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SimplicityInTheLBCanother Kiva loan

This one goes to Pedro – he is requesting only $200 to help him buy new tires and an oil change for the bike taxi he operates. He looks so damn sad in this picture :(

Edit: as of Monday, June 23, Pedro has been fully funded. Hooray!5 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCRide, joiedevivre, ride!

Our very own joiedevivre here at 43T is doing a charity bicycle ride to benefit two organizations: a family crisis center and a therapeutic horseback riding center. Big ups to her cycle club for making a difference in their community!

They’ve already got a donation from me. You can help too.7 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCMiami Beach Mama

Rarely does one get a chance to donate money to a fundraising campaign and then see exactly where it is going. I was contacted personally by another user here on 43T whose goal I had cheered a while back. Her goal was to move herself and her daughter to a better place, away from her ex.

She did manage to do that by selling nearly everything she owns on Ebay, but now her housekeeping job hours have been cut, and she and her daughter are facing eviction. Having been unemployed myself (and without a kid to take care of), I put a bit toward her fundraising campaign because I remember what that feels like. I hope that it helps.

Donors will receive a piece of her original artwork. I’m hoping for a kitty drawing, myself :)

You can help too.10 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCDiabetes Foundation

About a decade ago, my father was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. He was able to control it with diet and exercise, but the disease has progressed to the point where he now needs daily injections of insulin. Just watching him do it makes me shudder – although I suppose that the alternative is even more cringeworthy.

My dad is lucky because he lives in the United States, where we have access to diabetes treatment. Not every diabetic is so fortunate. Many children die every year for lack of access to insulin and testing supplies. The Diabetes Foundation is launching “Spare a Rose, Save A Child,” where for the cost of one Valentine’s rose for your sweetheart ($5), you can supply a child with necessary treatment for one month. The cost of a dozen roses ($60) will help a child for a year.

I’m helping a child for a year. The Man, he does not care for flowers anyway :)

You can help too.10 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBC$5 = 20 meals

It’s that time of year when the grocery stores encourage you to donate some cash while you’re standing in the checkout line. Our local grocery does meals to the needy. I’ve decided to throw down for one of the $5 tags every time I do a big grocery shop (usually weekly). It’s only $20 out of my pocket for the month, and it means food for someone who needs it.

I’ll be honest, I know that not all the money gets to the charity…but I kind of like donating this way because nobody’s getting my personal information to bug me for money later, when I may or may not be able to give. Does that make me a dick? (I guess I don’t really care if it does.) 12 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCOC represent

An old college friend is soliciting donations for his daughter’s cheer team. The girls will be going to the nationals in Orlando, and it’s the first time in 10 years that an HB team has made it this far! I’m not a fan of cheer in particular, but I am a fan of kids working hard and being rewarded for it, so $50 to them. 12 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCStagelight Performing Arts

When I was in about fourth grade, my mum signed me up for a community theater group in our city. That same theater group is still going strong – and now the owner’s daughter (who I went to high school with) has split off and is creating her own studio, Stagelight Performing Arts.

This theater group was a major factor in my decision to devote my life to the arts, so I’ve donated $100 to the studio’s startup. I hope that this new company brings dancing, singing, acting, and inspiration to lots more kiddos. 13 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCKiva Loan #4

This Kiva Loan goes to Medardo in El Salvador!

Medardo is 60 years old. He has a life partner who works as a domestic. They have four children. Only three of them still live with them. The youngest, a daughter, is studying in Grade 7 in their community. Medardo studied until Grade 3. He is a farmer and also raises animals. Hie father taught him about agricultural once he quit school. He used to work all day, now he is only working half the day. Right now he has no other source of income, just him and his two sons working their fields together. They have to walk half an hour to get to the fields.

The loan Medardo has requested of Fundación Campo is to buy banana seed, ten bags of fertilizer and to prepare the fields with a tractor. He hopes to improve his quality of life; be able to help others that are in need. He has always thought about others. He also wants his children to be respected and would like to see one child get a university degree.

Medardo’s loan has been fully funded! Good luck, Medardo. 14 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCthinkin' pink

Our show choir drummer is doing the 39-mile Avon Breast Cancer walk in September. His goal is $1800 raised, and he’s almost there. I kicked in about $79, which “doubles your support for every mile of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.” I hope he reaches his goal!

Every time I see a friend doing something like this, I always think that I might like to try that someday – do something to raise money for a cause that’s important to me. But then I’d feel like a twit, begging my friends and family to sponsor me, so I never get involved. 17 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCICARE dog rescue

A friend of mine shared a post on Facebook that this Orange County dog adoption and care center is seeking $5 donations during the month of May. $5 helps to feed two dogs for one day. I put up $35 for a week’s worth of food for two poochas. I wish we could adopt one :(

You can help too.19 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCthird Kiva loan

I have enough credit in my Kiva account to make another loan, so I contributed $25 to Vladimir, an Armenian auto repair technician.

