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Tp pass the CME1 exam 5 years ago

dove1doveA question

I have a home set and it seems so complicated. I couldn't understand even the second tape. If anyone has any advice or knowledge on seminars or ANYTHING that would help me- please contact me! 5 years ago


wow iv never done this before hopefully its good 5 years ago

fannarHello am from Iceland

xxx 6 years ago

mirajohnsonJust read the program materials

It looks like the technique is linked to meditation and using your subconscious mind. So it’s absolutely possible, but many people will not take the time to master it.

MJ 6 years ago

serutanNot sure if this is legit

Looks like a bit of false advertising. The link said “Learn PhotoReading on 43Things.com”—all I see is a message board. People aren’t learning anything here, they are just talking about it here. It should be “talk about learning PhotoReading on 43Things.com.” 6 years ago

Ben HoskenAbout to start

I just downloaded a bunch of material about this so I’ll be giving it a go over the next week or two. 6 years ago


Well I just purchased the course and am expecting it in the mail soon. I will tell you all if it works or not. My gutt says it will work. Hopefully I am right.

I recently read a book called The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot that lead me to the photoreading course. He talked about people who’ve been able to do this hundreds of years ago…. I was immediately interested. 7 years ago

neilajhdoes photoreading really exist?

I’m not sure this goal is possible. Maybe photoreading doesn’t actually exist. If you think about it, taking a photo of a book with your eye is kinda unlikely. Your eye can’t focus on all of the page at once, so some bits will be out of focus and therefore impossible to “read” by your brain. I reckon speed reading is probably a more realistic goal as it’s something which seems possible to do, so I might add that as a goal instead. 7 years ago

bennypProof, Price, Principles

The advertising copy on the photoreading website is certainly bombastic. We all know that bombastic advertising copy does not make a claim true.

I’m skeptical of these claims, but excited by the possibility of their truth. Before committing money and time to this obviously charismatic leader (warning bells going off in anyone else’s mind?) I would like to see some independant scientific proof of the process, and an explanation of its principles. 7 years ago

s56wryGoal for this thing

Photo read a book every day from 5th march 2007 7 years ago


q 7 years ago


where can i find books about photo reading?
who has it? is download possible? 8 years ago

ashreimA question

What are the steps to follow 8 years ago

s56wryPhotoreading Workshop

I listened a Paul Scheele – Photoreading Workshop today. I must read the workbook. 8 years ago

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