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amoromaThat's a biiiig goal!

I have just finished reading “Life Stripped Bare: My Year Trying to Live Ethically” by Leo Hickman and the challenge is to apply things that work in the UK to the Italian context, where ethical living is much less acknowledged or even appreciated. I got off to an appropriate start yesterday when I tried to avoid plastic bags in the supermarket and got told off for it by a shop assistant who insisted that their plastic bag did not do any harm to the environment… Lots of cheering on needed for this goal! Thanks :-) 4 years ago


People seem to think you are either a pompous ass or a hypocrite if you talk about trying to live your life ethically and with an eye on moral purpose—but I am serious! I’m working on it. Got a long way to go. First I have to discover what is ethical and moral…. 6 years ago

FranRachelit's all about the ethics baby...

I find myself in a VERY similar situation as of late and have been giving this ethics goal a lot of thought. I discussed today with a colleague how I was going to just leave well enough alone and let the “administration” do their job..accept that I can not single handedly change what has been working for many, many years…then I rememebered this goal and my daily affirmation “I will lead an ethical life in my workplace” and figured fuck it, I can change things and should I not speak up, I am not really being ethical. So, here I am, about to take on more work, knowing that it is simply the right thing to do…it feels lovely! Cheers~ 6 years ago


I was called a curmudgeon the other day by one of my oldest and dearest friends…and a friend who I have been seperated from for the past 11 years. At first, I was basically devestated. I love words and have always thought “curmudgeon” was such a lovely descriptive word when fitting. NEVER thought it would be befitting for moi! So, I am lead here, to 43things, to work it out and I thought about my goal to live an ethical life. I have realized over the past 11 years that I have settled quite a bit. I’m that little conscience in your ear, that annoying buzz that reminds you not to turn on red or to bite your tongue in the line b/c, after all, its not the sales clerks fault…I try to live a life that makes everyone who deals with me a little lighter and happier…and if that makes me a curmudgeon, so be it. I sleep VERY well at night! 6 years ago

JaySpare change

I’ve decided to start giving my spare change to the homeless people I see on the street again. I used to do this before I went off the rails and started avoiding all people, but now that I’m recovered if I just keep walking on by like they don’t exist I am a horrible horrible person. Even if I have no money it’s much better to say that then just to ignore somebody.

How horrible must it be to be sitting on the street asking people for help and they won’t even look at you. 7 years ago

JayBookshop good

In my continuing quest to stop buying things from people who exploit other people and the rest of the world I have decided to begin the painful steps of separating myself from Amazon.co.uk. It’s harsh but they are evil after all. And instead of buying my books from other big companies I decided to find an independent bookstore. And I found the best bookshop ever!

It’s like they took all the sections I like out of a regular bookshop and put them all into one little shop and expanded them. I kept finding books I really love or books I’d always wanted to read, or new books I relly wanted to read. This has some bad implications for my finances of course… 7 years ago


Uncessary underwear is a major temptation of evil. This I have decided. My mum wanted to buy underwear and tried a whole bunch of stuff on. So I was left to wander the department armed with the full knowledge that with one carefully placed comment she would buy me anything I wanted.

But then as I was wandering up and down thinking how tempting everything looked, and how lovely I would look in this or that I realised how stupid I was being. As if suddenly buying some stupid underwear would make my life better and all shiny. It was probably all made by sweatshop workers in Malaysia or something terrible like that, and made with envinronmentally destructive methods.

And what do I really want to impress any future partners with? Nice underwear or a caring and conscientious personality. 7 years ago

JayStill fighting the battle against shoes

Yet again I have managed to turn down the offer of beautiful shoes offered to me free. But they do not come free!! No doubt some little child payed a heavy price working 18 hours a day in some factory of hell. And why is it I keep thinking a pair of nice shoes will be just the thing to make me look fabulous anyway??? I don’t like all the things which have been implanted into my brain!!! having nice shoes won’t make me happy! And when my last pair of trainers finally begins to leak like the rest of them, then I will buy a nice pair of fair-trade replacements. So I decree it!

I also have bought Oxfam Unwrapped gifts for all of my aunties this year instead of getting them stupid little presents. And for my friend J a virtual present from the RSPB: a nestbox to keep her tits warm in the winter :P http://shopping.rspb.org.uk/mall/productpage.cfm/rspb/R0666/86007 7 years ago

FranRachelso thankful

for being turned on to this site…I got cheered by a lovely woman who inspired me to adopt this goal. I recently had a lengthy conversation about the lonliness surrounding living the ethical life I so desire, talking about the crap that builds up in my mind over decisions I have made that seem to do little more than isolate myself…and the advice I got was to never give up on being the ethical, righteous woman that I am. It has been difficult at times but I feel like I so need to continue on this path for my own self interest. On top of that, I have no idea how to be any other way…I thank my family for that :) Guess I just needed to get this out. Thanks~ 7 years ago


I need make-up. But it has to be make-up which is not founded on a background of guinea pig torture. How could I even imagine sitting in my room plastering stuff all over my face while little J&D scamper around, oblivious to the fact that their own loving mother is funding the torture of their fellow guinea pigs??? No!!!! I could not!!!

