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Joannelle 1 month ago

mllele 3 months ago

EuphemiaA question of priorities...

On Thursday I was up to my eyeballs in important work and had a work dinner at 7. My sister called and said she had an appointment in my town 5-6. So I had an hour in which I could see her? Could I afford the time? No. Did I seize the opportunity? Of course! Did the world fall apart, did panic ensue? No way! So so glad I saw her. She is such a special person that I both look up to and love deeply. So much feeling and respect for this dear woman in my life. 4 months ago

EuphemiaHelp, I'm a workaholic

This week I took a week off after a couple of months of very heavy travelling, working and being away most weekends. I felt so good thinking about my week off and the time I would spend with loved ones, and the plans I had to do my Christmas shopping and sort out the house. In actual fact I have woken up every day feeling anxious and there is not one day when I have not worked – it seemed to be the only thing that would calm my nerves. For goodness sake, it is ridiculous. I probably average an 80 hour week, often much more so I feel disappointed in myself that I have not made the most of my free time. I was expecting to feel relaxed and renewed but instead I have worried lots about things that need doing. Sometimes to the point of hyperventilating. I don’t want this life – it is making me resent the job that I should love. My relationship with family and friends is suffering big time – they don’t even invite me to stuff because they know I will either be working or exhausted. The thing is, all my colleagues are really committed and hard- working but I am beginning to see that I have a problem because I work the hardest out of everyone. Some of my colleagues were recently commenting on it, that they had never known anyone to work so hard. It is a problem because I don’t seem to know when to stop or how to relax – it is always on my mind. What a waste of a free week…feel very sad. I am not even effective like this – there are loads of projects that are behind. If I could learn to rest I would work healthier and more effectively, getting more results with less effort. It seems easier said than done. Very very sad 5 months ago


I am off to visit my wonderful older sister for the day. Will be great :) 5 months ago


I am supposed to be seeing a friend that I have not seen for ages. She is lovely and I miss her. Still, commitments on my day of rest should be discouraged! The trouble with hard work is that it can take away everything else that you have. Need to make this a priority and meet despite not feeling like it.
On a positive note, had a long conversation with my mum and dad yesterday 7 months ago

salsitxa 9 months ago

EuphemiaStill failing

Work continues to take over my life. Yesterday I spoke on the telephone with my mum for 3 hours which was exhausting. She said everything that made sense like ‘why are you wasting your life’ and ‘you will make yourself ill with all that work’ and ‘you will not wish that you had worked more on your deathbed’ and yet I seem to be incapable of change. It is tied up with my goal of getting debt free, and it is the type of work that you have to throw yourself in to. But at the same time, friends and family are the most important thing. On Tuesday I had an operation and because I am often out of touch, with the exception of one person, no-one wished me luck or contacted me to see how I am. Including my boss (who did know where I was) which made me very sad and confused and I saw what a pointless life I lead. 11 months ago

Nana82 16 months ago

Miss Villainess 20 months ago

EuphemiaThe wedding is helping with this

I have had to get in touch with people to invite them to the wedding, even though months and sometimes years have gone by since we last spoke. I am determined to keep this up even after the wedding! 23 months ago


I had a wonderful lunch with my family last Sunday, even though I was jet lagged and exhausted from work. But I have not called them since, because my head is always preoccupied with work. I am going a bit crazy…I just found out that my mum and dad both have some health problems. they are getting old and vulnerable, and my priorities are all wrong. Why is it not possible to work without it consuming my whole life? I need to find a way to sort this situation out. 2 years ago

Jupiter86 2 years ago

EuphemiaCried today...

I spent a lovely New Year at my sisters. We had our nails done, went to the cinema along with our partners and my parents to see New Years Eve, and watched Hootenanny to see in the New Year with food and wine. I cried when I left this morning. I wish that my work schedule would die down and I could see more of my family 2 years ago

EuphemiaNew Years Eve

I have been awful at keeping in touch with friends and family since I started back at work again. Tomorrow however we are going to stay at my sisters, and my parents will be there. My mum sister and I are going to get our nails done in the afternoon, then we might go to the cinema before a great evening in with everyone. Really looking forward to it :-) 2 years ago

EuphemiaTime to build a database

I have been doing really well on this goal recently, and ever since I have had more free time. It has made a real difference to spend lots of quality time with my family. I think that I need to keep an up to date address book because it is difficult to keep a track with Facebook, Linked In, various different e-mail accounts etc. I need to have a database of some kind to keep up with my friends and family and stop wasting time on so called ‘SOCIAL’ networking which is about as social as sitting indoors staring at a computer screen. Boo 2 years ago

EuphemiaAmazing weekend

I had the greatest, and very social, weekend. On Thursday night we went to see my stepson in a show, Friday night we went to London to stay with a friend and had a great night out. Saturday we went to my sisters, where my other sister and her boyfriend were staying. We went out for Mexican and then on Sunday (today) went to my sisters boyfriends parents for a barbeque. They were really lovely people and I felt really happy just being around family and meeting new people several days in a row.
Life is better when I am being sociable! 2 years ago

LouisaM 2 years ago

TrueToMe25 2 years ago

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