my quarters and the laundry room. I keep the house nice because it’s run as a B & B. Time to treat myself the way I treat my guests! 3 months ago

MissClaireee 3 months ago

skyPRINCECleaning the bedroom...

...It may seem like a silly “goal”, but, for me, it isn’t. I’ve left the things in my bedroom the same way since a couple (maybe more) years. Of course I clean it, but, I refer about having the bed/drawers, movable lamps in the same position… Not adding any different stuff, like a framed photo, or painting the walls… And so on. I need to change the way my bedroom currently is: To express my current personality, to express my current way of seeing LIFE… To express the way I wanna improve every single day… And, also to have a space to sleep, cuddle with my partner, have sex when possible, and, above it all… Relax myself. Make my bedroom my “headquarters”, where I can take some quality sleep every night… And then, waking up feeling I’m able to conquer all my dreams, all my fears, and all my desires.

Cleaning isn’t brooming only. ;) Cleaning it’s all about making it a different place, so you can feel better, and be better overall. 4 months ago

aquolina 6 months ago

Dean 8 months ago

DeanTidying it up

Started with mopping up the hardwood floor with a mixture of water and cleaning vinegar. The worst part is under the bed where all the dust collected but I managed to make it shiny and spotless. I then dumped the basket of old clothes into the laundry. Sorted out all the junk lying on the chairs near the stairs into the proper places. Took off all the bed sheets, pillow covers, and blankets from 3 beds to be washed and dried in the laundry as well. At last, I collapsed onto the couch with a sigh of relief. 7 months ago

marsyare 7 months ago

DeanCluttered floor

The first thing I want to see when I go upstairs is a cozy, warm bedroom where I can unwind and relax. Today, I picked up all the papers, containers, and junk lying around on the floor. Oh, it made a huge difference. Still more to go but it’s a start. 7 months ago

JennyK89Getting started

I’d like to accomplish this goal by Tuesday, August 27. 8 months ago

JennyK89 8 months ago

AFrayedKnot 8 months ago

tara1127 12 months ago

Zoe_enjoyinglife 13 months ago

tinyflowers 13 months ago

bclayton323 14 months ago

hkoon 17 months ago

On seas less hideously sereneActually working on this.

I worked on this a few weeks ago and made quite a bit of progress. I gave away a garbage bag full of clothes and donated a large box of books to the library’s used-book store. Then I threw away three more bags of stuff. My bedroom looks very different now, but there’s still plenty to do! 20 months ago

arcticmacacos 21 months ago

AhoyThereFrankie 23 months ago

amycup 5 years ago


im going to clean my room today:]

my room is a disaster!!

clothes/do laundry
stuff off of floor
move bed around
make bed

basic stuff.
i have to go therw alot of stuff because my loft is going to be built soon and i have to much junk as is..
i may sell some stuff on ebay or even on etsy maybe some other site :]
i also am going to have a week and week end garage sell this month :] and thats not going to be just my items its going to have tons of dfrnt items:]
the stuff that dont sell the [vintage] im going to put on etsy. the stuff that doesnt sell are going to goodwill or my churchs 2nd hand shopp where i go thrifting alot of the times:] kinda giving back :] before and after pix later on today or tomorrow:] 23 months ago

ilaria8282 7 years ago

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