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List 100 Things That Make Me Smile

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Things That Make Me Smile

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Things That Make Me Smile

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KAREN FRASER100 Things that make me smile / happy / feel good (43things)

100 Things that make me smile / happy / feel good (43things)
1. Waking up naturally without an alarm and feeling rested
2. The pets showing me affection, especially Hoover and Charlin (NOTE 5/8/2011 – both Hoover and Charlin have passed away; AND I still feel happiness when interacting with all our pets)
3. a fresh manicure
5. freshly cleaned clothes (5/8/2011)
6. discovering new words (5/8/2011)
7. making new friends, especially when totally unexpected (e.g. Rebecca 5/15/2011)
8. energetic feeling after functional fitness class
9. shopping (but why?)—and only when for recreational purposes and I am not rushed AND store has appealing music playing
10. cleaning up a mess that has been bothering me – feel good after it’s done, not so much doing it
11. seeing a kitten see a person for the first time
12. discovering music new to me , especially at live concerts
13. watching a mother cat teach her kittens; e.g. how to climb a tree (Dec 2013)
14. noticing the first bluebonnets of each Spring (Mar 2014) 3 months ago


13. watching a mother cat teach her kittens; e.g. how to climb a tree (Dec 2013)

list is at …tadalist.com/lists/782565 3 months ago

bluelemonade101 6 months ago

ace677677 8 months ago

upagainsttheglassMakes me smile

1. Art 2. Cuddling 3. MCR 4. Tyler Glenn 5. Ice cream 6. Typewriters 7. Boys with glasses 8. Creating art 9. Peppermint Tea 10. Fireplaces 11 months ago

upagainsttheglass 11 months ago

ohashily 13 months ago

Tonyawood 14 months ago

morningz 16 months ago

maya260when u be sad ,,,

hi every one 16 months ago

maya260 16 months ago

MomandDan 18 months ago


keeping a “Ta-Da” list labeled “100 Things that make me smile / happy / feel good (43things)” 21 months ago

ryuth 22 months ago


1. Thinking about my husband 2 years ago

raneee 2 years ago

user2651 2 years ago

Christina Alchimist

Christina Alchimist 3 years ago

clairepeanuts 2 years ago

Rose Blanchard 2 years ago

DonCare'wat Pplsay'1st entry

1) when someone tickles me

2) surprise gift

3) my baby sister’s giggle

4) a secret

5) cakes!

6) the perfect song that somehow knows what you are feeling!

7) unexpected text

8) polite people

9) unexpected call

10) meeting a lost friend in the middle of the crowd and acting like crazy!

2 years ago

Ceemysmile 2 years ago

DonCare'wat Pplsay' 2 years ago

keaheylips 2 years ago

karolia 2 years ago

meggyxsmallz 2 years ago

Nazaria Sakr 2 years ago

Monique Jackson 2 years ago


started list in 2007
recently started adding to this regularly 2 years ago

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