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grow my own vegetables

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SonySome Vegetables...

  1. Carrot
  2. Cauliflower
  3. Broccoli
  4. Cabbage
  5. Tomato
  6. Aubergine
  7. Bell Pepper
  8. Brussel Sprouts
  9. Celery
  10. Courgette
  11. Beetroot
  12. Potato
  13. Chards
  14. Garlic
  15. Green Onion
  16. Chillies
  17. Peas
  18. French Bean
  19. Lettuce
  20. Rocket Salad 1 month ago

AlsanderaOrganic gardening

Well, I don’t know that I’m up for organic gardening. I talked to the people at a local gardening store, and it seems like it might be more than I can handle. I also didn’t know that trying to keep the ph balance in soil was so important or annoying. :-/

All of my little plants came up, except for one cilantro seed that came up and apparently died. That means I have lettuce, tomatoes, basil, and cilantro started, and I may try to add a carrot or something. We’ll see. 1 month ago

zomickskosherbakeryGrowing something is always good

Like in the title, growing natural ingredients is always a plus… You can never go wrong… 1 month ago

zomickskosherbakery 1 month ago


These are all old seeds, keep in mind, so I’m not upset by the ones that don’t grow. The wildflowers are taking off. The basil looks to be doing well, too. There’s something growing in the lettuce tubs, but I suspect that might be wildflower seeds that spilled since they started sprouting at the same time as the wildflowers. The cilantro shows no signs of sprouts – but it didn’t the year the seeds were brand-new, too.

But get this – the seeds I shmeared on a paper towel from the one cherokee purple last year? All 12 look like they’re growing! Now I have to find space for 12 tomato plants… And I need some more room for tommy-toes, ‘cause I can’t live in a world without tommy-toes. I just wish I’d saved some of those seeds last year, too. They were pretty good. 1 month ago


Saturday I went out and bought some starter greenhouse trays. It was actually cheaper to buy the trays than real soil right now, and I’ll just get the dirt when I’m sure about the pots.

I had 36 holes and wanted to use some of the seeds I keep buying/receiving and never using. Two rows are purple cherokee tomatoes from last year’s plants. Then there’s a row each of basil, cilantro, lettuce, and wildflower mix. I don’t actually expect anything to come up, but the wildflowers seem to be poking out. If nothing else sprouts, I will trash the rest of the seed packets and get some plants at the local university’s gardening club again. 1 month ago

SonyWhat? Why? How? When?

What this goal entails?

I want to grow my own vegetables in my rear garden.

3 reasons to do this…

1. To be a proud “homemaker”: I have never been a homemaker/Proverbs 31 woman. Growing my own vegetables makes me feel like a good homemaker.
2. For that sense of accomplishment that comes when I am cooking with the vegetables I grew.
3. To put good use to my 150+ Yards of a rear garden.

How do I go about this?

I have made very unsuccessful attempts in the last year. I travelled a bit and ignoring my plants killed them. And then the greenhouse got blown over by the storm. So now I need to come up with a new plan. The high level action plan is something along the lines of:
  1. Choose plants I want to grow
  2. Purchase seeds and containers
  3. Seed them (indoors)
  4. Plan where they need to move once they have grown out a little
  5. Plant them outdoors
  6. Check regular progress
  7. Harvest

When do I check this off?

When I have harvested at least 8 different vegetables. 1 month ago

MissDay 2 months ago

AnniekM 2 months ago

AlsanderaFirst step

Step one: plant last years’ saved seeds. Shoulda been done in January. Sigh 2 months ago

Alsandera 2 months ago

The Marvo & Klo bucketlist 2 months ago

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sainthoodFuture Plans

All of the colleges that I’m applying to have a college garden. So while they might not be exclusively mine, I will (hopefully) be growing food for the greater good of my college! 3 months ago

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