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i want to be a vampire


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Didn’t really become, was simply born one, but not due to my parents, but due to my soul. Me being the first and only of my bloodline which is a demon type of vampire that feeds on energy, blood, and sexual energy. Currently learning how to turn others through energy wise rather than “the bite” 5 months ago

Zyreph 5 months ago

isabellesalvatore 7 months ago

samanthavazquez 9 months ago

Girish Jadhav 10 months ago

vampiregirl1994 11 months ago

stevo53 12 months ago

Edward Dumsane 12 months ago

Eby120499What a dream to be

Oh how I wish to be a vampire for as I love the idea of having power with no one to judge you as everyone pushes me around at school like a toy I feel lost alone I need this if anyone knows anything please help for I would like to be blessed with speed and strength !!! 14 months ago

Eby120499 14 months ago

Vampsrock071302 14 months ago

amber 15 months ago

hankyboii want this...

I am 18 years old and I’ve always wanted to become a vampire, but I never find any willing to turn me…can someone who is a vampire please turn me, I don’t wish to be a nuisance but I really would like to be a vampire no matter what it takes I’ll even be your slave just please help me…email me @ Hank337op@gmail.com or text me 3374679511 16 months ago

hankyboi 16 months ago

one_bite 16 months ago

renesmeetanya 17 months ago


i feel i want to be a vampire.i feel vampires everywhere 17 months ago

user40898 17 months ago

user37925 18 months ago

pyrohero 19 months ago


I am 18 and I want to be a vampire, and I know a lot of vampires that come on here, don’t like turning people because of the fact that there are all these teenage girls on here going “I want to be a vampire, because I want to live forever and have true love with the vampire that turned me” but I don’t want that I want to be turned but I don’t believe that the person who turns me will be my true love, the person who turns me will be my sire

I have wanted to be a vampire for as long as I can remember, a man names Azazel said he would see if I was worthy, but that was just bullshit seeing as how whenever he was on, he never talked to me. my reasons for wanting to become a vampire are simple, I want to help people, and I know as a human I can do that now, but, I want more time, to help people, I know that vampires don’t live forever, but vampires live longer than humans, and that gives me more time to help people

if you want to talk add me on my email

my skype is wordsfrommyheart

not looking for love or a relationship, just looking for someone to turn me and be my sire 19 months ago


I want to be able to actually meet and talk to a real vampire 21 months ago

grimmtiger631 21 months ago


i want to meet a vampire and feel what its like 21 months ago

loldhs 21 months ago

Churro64 21 months ago

user25097 22 months ago

user24570 22 months ago

bridget vance 22 months ago

saeidrezvan 23 months ago

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