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61. I am a good designer
62. I am a good listener
63. I am proud to be myself
64. I’m a good cat mum
65. I am open minded
66. I am passionate about my beliefs
67. I have bad eclectic taste in music
68. I take care of myself
69. I am full of love
70. I am generous 20 months ago


1) I respect people
2) Patient
3) Have a sense of humor
4) Supportive
5) Try to help
6) Optomistic
7) Trusting
8) I can cook!
9) Nice to people
10) Understanding
11) Good Listener
12) Goofy
13) Im myself
14) Open-minded
15) Happy Person(for the most part)
16) Funny, I guess:p
17) Imaginative
18) Polite
19) Observant
20) Unselfish
21) Friendly
22) 22 months ago

taylorshaw23 22 months ago


I am very supportive! Be it my brother, sister, husband, stranger, friends, anyone. I like to push people do do their best, and also sit back and let them do what they want too- even if that means making their own mistakes and learning from it! 1 year ago

Jain2009 2 years ago

Julie Kane 6 years ago


1. i volunteer.
2. i have patience.
3. i have an eye for photography.
4. my freckles.
5. i love animals/reptiles/insects/all living things.
6. i work with special needs children.
7. i plan on working with children for the rest of my life.
8. i recycle for a better environment.
9. i am attentive to details.
10. I have endurance when I run.
11. I am funny and silly.
12. i love the outdoors.
13. i am bilingual.
14. i don’t have a hard time falling asleep.
15. i have goals.
16. i give change/food to the homeless.
17. i don’t mind slobber/kisses from animals.
18. i am going for a healthier lifestyle.
19. i am modest.
20. i love grape tomatoes.
21. i want to make the world a better place.
22. i do not care for expensive designer wear.
23. i am faithful and committed.
24. i am blessed to have such awesome grandparents.
25. i am persistent.
26. i am considerate/thoughtful.
27. i am creative.
28. i am tolerant.
29. when i am driving, i signal before switching lanes instead of cutting people off.
30. i like candles/incense.
31. i trained my dog to do 10 tricks in less than two months!
32. i want to get my master’s in occupational therapy.
33. i have maintained the same weight for the past 5 years.
34. i can resist eating fast food.
35. i can finish books from beginning to end.
36. i love a great bargain. i don’t mind using coupons either.
37. i can finish reading books.
38. i am learning to be a happier person.
39. as quiet as i am, ironically i can do pretty good at small talk.
40. i like to give compliments.
41. i don not care much for name brands. i shop anywhere.
42. i used to not like days off/vacations, but i love ‘em now!
43. i can eat all cultural foods.
44. i can make people laugh.
45. i don not appreciate drama, but when there is, i stay out of it.
46. i am more confident/accepting of my physical/outward appearance than i was a couple of years ago.
47. i get inspired by boredom.
48. i can be too nice (in a good way, of course).
49. i do not mind being wrong.
50. i am forgiving.
51. i am pretty good at making pancakes… from the box :).
52. my natural hair color.
53. my occasional couponing hobby.
54. i do not care for/need the newest technology equipment (phones, laptops).
55. i do not believe in diets.
56. i can be a go-getter and willing to sacrifice embarrassment/rejection.
57. i am not afraid to ask.
58. i can care less.
59. i can work beyond exhaustion.
60. i have an affinity for succulents.
61. i maintain a healthy personal hygiene.
62. i have neat handwriting.
63. I hardly/never lose things.
64. I type fast.
65. I get ready for work in an efficient and time saving manner: 45 minutes to shower, dress, make-up, eat breakfast, and pack lunch.
66. I don’t have much acne.
67. I have a clean driving record.
68. I encourage others to have a healthy lifestyle.
69. I speak up for my grandparents.
70. I am empathetic and sympathetic.
71. I have a nice face bone structure.
72. I am caring/supportive of others.
73. I am not a smoker or a drinker.
74. I am not clumsy and have a good balance.
75. I am competitive and motivated.
76. My rigidity and consistency makes me a great animal trainer and behaviorist.
77. The way I’m critical with myself makes me perform better at my tasks than others.
78. I share my food with others before eating.
79. I have an eclectic taste in music.
80. I am thorough with all my work.
81. I easily build good rapport with people.
82. I am careful about what I say.
83. I can be flexible during group decisions.
84. I am a female photographer.
85. I am pretty good at estimating travel time in a car.
86. I have learned to let go and move on quicker.
87. I always want to better myself.
88. I am a hard worker.
89. I like to challenge myself and try new things. 4 years ago

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