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Get off house arrest

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ssk1dThey can have my dead body, but never my obedience! ANARCHY

Because of the simple fact, once i get out of house arrest or “home detention” they say because. I’m only 16 and underage but once all this cunt ass shit is over ill probably be sent away to rehab again.
i hate the government the one power they have if you think about it is the all mighty authority figure but its fake you can knock it down as long as you aren’t a slave to the paper, the paper that is money.

if so they own you peasant. 4 years ago


I went to court on Tuesday and the judge said I am a free woman. He said that I had earned my freedom in spite of many obstacles…..I feel like a normal person again. It is so great not to have to get permission to go to Walmart anymore. I really feel so grateful, now I’m really free. I am committed to maintaining my newfound life which includes NOT being a criminal anymore. Bottom line…....CHECK THIS ONE OFF MY LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY5 years ago

christinetso anyway

since it is daylight savings time that helps me get a little closer to my goal…but since I haven’t started counting hours yet it really doesn’t matter….I’m just saying…I guess there is some good in this daylight savings time shit 6 years ago

christinetthree hundred

and sixty four days 6 years ago


Today is January 31, so I have only 56 weeks to go!!!!!!! Then I will be FREE!!!! 6 years ago

drmorphineabout another month

hi, im 16 on HA for 3 months while waiting for my court date. i got my drivers license suspended which is probably the worst part. Plus i o my parents 5000 dollars for the lawyer. I really miss just chilling out with my friends and smokin cigarettes.

man christ ha for 550 days? thats a long time, gl with that >.< 6 years ago

Hautewasn't so bad

house arrest wasn’t as bad for me as most people since i have a ton of stuff to do around the house. it even made it seem kind of a joke, since it was designed to be an equivalent to jail time. somehow playing video games online and watching premium channels on tv never really reminded me of jail.

i was able to get out of jail time since i was attending community college. i only got one to two hours of homework a night.

a major downside was having to wake up at 6 am every friday morning to go take a drug test. also paying for house arrest was not fun, but it was better than being in jail.

another downside was not being able to go out with friends on the weekends, but luckily it only lasted 90 days, and i made sure to celebrate the friday i got released. 6 years ago

christinetthe clock is ticking

only 532 days left…or something like that…then what? I ask myself will I do the right thing? This time I think so…too much to lose… 6 years ago


but not forsaken;

cast down but not destroyed. 6 years ago

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