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Think with my head not my heart

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DivsSAMental freak out

OMWBig Eyes
Been working on a document for the past few evenings about 3 hours on Sunday and about 4ish after work on Monday and Tuesday. And while moving the files on to the server something went wrong and it was no longer there.

I was so upset/panicked/frustrated the only thing that i could do was cry. It took alot of work and time to do all that and with a deadline practically over me – the thought of re-doing it all scared me :(

But after stressing for what seemed like hours in a space of just 15mins – i found a copy and feel like an idoit for getting all worked up but just proves if i hadn’t let my heart/emotions get te better of me, i would have used my head and found the copy in no time… 3 years ago

DivsSAWhich one is the wiser

My head tells me to be cautious, think about my decisions and make sure I understand how a situation could intantly be one I could regret if I haven’t thought out the entire process properly.

My heart tells me to live, take the chance, cry if it fails but don’t regret. My heart is one full of passion scared of nothing and always spuring me on to do my best.

But my head is sensible and my heart is powerful. When will I know which is the right choice. And how do I think with both without letting one over-power the other. As much as thinking with my head seems like the right thing, I can’t help but feel that if I don’t listen to my heart, things wouldn’t be as good as they are now.

So maybe I need to rephrase this goal, but until I get the wording right this will have to do. 6 years ago

DivsSAThe heart is just so overwhelming at times...

I met this guy and although all my friends are warning me about not getting attached to soon, I cant seem to help the way I feel.

He makes me feel special and beautiful and he gives me the confidence I didn’t know I had. He makes me happy and although I’m scared of being hurt, I’m more scared of not taking a chance and getting hurt.

So although I want to be careful and not rush into things, I think that my HEART as ruling power over my head in this situation. 7 years ago

DivsSADo things coz I want to...

Not coz I feel that I have to. It’s weird but sometimes I know that I shouldn’t do certain things because it’s not really me but in the spur of the moment my heart tells me to take a chance. Well I don’t regret the things I’ve done coz I try to live my live without regrets but there have been times when I’ve thought what if I spent more time thinking about it, would I have done it?

I believe that I should listen to my gut feeling but there are times when that LOGICAL part of me just makes me rethink decisions that I made coz it “just felt right”. 7 years ago

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