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Starting today, 43 Things users can export their goals and entries from the site. Starting August 15, we will make the site “read only”. 43 Things users will still be able to view the site and export their content, but we won’t be taking any new content from users. We hope to leave the site up for folks to see and download their content until the end of the year. Ending on New Year’s Eve takes us full circle.

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GingerPowerr97 1 year ago

RFFLR 12 months ago

PasadenaSue8.17.13 Dancing in Public!

At the summer concert, dancing and not caring what anyone thought of my dancing! That’s the spirit – have fun, and enjoy the music. I am so happy that I added this goal to my list, because it brings me joy when I just let the music move my feet. :) 16 months ago

PasadenaSue7.20.13 - Yes!! Dancing is FUN!

Last night was a summer concert in the park, and I went and met up with some friends. The music was blues, so it was music that I could dance to. My friends dance,so when they got up to dance I joined them. And I danced and danced and it felt great! I wasn’t concerned what people might think, even when I messed up some steps. I just danced to the music and had a great time. :)

When I started on this a year ago, this is what I wanted to be able to do – enjoy the summer concert series and dance without being self-conscious. I am happy that I have accomplished that.

To mark this goal complete, I want to get out there and dance by myself, and not give it a thought. Then I will feel I have successfully completed this goal.

I wonder what music will be playing next Saturday? :) 17 months ago

PasadenaSue7.6.13 Park Gazebo

I went to visit my brother and my dad in Ventura. While I was there, I had about 45 minutes to myself, and there was a park across the street that had a gazebo. There were some families in the park, kids playing on the equipment. And there were some homeless people in the park. I looked at the gazebo and knew what I was going to do for 45 minutes. :)

I walked over to the gazebo and started dancing! I danced my heart out to the music I was listening to. And it was FUN! Sure, people were watching me. But I didn’t care. I just danced, and danced, and danced. :)

This is still a goal in progress. I want to improve my dancing since my moves are limited. And I need to dance in front of a crowd of people before I will consider this goal complete. The best part is that I just find I want to start moving my feet to the music and it doesn’t matter as much if anyone is around. That is amazing progress for me, and for that I am very happy. :) 17 months ago

PasadenaSue7.3.13 Dancing on the sidewalk

Not a lot, however I did get out and listen to music and dance a bit on a sidewalk while I was waiting for my mom to finish her medical appointment. If I had been wearing sunglasses, I would have danced up a storm!

(Has anyone else noticed how wearing sunglasses makes you feel like you are “safer” when you are outside? It’s like I hide behind the glasses because my eyes are hidden from other people? Yes? No? It’s just something I realized many years ago when I was traveling in Bali…) 17 months ago

PasadenaSue6.29.13 Dancing to the music

I can see that this goal may become a habit. :) I have been listening to music during the day and my feet are just moving to the beat. At home washing dishes, my feet are moving. At the store shopping, my feet are moving. Walking around the yard, my feet are moving. :)

I know that I am going to be so wrapped up in the music that I am going to start dancing at work – and that should shock a few people. I am loving this goal!! 17 months ago

PasadenaSue6.28.13 Footloose!

One of the best songs to dance to. Rocking rhythm, and the lyrics make you want to get up and DANCE!!!

So today, somewhere in Pasadena I will be dancing to this song. :) 18 months ago

PasadenaSue6.22.13 Yippee PasadenaSue!!!

I have been wanting to do this for a few weeks. More than wanting, it was like I HAD to do this! Something inside of me kept pushing me to get out, and dance in public.

Now, I am not a dancer. I am not skilled at dancing. Yes, I took some lessons a decade+ ago, but really this goal was because I enjoy moving to music, and I was self conscious about people watching me.
What is the worst thing they will do if they don’t like my dancing? Laugh? So what. Throw something at me? No. Make fun of me? Why should I care.

This morning I rode my scooter to a freeway overpass that is only for pedestrians. And I cranked up my music, and started dancing. What I found was that it is actually a bit difficult to dance on a sloping overpass. (I will find a level overpass next time.) And once I got into the music, dancing was easy. I danced for about 15 minutes. And it felt good to just dance and not care what people thought. :)

After making my debut dancing in public I went shopping. And, yes, I even danced while I shopped. Not outrageous but enough that people knew I was dancing.

And I feel GREAT! 18 months ago

PasadenaSueFirst "Intuitive Movement" session!

I attended the “Intuitive Movement” session last night. The first person I saw was a nice guy I had met at the local Farmer’s Market! That was a bonus because at least I would know someone who I knew would not judge my dancing. There were 30 people there once it got started. The music was an interesting mix of styles – some songs were difficult for me to dance to and others were easy. The atmosphere was great, low lights, candles on the hearth of the large room. Great sound system. And plenty of floor space to move around. At first I was a bit self conscious and then I just tried to let the music guide my movements.

It was fun!! It was tiring (2 hours of dancing). My favorite dancer was a girl about 12 – she just had a natural way about her. I tried to copy her moves to some extent but my hips and waist didn’t want to move that easily. :( I followed movements of other people, putting a bit of ballet into some moves and such.

I am excited because after two hours I realized that I CAN dance. Not perfectly. Not earth shattering, but well enough to look good. It was kind of modern dance meets music from around the world.

I am so glad I found this group. And I NEVER would have suspected that I would enjoy doing something like this but it is just what I needed to work on this goal.

This morning my legs hurt, my heels hurt, and my hips hurt… :/ 18 months ago

PasadenaSueI added this goal one day ago...

and today I stumbled upon a group that does “intuitive movement”. A no pressure dance get together at a local park. The guy who runs it is very nice. They had just finished their once a month Sunday event, however they meet every Monday evening!

This is fate! I was going to the store to buy cat food, when I remembered that there was a fund raiser at the park for a local school. I went there to support the school, and saw the sign for the dance group. The fundraiser was geared for kids (no surprise) so there wasn’t much I was interested in. I walked over to look at the sign for the dance event, and the organizer was just cleaning up. We talked for a bit and I am on my way to accomplishing this goal!! :)

I am looking forward to tomorrow evening! 18 months ago

PasadenaSuelistening to my iPod.

I just HAVE to do this! I even know the corner where I should dance. I am not a good dancer but this goal is about overcoming my fear and having FUN!!

And I have to get it on video. I want to run out and do this right now except I don’t have someone to record it… yet. 18 months ago

PasadenaSue 18 months ago

gerrycramer 19 months ago

bethedoitsu 1 year ago

Collectorofcats 2 years ago

PDub77 2 years ago

gengu 3 years ago

Amarete 3 years ago

Ashley Dennis 3 years ago

Inez Liepit was awesome

One day I went to the school and thought that this day is just pointles, until the moment, when someone said that there’s some dancing group in the schools lobby, and I went to see it.
Then from nowhere the girl asked who can dance for 30 seconds. There’re really like 100 people standing and staring, and i immediately said I CAN! So I gave them my silliest dance moves, and got a crappy DVD from their dancers studio, but it was SO MUCH FUN, and I will remember this day forever.
Sometimes you just have to do silly things and be able to laugh about yourself, it makes life soo much fun! 3 years ago

Inez Liep 4 years ago

mrbulljack 3 years ago

Leslie Lo 3 years ago

nataliabean69 3 years ago

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