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freedom2making a little progress.

I still have a longgggg way to go before I can check this one off my list but I am consistently working towards it.

It’s difficult to have a garden where I live but I am going to try to have a small one so I can eliminate buying vegatables from the grocery store. Also, I am going to sew my daughter (7 yrs old) some clothes. She won’t care at this age plus she is homeschooled so she doesn’t compete witht he other girls. I probably won’t be able to make her clothes forever but at least I can cut down on buying them. I will supplement with clothes from a thrift store. Our Salvation Army has a big kids section and it’s nice to know my money is going to a good cause.

I'm off to clean my daughters room, she's not home tonight so I'll be able to make some good progress. I have drasticaly cut down the amount of toys that I buy her. This Chritmas she got just a few gifts but they were very nice gifts and even at that there is only 2 that she really plays with.
I'm hoping I can get rid of some things in her room so that it will stay a little cleaner this time.
I never realized how much having all this "stuff" takes away from our lives. I really feel so much better when I'm in a room that is clutter free. It's more peaceful and I'm able to concentrate more. My mother is a big clutter bug, she always has been and I learned some very bad habits from her. Since I have been trying to change my habits and keep my home clutter free she gave me the best compliment. She came to my house one day and asked me where all my stuff was. I just laughed because I thought the room was a mess but she thought it was stripped bare. I guess I am making headway after all. I told her that I have everything I need, more than I need.
I told her that I got rid of my electric can opener. She was shocked and disgusted. She thought I'd gone crazy. I have a hand opener that uses no electricity and it fits neatly in a drawer and doesn't take up a lot of space on my counter top. It makes the space look better. It's been gone for about 6 months and I don't miss it at all.
Also tonight I'm going to make my first loaf of bread. I would like to be able to make/grow most of our food. I would also like to belong to a co-op for my meat products. I really wish I never had to go to the grocery store again. Also I'm cooking much more from scratch and finaly eating up all those leftovers. yeah for me!! 6 years ago


Well this is one thing I can do now. I have agreat book that I’m learning how to compost. It’s a start. 7 years ago

freedom2Homemade dishwasher detergent.

I have started to make my own laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent. It will save a lot of money and it seems to keep my dishwasher smelling better. The dishes and clothes both come out nice and clean. I’m really pleased with the outcome.

Also I love cola and I buy a case of it every week. I have decided not to buy any this week. I am going to drink water instead. It’s better for me and it will save me about $140 a year. I drink water from our tap and the cost of the water will be nothing compared to buying cola. I have never had a water bill over $140 so I don’t think drinking a few more glasses will cost that much.

I am trying to cut out what ever spending I can. I have refused to buy my daughter any more toys. I always bought her everything. At first she whined a lot but she has come around and is learning contentment. Yesterday she was so excited because she got 2 free balloons found a penny on the ground and found a "special"rock. "Look how much stuff I got today" was what she said to me. She was more excited about that stuff than any toy I ever bought her.
I have a long way to go to get caught up but I hope by cutting down on what I spend I will be able to get caught up faster and once I'm caught up I will be able to save a lot more.
Oh and I am hanging up a clothes line today to hang my clothes out to dry. That should save on electricity a bit I hope. Plus I just love the smell of line dried clothes. 7 years ago

AnnaLowNew skills.

In my research of native Florida plants I came across something I had known, but forgot. The waxberry or bayberry can be used to make candles. I remember learning that on a field trip to St. Augustine’s Spanish quarter when I was in like fifth grade. I was a tad confused as to how this would be done, but no longer. You simply harvest the small woody berries and boil them. The wax will float to the top. I have yet to try this mind you, but soon I shall. When they are in full season, I will be able to get a sizeable harvest. The wax, I’ve heard is more brittle, and not as strong as some others, but I am willing to give it a try. 8 years ago

AnnaLowloftey goal

This will take some time for me. I have so many things yet to learn. My idea of self sufficient is growing my own food, makeing my own cloth, forgeing my own tools ect. I will need to be off grid and that will take building a water wheel, or a free energy divice, or both. I will need to know where and when to plant crops, and how to rear and shear sheep. I want to make soap, candles, butter, all kinds of things. I don’t want to do this all alone, so I will need to find like minded people who also wish to live this way.
I don’t want it to be about Jesus, or God, or Man, or anything, but self exprssion. I want to do away with money in my life and trade and barter for what I need. In no way would that make me, or anyone else a bum. I feel that money is only worth the value you place on it. The same could be said of goods, however, I value some goods over others.
Value to me is not a big house, or plasma tv, or a shiney new car. Value to me is qualitty, craftsmenship, nessicitty, the intent with witch an item is made, and over all usefullness.
I am sick of this rat race I find us all in. It hurs me every day to keep shelling out pices of myself to live in a way that I hold so much contempt for. I see honest, hard working, Americans dirve to jobs they hate to pay for things they don’t need and work too much to even enjoy. I am guilty of this and so much more, and I am tired of it. I have set out to learn the skills I will need and as much as this hurts me, save up the money I will need to buy a plot of land.
I will still need to pay taxes on the land, so I will have to sell somethig, but at least it will be made with good intent. 8 years ago

freedom2every bill

Ok, I think I have just about every bill imaginable to pay except a student loan. Mortgage, 2 car payment, credit cards.
Plus a lot of other small bills like hospital, doctor and dentist.
I have made a vow that I will not go to a doctor, dentist, ect unless I have the cash for the co pay, unless it’s an emergency. Also I will never use a credit card again. I have cut up almost all of mine. As I pay them off I cut up the card as a little victory prize. I vow that I will never again have a mortgage or car payment. I am 33 and my goal is to pay everything off by the end of this year, quite a challenging goal. I am sacrificing much to get this done. I think of all the people that can’t retire because they have a mortgage to pay. I do not want to be 65 years old and still have a mortgage. My friends think I am crazy because I buy real cheap food and never go out. I have been drinking only water rather than buying expensive juices and colas. But I know that when I am 65 and have complete freedom and they are working their tails off to finish paying their mortgage before they retire, I won’t look so crazy because I will be the one eating well while they buy the cheap food when they should be relaxing.
I am working hard at making my utility bills as little as possible. Unfortunetly where I live now there is not a lot I can do to be self suffient. However, I am working on a garden for vegetables and I collect rain water for watering and washing the car.
I have come up with all sorts of ways to cut down on utility expenses. So far it seems to be working. I never use to care if every light in the house was on but I do now.
Amyway I will add entries to this as I get rid of yet another bill. The next one to go will be a nagging hospital bill for $50 and I am changing my phone so that my local and long distance carrier will be the same company. It will be a little cheaper to do that plus it eliminates one bill. It’s hard to get away from a phone bill but there is no need to have two of them. I will also be getting rid of AOL this week. That’s $23 a month that I won’t be spending. $276 a year. What I plan to do is take the money I have been spending and put it into savings or some type of investment. So when I get rid of AOL this week the next time the bill would have been due to them I will pay myself that $23 instead. I may roll some of my savings over to help pay off the other debts faster but that’s the basic plan.
I’m learning more and more about being self sufficient. While I don’t really want to raise animals for their meat I do like the idea of not having an electric bill. I can only imagine what it would be like to wake up some morning and not owe anyone a dime and to know that I never will. Oh the Freedom!
I need to figure out how to can vegetables for the winter. Maybe I will add that to my 43 things. 8 years ago

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