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SanjanaDV 6 months ago

qglasStill struggling

Passed my one-day goal and will have my 3-day goal if when I get through tomorrow. I’ve got a ton of work coming up plus a family vacation so hopefully I’ll just be too damn busy—I do seem to manage better when I’m distracted. 6 months ago

Born of StardustDay 5--- Fell asleep at work in the nurse's office

....And didn’t pull any hairs today! Partly because I was so tired. I didn’t sleep much last night, because I have a gust coming today and my apartment was a mess, so I cleaned it up! 6 months ago

Born of StardustDay 4---- Must I always be doomed to repeat my mistakes?

I only pulled two times and after each time I stopped myself from pulling further. :) I can keep this up! I can do it! 6 months ago

Born of StardustDay 3--- Small Victories

I didn’t pull at all today! Three cheers for small victories! I can keep this up! 6 months ago

Born of StardustDay 2--- Not a hair from my heady-heady-head

Day 2 and I didn’t pull any. It seems like too little too late, but I am going to try to do my best before the spool unravels even further. 6 months ago

Born of StardustDay 1--- As an artist with a paintbrush: Pull myself up with a rock tied to my back and try again

I only pulled one hair today. Let’s hope that I can keep this up. I can feel my life slipping through my fingers. I need to take some control of my life as an artist takes control of a paint brush.

Love myself as I am, but aspire for better. 6 months ago

fieldsofclover 7 months ago

Born of StardustDay 1--- Again goes the cycle

I had stopped for a long time and now I’ve pretty much ruined the progress that I made.

I pulled 3 hairs today. I am going to keep track of progress here.

I have been so happy at times and so depressed at others here in Japan. I am so overwhelmed and at times so lonely. 7 months ago

TricGirlJunior High With Trich= BAD

Junior high 7’th grade is almost done at my school and i have been made fun of multiple times!! Its always behind my back, they may think they are being quiet but truth be told they are not!!! And then they have the nerve to turn around and act like my friends? One girl that was always nice to me and we hung out alot, was saying stuff like, ” oh my god, if she got any f* balder we might as well just rip out the rest of her hair and maybe then shell look DECENTWTF!!! She said this yesterday in the same classroom 3 rows away, and then she asked me,” So what are u doing for your birthday, im your friend so im hangin out with u right?” i turned around and started talking to my REAL friends! Sorry if u read this and got bored but ADVICE PLEASE! :( 7 months ago

TricGirl 7 months ago

shaylevsoBattle with Trich

I developed trich as a 20 year old female after an episode of pretty severe depression. My trich presents itself during stressful times in addition to when I am tired. I feel like I have tried everything to stop. I’ve met with a trich therapist in the past and I am currently on meds to help. Unfortunately it just seems to get worse. I have a considerable amount of hair loss on the crown of my head and spend time trying to cover it up. I feel hopeless. Sometimes when I am not even thinking my hand will find my head and pull out the hairs that don’t feel “right” like the hairs that are more rough or curlier. At this point any advice helps. I own a spinner ring. I just want this battle to end because it has left me ashamed, embarrassed, and ugly. 7 months ago

shaylevso 7 months ago

qglasOne hour

Working on a single hour. If I can get that, I’ll try for one day. 8 months ago

qglasStill struggling

Going through a pretty serious bad patch with this. I think I need to start posting here more regularly just because the accountability helps. 8 months ago

qglasBack and forth

I gain progress, I lose it. I do really well, it all unravels. It gets so discouraging. Back to trying for one day tomorrow. I’d really like to get this under control before it becomes noticeable again.