Vladimir is 28 years old. He is married and has a son and daughter. Vladimir’s wife is a homemaker and takes care of the little ones. Vladimir lives with his family and parents in the town of Kapan. For almost 30 years, Vladimir’s father has been involved in auto repairs in his own garage.

In 2008, Vladimir and his father opened their own private premises for auto repairs. They have regular customers in Kapan. Vladimir has a hard but lucrative job that allows him to support his family.

Vladimir needs a loan of 800,000 Armenian drams to buy auto parts and tools for his auto repair activities.

Good luck, Vladimir! 20 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCProvidence Center

A friend’s baby is having her first birthday. The parents sent out invitations along with a brief blurb about the Providence Child Center with an exhortation to consider making a donation to the center instead of buying presents for the kid.

Knowing that this baby already has way more stuff than it could ever possibly need (mostly because grandma is OBSESSED), I elected to make a donation. No wrapping, no mess, nothing to get rid of later when the kid has grown out of it. Doubleplusgood. 20 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCCharity begins at home

I teach in a very affluent community. Most of our students do not qualify for government assistance, and we are not a Title 1 school. However, there’s a family at our school who is technically homeless right now, which is very unusual for this area. They are living with friends after having been evicted from their apartment. There are five children in the family, and they probably won’t have a Christmas this year because Mom needs to put food on the table. Dad is nonpresent.

So several teachers and one of the counselors at our school are kicking in for some Christmas gifts. Each of us chose a child to buy for (I picked the youngest girl, because the Man’s goddaughter is about the same age), and bought some clothes and toys. Our counselor is going to wrap everything and coordinate getting it to the family. $50 means an extra caroling gig that I have to pick up, but losing a few hours of my time is a hell of a lot better than a five-year-old having nothing on Christmas day. 2 years ago

SimplicityInTheLBCBetter than money

Today as I was driving in the rain (which Californians SUCK at, by the way), I heard a story on the radio. A woman who had lost her husband to a brain hemorrhage two decades ago had traveled across the US, on the 20th anniversary of his death, in order to meet the man who received her husband’s donated heart. The donation recipient is an attorney in my hometown area.

I remembered I hadn’t signed up to be an organ donor, and thinking about it, I realized that I’ve known quite a few people who have been directly affected by the receipt of a donated organ. My hairdresser’s husband has been suffering from kidney problems for years and just came home from receiving his transplant a few weeks ago. During my first year at the university, one of my good friends traveled to San Francisco with his father to be with him during his kidney transplant. I’m sure if I asked, I’d be aware of more of my friends whose lives and families’ lives have been changed by organ donors.

People have concerns that if they register to be an organ donor, they won’t be given lifesaving care if they are in an emergency situation. This is not true – the medical emergency team is a different group of people than the organ donation team.

I signed up. I’m relatively young, healthy, an O+ blood type (universal donor), with no smoking or drug history and low alcohol consumption. I hope I can help someone else if I suddenly find myself no longer in need of my vital bits.

You can help too.2 years ago

SimplicityInTheLBCOrange County Choral Society

A friend of mine is the artistic director for a 40-voice choir in the OC, and many of my colleagues from the university are paid singers in this choir. They’re doing a fundraising drive where if they get a certain number of donors (NOT dollars), they will receive extra funding from a grant. So they get $50 from me :) 2 years ago

SimplicityInTheLBCSo bloody sad

as I was escaping from campus to get my lunch at the grocery store today, I passed a woman on the corner on my way in. She had a blanket in front of her with several children’s stuffed toys on it, and a sign that said “Will trade toys for food/milk/diapers.” I don’t know if I’m just hormonal or depressed or what right now, but that broke my heart.

$20 was as much cash as I could get from my debit card at the grocery store, but I hope it was enough to do some good for that lady and her kids. Maybe I’m a sucker and I got taken, but I couldn’t pass by her without doing something. 2 years ago

this is just a testBetter than nothing, but I can do more.

In the year I’ve had this goal, I’ve given away almost 1% of my gross income. A starting point. Need to work on my generosity. 2 years ago

this is just a test 3 years ago

this is just a testI'm as mad as hell & I'm not gonna take this anymore!

According to The New York Times, nearly one in five women in the U.S. say they have been sexually assaulted. If I am raped, & become pregnant because of that rape, I do not want a politician deciding whether or not I will terminate the pregnancy. Therefore, I am supporting the political party that supports my right to choose. Period. That is all. 2 years ago

this is just a testI've never been so glad to give someone my money.

Eighteen minutes into watching Wild: The Lady With 700 Cats on hulu & I had to stop & write a check. Here is the website for her no kill shelter: 2 years ago

this is just a testmaking up for lost time

Fitty to the nephews’ baseball fundraiser. 2 years ago

this is just a testgobble gobble

10 bux to the dept Thanksgiving basket fund 3 years ago

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