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wear dresses more often

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Svenia 4 months ago

murraygirl 22 months ago

AlmogClick-clock, click-clock.

This is me, watch me! My new boots have heels. Ok, the heels are 1cm tall (and for our American friends, that’s, uhm, 0.4 inch tall) and as wide as the whole boot, and I bought them as flats because I don’t ever wear heels… but they do make that click-clocking sound that heels do. And the boots are tall enough to be called “boots”, but not too tall to have a problem fitting around my runner’s muscles – the down-side of… no, actually, it does not quite make a down-side to running, I’ll have to try harder.
My pantyhose are smoked-purple. I’m wearing a dark-gray, knee-length dress, an open top a brighter shade of blue-gray, and a long coat. Oh, and a necklace, imagine that! With the sophisticated haircut that I gave myself, I feel ever so smart! 2 years ago

AlmogI marking this as "done".

I am wearing dresses a lot more now. I’ve got nice dresses! 2 years ago

Almog 2 years ago

AlmogI bought

two more dresses and a skirt. I figured, since I’m going to start workign at a new place, it would be easier to start wearing a new look. 2 years ago


Will wear each of my two sarafans once a week. 2 years ago

AlmogThis morning

I did have trousers to wear, but went for the sarafan anyway. My new dress was declared “too dressy for work” by my daughter, so it’s the two sarafans for now. Or skirts, but I don’t feel as comfortable in a skirt. 2 years ago

AlmogA gradual plan...

As I’m so unused to it. There’s only going to be one more dress buying this summer, because I don’t have the money currently, but on the other hand, I have a gift coupon for my favourite shop that it would be a pity not to use.
Today I’m wearing my sarafan to work, in a stunning display of my hairy legs, as it is a bit longer than knee-length. The new dress I will wear on Friday for a family dinner, I hope not to feel overdressed. Then I may have the courage to wear it to work, too. The new skirt I’m not sure I will wear to work, it’s too dressy. 2 years ago

AlmogSo to bore your brains out

I’ve bought a cute dress and a pretty skirt, and I hope to wear them sometimes. I’ve worn a sarafan yesterday as a dress, with just a light button shirt over it to protect my shoulders from the sun somewhat, and a long necklace, and a wide-brimmed hat. Perfectly feminine. Who knows, I might be developing a sense of style in my ripe age! 2 years ago


party dress 2 years ago

Rebecca 2 years ago

AlmogCan you see the fascinating entries coming up?

“Oooh, I bought this fantastic dress, to die for!”
(chanting) Almog is wearing girl clothes, Almog is wearing girl clothes… 2 years ago

AlmogI don't know, I think it would be fun.

This goal is not ideologic, it will not change the world and will not improve anyone’s life, including my own. It’s just fun.
On different times in my life I feel like dressing in different styles. It makes a difference in how I present myself to people, and more importantly, in how I feel. And I currently feel more like a person who wears dresses.
I’m in a point in my life in which I have no desire of apearing pretty or sexy to anyone except my partner. I’m more interested in liking what I see in the mirror, and feeling that my appearance reflects self respect. Wait, no, all that’s true but it’s not what this goal is about (I can be very respectful in trousers): I want the way I look to reflect the way I feel.
I know I’m being apologetic. So what? I won’t apologise for being apologetic, there’s a limit! 2 years ago

Fabala13 2 years ago

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