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fill my piggy bank

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Cats&ScalesCounting my pennies tonight!

The poor piggy is fit to burst! My hubby is going to pick up some coin rolls from the bank and we’re going to have a counting party with pancakes (Happy Pancake Day!). Not sure what we will use the money for yet, but I’ll report the total and what it’s for after we do the counting!

My grandpa used to save his change for me and my brother, and every once in a while, when his jar was full, he would give us the whole thing to split. It was tons of fun and we always got at least $20 each (which is a lot to 8 and 10 year olds). XD Ah, memories. 3 years ago

Cats&ScalesSeptember - SO HEAVY...

We don’t have a scale so I can’t give an exact number of how much my piggy weighs, but it is FAT. My husband let me put all the change he’d been saving into the piggy bank so it practically doubled… It’s only got 1/5th of the way to go! And it’s REALLY heavy… exciting. =} 3 years ago

Cats&ScalesFebruary - 2.5 lbs

My piggy weighs .5 pounds all by itself, so that’s two pounds of pennies and the like! And it’s only about a sixth of the way there… =} 4 years ago

Cats&ScalesSlight alteration

I’ve decided I’m gonna need some quick cash and/or quarters [parking downtown is hell without quarters] every once in a while, so my new goal is to fill my piggy bank instead of saving EVERYTHING. Also, I got a new job that does not do tips [but it pays way better and it’s NOT food service!! YES…] so I’m just gonna save random cash and coins until my piggy bank is full, then I’ll have a shopping spree! Or I’ll donate it. We’ll see how generous I feel when the day comes. =P 4 years ago

Cats&ScalesBe disciplined. Ok, ready... GO!

If only it were that simple. =P

I’ve tried and I’ve tried to save my tips and spare change on many separate occasions. I work at a local coffee shop and I make about $10/shift in tips alone on good days in winter, and I usually have a fair amount of change to go with that. If I were to save it for a specific occasion, or just until the jar was full, I would be rolling in extra guiltless cash! =D Oh, it would be fabulous!

I haven’t decided if I should save them separately or together, for a specific reason, or until they’ve started to spill out of my piggy bank. Actually, I don’t have a piggy bank. I’ve always wanted one. I’m going to go make a goal right now to get a piggy bank.

I digress. If I acquire said piggy bank I shall deposit ALL spare change and ALL tips received from my place of employment until aforementioned piggy bank is full, or until I have a REALLY good reason to open it, like if I’m being chased by the FBI and they can track my credit cards so I can only use cash or something. I have to make this absolute or I’ll come up with reasons to squander away my change/tips on impulse grocery shopping (it happens… actually most of my change/tips are spent on food that I don’t need to eat because I have a refrigerator full at home.)

So yeah. That’s the plan. I really wrote WAY more than necessary, but whatever. I’m just killing time. 4 years ago


I am changing this goal. We just emptied my piggy bank and used the money we’ve saved the past couple months to have a fun day at the amusement park. I think I’d rather empty it every couple months and do something really fun with it because then its like getting a free fun day! 5 years ago

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