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Starting today, 43 Things users can export their goals and entries from the site. Starting August 15, we will make the site “read only”. 43 Things users will still be able to view the site and export their content, but we won’t be taking any new content from users. We hope to leave the site up for folks to see and download their content until the end of the year. Ending on New Year’s Eve takes us full circle.

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As of today, you will be able to download your goals and entries. See more about that on the FAQ page. Thanks for 10 great years of goal-setting and achieving.

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Robin Patulski 21 months ago


I don’t know where to start but I know I have one goal. To become what I really am. A dragon. I have been having dreams of me waking up in a cave in the deep parts of the Amazon jungle and waking up with a dragon lying next to me. After where I was kidnapped by thugs who kept telling me to transform. But I didn’t know how to so one shoot at my mom and I lost it. I tore up the kidnappers and passed out. Few weeks after waking up in the cave I learn that I can transform into two other animals, a wolf and a German shepherd. But I can’t transform back into my true form, my dragon form fully. I would have some parts form but others would not. But every time I transform into the other animals I would have a rune etched on the side of my back. When I head out into the forest to hunt for food I was smelling a tree for a sent in wolf form and a rabbit jumped out of a bush. When I caught it the rune started to glow. I would head back to the cave and tell the elder dragon what had happened. He tells me when it glows again that I must try to transform into my true form. The next morning to my surprise when I wake up I see an elf watching me. I got so frightened I turned into a wolf and growled at them. But I then noticed their body language and knew they weren’t going to hurt me. Then they give me a piece of meat. I sniffed it because before when I was given something poisoned and i sniffed it I tasted blood in my mouth. Then the elves talked to the elder dragon while I ate the meat. They then started come towards me. Again I backed into the corner and growled. One of them spoke in a language that I never heard of let alone knew any of it yet I knew that they were saying that they were not going to hurt me. Then one of the elves showed me his palm and there was the same rune. The one on my back glowed and I knew this was my chance. When I tried my whole body was consumed by a light and I passed out. When I had woke up I had turned into my true form. A dragon. The elder dragon came up to me and said my name in the same language the elf said to me. I was then taught the gifts the dragons are given. Supposedly faster than the other dragons who were living in other caves as well. When I was taught my skills the elves gave me a sword and shield they had crafted. Then the next morning I thought of my family back home and was depressed. The elves to my surprise came back and stayed for a while. During that time one of the elves crafted a ring with a gem I have never seem before. When he was finished with it he said what I believe was a spell in the same language as the other two encounters. When he finished a orb of light shot out of the ring and flew towards me. I was so confused I shot a burst of fire at it. The orb continued on and hit my chest. I then began feeling my body growing bigger and stronger. The spell ceased and I had what I believe regained my dragon strength. The next morning a female elf came and told me what I was here for. From what I remember I was here to help defeat a beast created by an evil sorcerer that was made to kill the dragons so that the sorcerer could reserect them as his slaves. Plus I was sent to live with the humans to learn where they lived so that I could get to the beast without getting spotted and letting the humans learn about the dragons. And that is all that I could remember. These dreams have been happening for 2 years and I feel that one of the dragons in my dreams is trying to tell me something. Since the dreams started I have been craving for meat, my spine tingles and random times and I feel like I am growing a tail and wings. I want to have a purpose. I want to know that these dreams mean something. And I want to become a dragon. I want to live with them and be them. I want them to live in peace and harmony. I want to become what I was destined to be. A dragon. I know I am not the only one who has these messages. These signs. I need to know how to become what I am destined to be. For when I think about me being a dragon my body just tingles as if in reply to my question. I need help. Please. I plea to all who knows what I truly am, and I plea to all who cares to help me become what I truly am. For I don’t want to live in misery. For the way I act I believe only dragons would understand. Please, help me. 23 months ago

ChristianTheDragon 23 months ago

jacob22 2 years ago


hey people! i really want to be able to turn into a dragon. i am into all of this sort of stuff and it would be awesome to turn into a dragon please tell me how 2 years ago

siriana765 2 years ago


I know hoe to become a dragon i shared blood with one. 2 years ago

dragontider77 2 years ago

GurazeDragon spell

Hey everyone, I was looking online and I found this spell. I don’t know how to use ityet so I’ll keep looking, but for now here it is:

Wings to fly and breath that burns,
These powers I do yearn.
A tail that whips so sharp to the tip,
These powers I do equip.
Brave is your bite as is your swipe,
Please come to me through the night.
Spirit of the dragon with limbs so strong,
I shall sing your powers song.
My protector, my guardian, the giver of power ,
You shall be sweet not sour.

Come I call, come I plea, I ask you to come to me,
So as I call, I hope it shall be. 2 years ago


I would like to know if I am a dragon on the inside be cause everytime I think about dragons I start to feel a weird feeling that I can’t explain. Am I? Please tell. 2 years ago


I just remembered a dream I had. In it I had said somthing and did some movements and turned into a dragon so I wondered if anyone knows how to remember dreams in full detail since I can’t remember clearly what I said or did. 2 years ago


hello, my name is guraze. I need help on how to become a dragon for I feel weak as a human and I have no purpose as one. 2 years ago

Guraze 2 years ago

cypher of the azule flame 2 years ago

RileyTheDragonessTo all I plea

I believe… I believe sooooooo much… I almost gave up until, I saw one… THEY EXIST. Do not under estimate them. Please tell me how to become one… I’m smaller then everyone in my school, and I’m in the last grade. I feel like I have a purpose… but I don’t… or I haven’t found it yet. I plea to all who care, I plea to all who can see that I feel diffrent, I plea to all… who’ve seen and been a dragon…

~Riley 2 years ago

RileyTheDragoness 2 years ago


Can someone please give me a spell! I want to become a dragon so badly! 2 years ago

Ls_Dragon_Girl 2 years ago

chisangan 3 years ago

blackmagicfromchatzyHey pplz.

Can someone please tell me the words to the spell ti turn into a dragon? plz! I need the words plzplzplz 3 years ago

blackmagicfromchatzy 3 years ago

Electric_Dragon01 3 years ago


can someone help me turn in to a dragon 3 years ago

james600 3 years ago

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