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Run a half-marathon

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eierdopje 3 weeks ago

jennyt3d 3 weeks ago

MissElizabethArthur 3 months ago

Jayme Diane 3 months ago


Poop. The half-marathon I ran last year is already full. It’s okay, I guess, since I’d be a few weeks short on training. Well, better look for another one.

EDIT There’s only a 25k at the end of April, and not another half-marathon until June 1. =/ At that point, maybe I should just train for the marathon. 3 months ago


Okay, now I’m a little bit obsessed with running these. It was so much fun, and I actually shaved nearly 30 minutes off of my time than what I was doing in training runs. It must have been race-day adrenaline, and I guess I don’t train that hard :) I ran it in 2:14, but now I want to run another one in under 2:00. 4 months ago

ahashemi 5 years ago

ahashemi2 weeks!

So, I’m signed up for the Big Sur half marathon on November 17th. I’m running it with my sister, so that makes it even better. Today I ran 14.1 miles! And now I feel super happy about everything because of the endorphins. 5 months ago

S19111 6 months ago

SarahCLemonPants 6 months ago


Was going to register for the Hell’s Gate half in October. I put it off to decide if I could devote the time to training or not. Good thing I did, because it turns out I have a performance that day! Hoping to find another this fall… 7 months ago


I can finish 10k without stopping (only hydration stops).
A friend who ran marathon last year says with this level you can finish half-marathon (with stops, no time limit). I will give it a try someday. 7 months ago

saucy178 7 months ago

ewall 8 months ago

Adventurine 4 years ago

hallierose 10 months ago

goalley 11 months ago

ShaneRaven 11 months ago

kpres12 12 months ago


Kadeepoo 2 years ago

FerLomarcanGetting going again

So, after that little niggle, I’ve only got back running in the past few week. The physio (sensibly) has me working my training up slowly, so I’m currently running 2 mile short runs and 3.5 mile long runs. It feels like a long way to go before a half-marathon, but unlike a month or so ago, at least I believe it might actually happen now! Things are on the up! 13 months ago

tsummers13 13 months ago


Darwin101 16 months ago


Got my official results. I placed 521st out of 552 (700 people registered… that’s a lot who didn’t show up!). My official time was, unfortunately, 2:45:52, putting me at a 12:40 pace.
My unofficial time at the halfway point was 1:21, meaning my split was 12:28/12:55. Blargh. That’s like, way way way slower than I ever run. Goal was to finish in 2:30 (11:27 miles, roughly my standard pace). I thought “the race effect” was supposed to make you run faster?

Oh well. I wasn’t even in the bottom 5%! And if you count the nearly 150 people who never showed up, I actually wasn’t even in the bottom quarter!
Now to find another one ;) I think I like this distance. 13 months ago

Rachel 23 months ago

RachelThe good thing about first races is they're always a PR ;)

So I finished!
I was well above my goal time, but I still hit my main goal of running the whole thing (except for walking through aid stations).

My hip started nagging me during my long run last week. It felt better throughout the week, and I’d hoped it wouldn’t be too much of an issue today. Around mile 6, it was like “hey I see we’ve been running for over an hour, what’s up with that? Why are we still doing this?” and I was like “shut up hip” and stretched. But around mile 9 it really started to hurt, which I think slowed me down a fair bit.

But, I finished! The weather was good, people were nice, my friends came and picked me up and brought me french fries. All in all a success! 13 months ago

Luca Masters 13 months ago


The forecast for next weekend is 50° and no rain. Let’s hope it sticks! Today & the next few days are horribly slushy rain, which is not weather I want to run 13.1 miles in (not to mention it’s slippery as hell right now). 13 months ago

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