So the BUAV website is the place for me. I’ve sent away for their little booklet which has a list of all the non-guinea pig (or other animals) torturing brands. Even cooler they have a bunny map which has the location of different shops selling good make-ups in various UK cities, including Edinburgh. And you can download a PDF map showing all the shops and what brands they carry that are good. So useful! 7 years ago

JayAn Abundance of Clicking

Due to popular demand (ok one person) I’m gonna post a list of all my clickables. If anyone knows of anymore please let me know!

A click for the forest

Care2 has 9 different clicks to make, and you can keep a track of how much you’ve been clicking

Defend the Wolves

Die Waldseite

Ecology Fund has 5 clickables

Freedonation.com eight clickables

Hungry Children

Land Care Niagra

Red Jellyfish

Poverty Fighters

Protect Wolves

Sierra Club

Tarahumara Children’s Hospital

Bird Migration click on the bird one at the top of the list… actualy I didn’t need to list all the sites since some of them are on this page… but nevermind! On I go

Protect the Endangered Species Act

Race for the Rainforest

Environment Site

Plant an Oak

Tree 2 Life

Por los Chicos

Build Me a Home

Semi Arid Campaign

Solar Energy

Click to Cure Cancer

Santa Cruz SPCA

E-Philanthropy Site

Feed Food

Help With Clicks

Help Bridge the Digital Divide

Funny Little Wooden Man Site

Stop HIV

Click for Pet Food

Clean Up Waste

Hunger Fighters

Woord en Daad7 years ago

JayBaaad Baad Girl

I am a terrible person. I know I shouldn’t buy shoes that I don’t know where they were made, but i just did it anyway. They were red and shiny >_< probably made by some poor half starved child in Indonesia. I have been good for ages, I’ll just have to last even longer next time. I don’t even need more shoes! I just want them! I really need to be less consuming, it isn’t healthy. 7 years ago

ClickchicOnly postponing the entries - not the philosphy!

I don’t seem to be adding to this at all, so will temporarily put it to one side – but we do live as ethically as our current knowledge allows us. 7 years ago

JayTurning into my granny

After giving her more advice on saving the planet, my mum told me I was turning into my granny. My granny nags incessantly about putting money into ISAs and “not following the crowd” (well that worked out fine, I don’t follow the crowd I run away from it!) It’s because I’m always giving her advice on which is the least evil supermarket to buy from, which cleaning products are the least environmentally damaging etc. So I’m now going to try and talk to her less about it. On the other hand it was only through my persuasions that she does her shopping with a reusable bag, and buys fair trade tea and coffee. So maybe I’ll just tone it down a bit, but offer friendly occassional advice. I saw a lovely book today in the botanics gift shop : 365 days to save the world I think and it had a planet saving tip on everyday. And beautiful pictures. 7 years ago

JayExtra Money

Well my clicking and signing petitions has been going pretty well, and its a lot of clicking I’ve been doing. I went shopping in the charity shops on Thursday and paid extra for the goods I bought. I even paid three times the price for one item… ok it was a ping pong ball and it originally cost 10p but I couldn’t find the change to make it up any higher!!! 7 years ago

JayHelping medical science

For the past three days i’ve been taking part in an experiment to find out the effects of Nitrous Oxide on the damage UV does to skin. The first couple of days was fine, just putting creams on… but today they took their samples… AND IT BLOODY HURTS. I had to have a local anaesthetic, then they took 4 punch biopsies and then 5 stitches (1 was bleeding excessively). True I got £50 for it, but I helped the progress of science too. 7 years ago

ClickchicSet by default: Live the ethical way

It will be good to record progress on buying ethically, supporting campaigns, finding good websites and books, and any other ways I manage to live more ethically. 7 years ago


From now on as well as clicking I’m going to try to sign three petitions a day at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/ 7 years ago

JayMore and More and More Clicking

As well as my homepage I’ve now got 12 clickable pages, many of them with more than 1 click! Thanks to treefern for the list. 7 years ago

JayControl Arms

Put a picture of me Dougal and Jack on the Control arms Million faces petition – http://www.controlarms.org/act_now/ 7 years ago


I set my homepage to http://www.therainforestsite.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/CTDSites.woa/428/wa/gotoSite?destSite=RainforestSite&origin=thstab&wosid=cd8000Vk100qp300y5&revisionCode=ON_THS_TRS_Tab and you just have to click once a day and the sponsors will donate money to the cause. There are 6 different charities and you can click each one everyday. 7 years ago

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