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sabrynWaving to the Stars

I’ve decided to put links to the things I write here. Here’s the latest one:

http://cowbird.com/story/89442/Waving_To_The_Stars/ 1 month ago

rancho_cucamonga 1 month ago

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manoj1406 2 months ago

manoj1406Feb 11

Assignment 2 complete and submitted. This really works :) 2 months ago

Worldslinger 2 months ago

manoj1406Feb 10

Assignment 2
Task 3 of 3: 1500-word article(draft complete, final touches 95% complete) 2 months ago

manoj1406Feb 9

Assignment 2
Task 3 of 3: 1500-word article(draft complete, final touches 90% complete) 2 months ago

manoj1406Feb 8

Assignment 2
Task 3 of 3: 1500-word article(draft complete, final touches 85% complete) 2 months ago

manoj1406Feb 7

Assignment 2
Task 3 of 3: 1500-word article(draft complete, final touches 80% complete) 2 months ago

manoj1406Feb 6

Assignment 2
Task 3 of 3: 1500-word article(draft complete, final touches 70% complete) 2 months ago

manoj1406Feb 5

Assignment 2
Task 3 of 3: 1500-word article(draft complete, final touches 50% complete) 2 months ago

manoj1406Feb 4

Assignment 2
Task 3 of 3: 1500-word article(draft complete, final touches pending) 2 months ago

manoj1406Feb 3

Assignment 2
Task 3 of 3: 1500-word article(500-words done, in progress) 2 months ago

troy17jl 2 months ago

manoj1406Feb 2

Assignment 2
Task 3 of 3: 1500-word article(in progress) 2 months ago

manoj1406Feb 1

Assignment 2:
Task 2 of 3: A 150-word outline for the article(completed)
Task 3 of 3: 1500-word article(pending). 2 months ago

manoj1406Jan 31

n/a 2 months ago

manoj1406Jan 30

Assignment 2:
Task 1 of 3: A short analysis on an online mag(completed).
Task 2 of 3: A 150-word outline for an article(pending)
Task 3 of 3: A 1500-word article(pending).

applied for 5 different projects online, awaiting reply.

time spent – 3hrs. 2 months ago

Dondy154Jacob & Poor Thelma 6870 words

Last Friday I started a piece of fan fiction. I never write fan fiction. (The last time I did was about thirty-two years ago when I was in my teens.) This one is closer to original fic than most fan fiction because, while it is set in someone else’s world, it is about my own characters and does not yet have any of his characters in it, and might never depending on how it shapes up.

This morning I managed to fit in a second writing session. : D This takes it to 6870 words which is not bad for two sessions. The best thing was being able to pick up where I had set it down, even thought I had been blocked from writing it for the previous six days. It’s not easy clearing the deck of cats, chores and sociable people!

It’s fan-fic based on the Ben Aaronovich world and the narrator/protagonist is a fifteen-year-old boy named Jacob who has a weird old aunt named Thelma. What is even more singular about the piece is that last week I showed the first installment to my ds23. I actually have a reader…. quite strange for me that writes whole novels without showing them to anyone. 2 months ago

Dondy15411 pages of a dead end romance

I wrote 11 pages last night, after spending twice the amount of time dislodging people from being in my brain. I feel pleased about this. Relaxing, decent prose – the best part was successfully turning all the interruptions off and writing anyway.

Despite my having no internet computer to lure them into my room, it is not always easy to get the people to back off. I have to switch from Mummy mode or Spouse mode into Me mode before the writing flows. And that means not being in the middle of a conversation, and having stabilized my mood if the conversation ended on an emotionally intense note such as someone stomping off mad at me because I asked for an apology after he wrecked my brand new kitchen towel. (Not naming names here.)

I have a writing computer now that has no internet. This should keep me from net surfing and should not be so enticing that I have to fight people off so that I can use it. 3 months ago

Dondy154My French is helping with my writing....

I can’t type in French. I’ve tried. But I have an anglo keyboard and an anglo spellchecker and my best efforts to end up with the ability to alternate languages with any word processor has ended up failing.

This means that when I want to study French I have to write it out in longhand. And this means that I have been working on writing slowly and clearly. When I write in English I normally write in such a fast scrawl that my ing lookis like an undersized y. All you know is there is a tail, but the body of the letter is non existant let alone being three distinct letters.

The more French I do the clearer my handwriting gets as I am focussing on making it legible and correct not focussing on getting it down as fast as possible. I have not been trying to write at the same speed I can type. And since I can type at 60+ words per minute my writing had devolved into a bumpy line.

Lately I have sat down with notebooks – twice over the last two days and maybe three times over the last five and just written carefully, making my vowels nicely shaped and writing slowly.

This is a kind of zen thing to do, not writing for the result of the story – something to reread and the experiences crafted by my imagination, but writing slowly, dreamily for the relaxing state of it.

All I did was one damn page yesterday of a story that I got too sleepy to continue. But I wrote and I enjoyed it. And I don’t have the frustration that comes from not being able to work on my writing when I want to because of the change in focus and purpose. 3 months ago

FireRainChildIf you let her in

She’ll climb into your dreams, your soul, like she would between your covers. Between your heart and your ribs. Between your memories and your childhood, between your darkest fears.

If you let her in. Her scent will always be there. Under your skin. On your fingertips. In them. Faint, but heady. Always there, always present. She will become your unanswered questions, half understood mystery, half finished thought.

If you let her in, touching her, loving her, making her yours… will never be enough. You will always end up wanting more. Always a little empty. Always longing. Skin aching. Fingers reaching to trace. Lips hunting, hurting. Eyes hungry.

She will live in your heart, free of rent. She’ll take up each room of your dreams. Fill up your sky. Tattoo herself on the inside. There will be no shaking her. No getting over her. No, not her.

If you let her in she will know you. Know you with just one look, one touch. Every inch and ounce, every doubt and pride.

You will taste her like you taste a song, a thought, a memory. Always with a hint of sorrow. Always with a hint of pain, longing.

If you let her in she will be your personal ghost. Always there, always felt. Even in your arms, you will ache for her. Even in your arms.

And… you would do it again. And again.. Endlessly. Time and time again.

Let her in. 3 months ago

jaded_chicakeep the momentum going

i guess i’ve established the blogging bit – now it’s time to take writing to the next level and get something published. =) 3 months ago

jaded_chica 2 years ago

yahska 3 months ago

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