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Find a balance between the things I want to do and the things I need to do

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How To Make A Balance

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violace 3 weeks ago

ethereal_haze 1 month ago

_amydoll 2 months ago

halpert7My list

Things I need to do:

Cleaning and organizing our home
Working out
Wedding wrap up
Figuring out school

Things I want to do:
Learning Slovak 3 months ago

fashtooka 3 years ago

Adewunmi Adesida 2 years ago

Megan 7 months ago


Things I need to do:
wedding planning
working out
getting enough sleep
my thesis

Things I want to do:
read for pleasure
cook 8 months ago

ineedtosleep 8 years ago

jenniferose 12 months ago

juaxix 8 years ago

bnii 15 months ago

CarmaellaElia 17 months ago

Psiloveyou 6 years ago

jam211 2 years ago

Ally ~ 23 months ago

Matheus. 20 months ago

Frohikes BuddyScheduling

Have scheduled this today. Now just need to stick to it! 20 months ago

SophieRe-arranging my priorites

Yesterday I went through my 43things list to re-organize them. I listed them in order of priority. “Find a balance between the things I want to do and the things I need to do” is now being used as a marker dividing the things I am currently actively working on and the things I would like to work on.

The things I am actively working on are the things I believe are needed goals for my life right now. The things after that goal are things I sometimes work on and/or would like to work on in the future. 22 months ago

SophiePlanning the day

What I do now, to stay in balance, is to focus on the things I NEED to do in the morning and the afternoon. During this time I take short breaks to do things I want to do. I am physically disabled now. It is very important for me to take breaks during the day so I do not over stress my back. Once I am refreshed I go back to the needed things. I save watching tv for the evening.

Getting important things done is a motivator for me. The more I get done, the more I want to keep going and get more done. When I get things done during the day, I find my tv time more enjoyable.

When my pain kicks in too hard, I do what I can. But sometimes, during those times, the best I can do is to enjoy life is to watch tv. It gets my mind off of pain. Even that is not a total loss. I put my DVR to good use and record religious shows that encourage me and tv shows that leave me feeling encouraged by the stories. 22 months ago

Miss Villainess 23 months ago

RoseviceeeNow's the time

I thinks it’s really the time for me now to be dealing with this,

In the past years I’ve been slowly cutting things loose which I thought I ‘had’ to do …but in really were things I choose to ‘have to do’(and often did not really want to do at all).

Also.. right now I’ve more evenings during the week when I don’t have anything planned for work (at least a few evenings in the week).. most of the time they get filled up with other appointments or whatever..
but I’m starting to feel the benefit of having the evenings free..
So I think I should make some rules for my self, about how many nights a week I may use for work and or other obligations (including sports).

I’ll have to ponder on this some more. 23 months ago



I think this sums up to: doing more of the things that I like,
and less of things I don’t like..
which is pretty much the same as:

Say No more often tot things I don’t want to do,
and find a way to incorporate more of the things that I love to do..

Ok.. so next stop… find out what things I love to do ;) 23 months ago

rosewilder 5 years ago


I’m reading a book that says that for successful people, it is more about triage than balance, so focusing on what is most important at the moment and working on that. I think this means working on things that I need to do now! 2 years ago

daisy_00 9 years ago

halpert7 2 years ago


The balance has been tilted way too much towards work lately. I have to figure out how to re-balance it again… 2 years ago

Kelsey 4 years ago

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