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have a positive, confident, optimistic attitude to life

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How To Be Positive

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Positive Attitude To Life

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Positive Attitude To Life

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Have A Positive Attitude

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Abby Rowzee 16 months ago


Rae 17 months ago

J-FlowerTormented by the voice in my head

I dont know if this is weird or not or if everyone has it but I get harrassed all day by a voice in my head, call it my conscience or just the workings of my mind I dont know but what I do know is that it has a personatlity and it is mean and hates me!! Just to clear it up I am not schizophrenic and do not have multiple personalities just have alot of negative thoughts. Anyways yesterday I did the ironing and sorted out our toiletries cupboard thus showing my inner voice that I am not a complete failure (just maybe mostly). 18 months ago

J-FlowerMost negative person alive right now

Title is not an understatement, the way that I am feeling at this moment I cant keep one positive thought in my head long enough for it to have any effect at all. I am so close to just giving up and it has got to stop. Thing is how to break the habbit of a life time? I gues baby steps. 18 months ago

J-Flower 18 months ago

linds21 2 years ago

gengu 2 years ago

Sylves Ter 2 years ago

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