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be able to give a homeless person a big mac from mcdonalds

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jjpowersGiving to the truely needy

I had traveled to a very poor country. It wasn’t a man it was a boy about 9 years old. He was very dirty and tugged on my sleeve and held out his hand. I kept motioning for him to follow me for a very long block.

I bought him a carton of milk and he walked off while drinking it. He looked at me with a sincere smile of thanks. I will remember this as long as I have a memory.

I have no idea what happened to him nor did I know his background. He couldn’t speak English. I could have adopted him. Now he is probably in his early 20’s.

In this case, the giving was as rewarding as the receiving. 4 years ago

Ali Ritzno one else took any but me. no else even talked to him.

so walking to pride right. cause i am the smart one and parked at my sisters house so i wouldnt have to pay for parking or risk getting my car towed. but her house is like about 22 blocks from where we needed to be. i didnt mind walking.
we were walking… walking….walking.
there was a guy!
holding a sign!!
‘cheese burger/ diet coke’

and god damnit!!
i didnt have no money on my what so ever.
cause i didnt want to risk losing it at pride or buy stupid shit. man i felt bad that i couldnt achieve this goal then.

but it gets BETTER!!
i are passing him .
and he says ‘want some sunscreen?’
hell yes my white ass does!
i thought that was so sweet.
so he gave me a handful of sunscreen.
and it was the sport kind.

man , he saved my face from burning.

so thank you sir.
i will be going down that way soon. hopefully i will see him and bring him lunch.

i am so ooooo sososos excited!!!!

‘[: 4 years ago

Ali RitzUntitled

where the hell are the realllll homeless people?!!!!!??? 5 years ago

Ali Ritzrubert.

i gave a homelesss dog a hamburger and a sundae mcdonalds once… does that count?
no 5 years ago

Ali RitzAww. well Oscar said that I will be blessed.. ( :

Well last night me and my sister bought some chips, a coke, and a candy bar for Oscar. This hobo-not a bum, becuase bums dont work, and oscar was working.
He came up to us at the gas pump while he was sweeping, and started singing, and occasionally talking to us.
then he started to cry becuase we were talking about churchs with him and he said that sometime his church feeds people like him-the homeless. and he was saying he was really hungry. so we bought him food.
he was really nice and sincere.
i felt good.
thanks kirby, and oscar. 7 years ago

Ali Ritz"Gabby, I think you misunderstood me"

I had a hamburger from McDonalds today.
Boy was it good.

Now I just need to share that goodness with some of the homeless. 7 years ago

Ali RitzEver since I saw that guy dancing on the corner.

In addition to the hamburger or whatever, I also want to give them a q-tip,
Because think about it… the homeless arent very clean, and either are their ears, and if their ears are all waxy, they might not be able to hear a car honking that is coming towards them and they might get hit and die.
Now that would be sad… and I dont want that to happen to a homeless person.
I like helping out people.
I know that there is more that I could do to help them out.. so I am going to go that too, help them out in whatever ways they need. 7 years ago

Ali RitzHe has to look like a hungry homeless man..

Well he really doesnt have to be a man… Like I mean it could be a homeless man or a homeless woman… It doesnt matter. Ever since I saw that homeless man on the corner of West Grey and Shepard though… I always wanted to find another homeless “person” like that and give them some food from mcdonals. One time, going back to the car from some resturant, there was this homeless man in a wheelchair, cause he only had one leg, and it was real cold outside, and he wasnt bothering anyone… so we went to the car and got a blanket to give to him… oh how delighted he looked when we handed him that blanket and a few dollars… I will never forget his face… I love making people happy… I makes me very happy to make someone smile… especially people that dont are in need… like the homeless and the elders. Wow, now I am just rambling… ok. 7 years ago

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