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stop smoking weed


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Daniel Shaw 8 years ago

coraisdead 3 months ago

puslens 5 months ago

Elenwen 6 months ago

G_chronic_bluntlong term stoner... the battle is hard!

i have this blog so i can look back and see my own entries to myself. this dates back to 2006… wow that is 7 years ago and I am still such a huge stoner who aspires to quit but always relapses. i guess that is called addiction so i might as well say that i am addicted to marijuana. that is the first step in realizing i have a problem is accepting that i have an addition to a drug. too much of anything is a drug. junk food is a drug. mcdonalds is a drug. weed is definitely a drug. so as i look back, my life is so damn good and weed is just always there, clouding up my memory and my days. no need. because my days are so beautiful regardless. well, im just not ever going to give up on my goal to stop smoking. fail, well, then im gonna try again. always. so heres the reality of it. just threw my second vaporizer away. sitting on a huge huge bag of green that i just want gone so I will give it to a friend. life itself is so amazing. i wish that i could just not be a stoner and i am going to hope that I can get the second half of this year…before i turn 29 (yikes)... off to a marijuana free cleanse that lasts and lasts well into my 30’s and beyond. now is the prime decade of my life ahead and my choices are crucial, i cant afford to be making big mistakes and blaming my actions on marijuana. to anyone trying to quit, stay strong, never give up, failure happens, just remember your goal and make it a reality. one day at a time. thats all we really have anyway: today 8 months ago


would like to know if posting has helped anyone else so far?? 8 months ago

girl86day 1

Been smoking for almost 7 yrs now, and I want to quit for good. Before I smoked I was so hyper, nicer, and could keep my temper under control. I have panic attacks which makes it harder for me to quit, but I figure I survived before I started smoking so I can do it again. I can’t do this on my own so I am open to any and all suggestions. 8 months ago

girl86 8 months ago

abrace 10 months ago



sonnywithachancw 13 months ago


cheers weeders lol 14 months ago

Maciek99 14 months ago

ebby123 19 months ago

shamielxo 14 months ago

mako254 15 months ago

brendan3 15 months ago

dani_69roo 15 months ago


Been smoking for last 3 or 4 days 16 months ago



I stole one of my mother’s joints.. I didn’t smoke it, but I have it in my desk drawer. I remembered that if I smoked it, I’d feel obligated to post here saying I did. I think I’ll sell it to one of my friends. 16 months ago

lovexmyxana 16 months ago

lovexmyxanaSo Far

So far so good. I gave the rest of the weed I had to my aunt last night and I haven’t smoked today. :) 16 months ago


I wouldn’t really call myself a stoner, but I’ve smoked maybe 20 bowls and 15 joints. I’m 16 and tried weed for the first time when I was 15. These past months I’ve smoked a lot and I’ve wasted a lot of money on weed. I’m trying to save up for a car now, so I need to quit. We’ll see how this goes. 16 months ago

jparker0923 16 months ago

ZosiaOfTheLambs 16 months ago

letmeupgradeyou 19 months ago

Nancy Green

Nancy Green 6 years ago

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