So far the biggest problem area is work. I have the worst lapses at work. Not sure whether it’s boredom or stress or just associating time & place with pulling or what. I think I need something to keep my hands busy in all the downtime in that middle stretch of the shift where I’m just staring at cameras. Not sure what, though—I’ve tried the spinner rings, finger exercises, worry beads/stones, and more involved stuff like crochet or beading I can’t have with me. 8 months ago

Love2348 8 months ago

countingdays 9 months ago

trixie12Day 1

Yesterday I managed to go pull-free! Yes! So that is one day down and 165 days to go before the wedding. Doing well so far today, but I will update tomorrow. Night-time is my worst time so I can’t get too lax. Major triggers for me are: being tired, peanuts, caffeine, driving. It’s so gross. Hate that I have this issue. 9 months ago

trixie12I have 166 days to get this under control

My best friend is getting married on August 9th and I am her maid of honor. I have 166 days to get this nasty habit under control or I will be publicly humiliated. I want to feel great getting my hair done, don’t want to have to explain to yet another hairdresser about my bald spots and tell them that I have a thyroid problem or that my hair got burned in the hair dryer. ha!

So…this is my day one. I am super motivated to do this. Gotta make it happen. 10 months ago


I did pull today, but I was feeling really guilty which is a good first step. I usually don’t feel bad about it, it’s just something I do. Tomorrow I will go one day pull free :)

Lisa 10 months ago

LisaDay one....

I have gotten really bad. My hair is a lot thinner on the left side of my head. I would love to stop doing this to myself once and for all. Tomorrow is day one again, I have to keep trying!

Good luck everyone :)

Lisa 10 months ago

qglasOne month!

Feels very good to be able to say I’m at a month. The urges are getting stronger lately, probably because of stress piling up, but each milestone makes more determined. 3 months next. 10 months ago

Born of StardustSpiraling out of Control

I have to admit to myself that I am pulling and that it’s spiraling out of control. I made it so long without pulling and I finally felt good about my hair, but now I need to stop again, because it’s getting bad.

I especially pull during times of stress.

Starting tomorrow (or really today—because it’s 3 am here) I will keep track of very pull. 11 months ago

qglasAlmost there

Less than a week away from having a month pull-free, and I’m finding the more goals I get under my belt, the more incentive I have not to screw it up and start over. Still could use a good substitute for when I find my hands straying to my head. 11 months ago

qglasTwo weeks down

And change. Still having some really tough days—I find myself playing with my hair a lot or tugging it without actually pulling. I need a substitute for nerves, and I need a good short cut. Luckily no giving in. Keeping that “a year from start to finish” idea tucked away for when I need it is handy there, as long as I can keep it out of my mind on a more day to day basis. It’d get too overwhelming otherwise.

On to one month… 11 months ago

qglasTwo more goals down

3 days and one week passed with much less trouble than I was expecting—especially given the issues I’ve had lately in my life, but possibly they’re just keeping me too busy to even consider it.

Yesterday had a few really tough spots, I found myself twirling and tugging pretty bad, but just reminding myself of the idea of an entire year from start to finish kept me from actually doing it.

On towards two weeks… 11 months ago

qglasOne day!

One day pull-free—I’m kind of simultaneously motivating myself with the prospect of a year start to finish pull-free and trying not to dwell on the idea so it doesn’t become too big and overwhelming. A goal like that is so tempting, but so dangerous to look that far ahead. So for now it’s one day down, and three days coming. 11 months ago

Born of StardustDays 14, 15, and 16

Ever since my hellish day, things have gotten a little better. I still feel very lonely and lost and empty, but I am trying to get past those feelings. I didn’t pull for 3 days and that’s an accomplishment. :) 14 months ago

Born of StardustDays 12 and 13

Today started off really poorly because yesterday ended really poorly. My mom won’t talk to me for some reason and it’s really upsetting to me. It makes me stressed out and I pull. Last night I pulled and now, this morning, however I am trying to stop. I am just so lonely and sad and it’s frustrating to worry about whether my mother is mad at me or not all the time. It feels like I am walking on eggshells sometimes. I love my family, but it can be hard. And worse, I feel like I’m putting my brother in a difficult position and I do not want to do that because he’s my best friend. It’s my duty to protect him. 14 months ago

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