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Never Be Bored Or Boring

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Never Boring

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Phantom_MermaidWell, no, not really.....

I don’t think it’s entirely possible to never be bored and never be boring. You’re going to be bored at some point in time. I just want to lessen it so that it’s barely noticeable and really rare. I plan to re-add this goal after I remove some more from this list, but right now I want to add a goal to write 10 word poems on here because it’s something I can be working on and posting about daily. This goal here will be re-added, though. 7 years ago

Phantom_MermaidWell, Let's Face It....

True, this boredom thing is likely partly a problem with me just as much as it is a problem existing outside of me. However, having “props” or “tools” to de-borify an evening would be helpful. So, I am thinking it would be nice to get DDR (I want it to help me with dancing and with exercise, anyways) instead of borrowing it from my friend. Also, it would be nice to get some games that can be played by 2 or more people. I have basically no games here. Monopoly, although not terribly exciting, is nice to play, but it takes a long time to play and most people don’t want to invest that much time in it. I’d still like to get it though. It is a classic and I like it. Um, besides getting board games and DDR, I’d like to expand my movie collection, get a stripper pole (which won’t do me much good until I can develop the strength to pole dance, however), and um, fix my pool so that people can actually swim in it. I also need to get some more music. I have lost part of my collection. A lot of it actually. So, that’s swimming, more music, a stripper pole, more movies, board games, and DDR. I could also stock up on some craft and art supplies to have fun with, too. Oh wait! Then there is um that new karaoke game that is like the DDR game and I could get a microphone and stuff for karoke at home. Then, let’s see I had something in mind- OH YES! I could get some stuff for giving massages and people could always take turns doing that. That’s good fun. And I could get some henna and keep that around for something to do. We could henna each other. Any more ideas? 7 years ago

Phantom_MermaidI want......

There isn’t really much to do at my house and I worry people get bored when they’re here. Also, if I’m hanging around someone and things get dull, I know it isn’t there fault, it’s because there is nothing to do…..yet somehow I still feel personally responsible. Like it’s on my shoulders to come up with something. Also, I thought this area was boring, but I’m starting to wonder if this area is any more boring than the average place. Maybe it’s me that is boring. Anyways, I want to be able to not be bored no matter where I am because I want to be inspired, I want to be able to make things exciting or interesting anywhere and anytime. 7 years ago

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