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be remembered in history.

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Be Remembered In History

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Rusty_IrisDon't we all want to?

Surely it’s human nature to want to be remembered. We live such short lives and there’s so many of us. Don’t we creave to be remembered? 3 years ago

mdough6A spark

I realized today that if I want everyone to remember me as a Hero or good person then I need to have most everyone like me. But I can’t just give into what everybody wants. That would only make people like because they could push me around. Plus they would probablly think I was a brown noser. Either option really doesn’t work for me as person either. So what I need to do is make everyone like me with out being a spineless suck up. No problem. I just have to be the kind of guy that everybody WANTS to be friends with. Not the kind of guy that wants to be friends with everybody. This way I won’t be going to them. They will be coming to me. I could still do things that people would disagree with (its gonna happen eventually) but overall I wouldn’t lose anybody to the process. Yes, people want to be friends with John Wayne. He doesn’t search them out to be friends with them. God Bless the Duke. 7 years ago

mdough6Who is remembered

So how does one go about being remembered in history? Well from what I can tell two kinds of people get remembered. There are those that do really great and good things and those that are just utterly crappy. I must decided if I want to be a Hero or an Evil Overlord. That could be a hard desicion, because lets be honest, the Evil Overlord path would be full of goodies. Admittaly there would be that guilt lying there gnawing at me forever. As Evil I would always be surrounded by supermodels, the vehicles I want, and riches. But, I would never be able to predict how long I would have those things before the goverment decides to provide me room and board at high security facility. Now Good on the other hand never has to worry about forced facilities. Good always has that feeling of gratification for doing the right thing and helping others, etc. Good always gets the Gal too. Although she is most assuredly not the ultra seductive supermodel type that Evil has. But at least Goods woman is still attractive and she isn’t just there for the paycheck. All in all, I think I’m going to go with Hero. It will be harder I’m sure. But I think in the long run people will remember the Hero the best. Just look at John Wayne;) 7 years ago

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