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go bowling

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iEman 3 months ago

Achilleus27 10 months ago

amania 11 months ago

ShadowsCursedBowling Fever

Here’s the filthy truth: I just need to bowl to get a little more social.

I’m a little shy and need to get a push to make quality friends. This might be a fun way to get out and meet quality friends.

:) 11 months ago

ShadowsCursed 11 months ago

The Solidago Girl 14 months ago

shardaixoxo 14 months ago

kendrafortuneGreat fun!

...although the staff at the bowling centre in Maidstone could have done with some customer service training, and maybe a year in a charm school. 15 months ago

kendrafortune 2 years ago

Kremily 15 months ago

Janek 17 months ago

kimi4567 17 months ago

taliando 18 months ago

true_blue22So Amazing

i went bowing in my prom dress and it was bday.
i went with my mum and we had fun and tons of the stuff.
im happy i got her to do it she did not want to do it at first,
but now she wants to go back.
WARNING: we hurting the next day we didnt do it for that long i think we did 3 games 18 months ago

true_blue22 4 years ago

catchlightning 20 months ago

missclare 22 months ago

Bobbi 21 months ago

gengu 23 months ago

mashko 23 months ago

iSqueak 23 months ago

Storm_7 23 months ago

Lost Wayfarer 2 years ago

Lost WayfarerI went with my Writing group, the NanKnights!

April 20, 2012

I met with my writing group, the NanKnights. First we went flying kites and afterwards we went bowling!

The bowling alley was almost deserted (only one other group of people) and we had fun drinking root beer, bowling, eating pizza and playing Trivia games and thought processing games between rolls.

We danced abit and sang along with the music that we choose off the jukebox.

I did lousy the first two games, but the last and third game, I found my groove! I almost broke a hundred that last name. I got 98!

I took several pictures of Bickle, as everyone in my group wanted to meet him. We had fun naming the ball. There was this ball with 5 holes, we named Doris, as it had the name Doris on it. The pink 7 pound ball, was named Pinky. There was a wild spiral swirled balled we named Galaxy. and an bright orange and sickly yellow ball that J. named Herpes. It was funny because J. only bowled with it once and that was it.

We talked about maybe doing this weekly if we could afford it. I have so much fun with my writing group!

Photograph: Bickle, my travel mascot, trying his paw at bowling. Taken April 20, 2012. 1 year ago

TartanGiraffe 2 years ago

HebaMO 2 years ago

Ru ~ dig deeper 7 years ago

Ru ~ dig deeperBowling bowling bowling

Happily, although the first day of spring break was full of unexpected flurries, we made it through the snow to meet up with a multitude of friends at the local bowling ally.

Great fun – Isak was doing happy dances on the floor, Iris was chipper the whole time (and fell asleep on the way home), and I enjoyed hanging with the other grown-ups, getting to know them better. We indulged in pizza & pop, and even made extra time for air hockey, virtual car races, and dinosaur hunting. I’m tuckered out, but it was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon – we should really go more often, we still haven’t dragged M. out for some pin-toppling. Next time? 2 years ago

AsesinaFinally went bowling!! Yeah, last year (4/2/11) but I'm writing an entry on it now.

It was awesome at first because I beat my bf on the first round but then he beat me on the second round haha.. doesn’t take much work to go bowling so what else can I say? 2 years ago

EverydayFairy 2 years ago

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