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meet another werewolf


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werewolfnamedsarahhi im sarah

hi im sarah, i am 13 and live in tallahassee florida. i want to meet up with a werewolf at my house(i dont care how old you are), email me at catofcats@ymail.com or call me at 1-850-339-3776 3 years ago


Hi I am a female werewolf. I live in Pennsylvania. If there is anyother werewolves in PA please let me know. More specificaly northeastern PA.thanks 4 years ago


have any of u red a book..
The werewolf’s guide 2 life: a manual 4 the newly bitten/
by Ritch Duncan and Bob Powers..? 4 years ago

Livanna15Hi :)

I am a lone wolf searching for others of my kind. I have no pack and have only seen one werewolf since i was 10. (i am 15 now.) Now I wish to meet others like me. I have a vampire for a friend but she isn’t a werewolf and it doesn’t feel the same. Please comment I will try to check daily. 4 years ago

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