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gottawonder 4 years ago

Dollyoh no trying but still

is hard for me 5 months ago

fairevraiVroom vroom

Huge milestones in this update!

I have a car now. I barely take it anywhere because I am still a nervous driver, BUT I have been getting WAY more driving time in than when I was relying on driving lessons alone.

I drove to work (1 hour commute each way!) for the first time this week and aced my merging! High five!

My “I can drive there by myself” map has expanded significantly to include the beach, my workplace, the gas station, the hair salon, and the Best Buy. Most of the map is very local – looking to expand my map to include some other towns/neighbourhoods. One step at a time, one step at a time.

I filled up with gas! I was so excited that I didn’t even mind that it was tragically expensive. 7 months ago

fairevraiTaking a "brake"

Even though they were often accompanied by nervous sweats, I really enjoyed the progress I was making during my driving lessons.

I’ve come to the realization that what I need most at this point is just time behind the wheel. I still need some more instruction to sharpen my skills, but driving for one hour every couple weeks doesn’t bridge the gap in my comfort level. Simply driving around would do a better job of that.

I do not have a vehicle or a family member or a friend to practice with, so I am holding off on taking the last two hours of (my already paid for) lessons until I have access to my own vehicle (if all goes according to plan, this could be as soon as April). When I get my wheels, I won’t be able to cruise off into the sunset (as I often do in the daydream version of getting a car, in case you were wondering), or parallel park, or even feel comfortable navigating outside of my immediate neighbourhood, but I will be able to make small trips.

5 minutes. 10 minutes. Gas station. 3 minutes. Parking lot. 5 minutes. Even the smallest, errand-based trips will add up and expand my personal driving map. And that, coupled with a few more lessons, should get me where I need to be. At least for the meantime. 9 months ago

fairevraiLesson #3

I thought I should check in with an update.

I had my third lesson today. I still get some pretty aggressive butterflies in my stomach, and it sure doesn’t feel great as someone in my mid twenties practicing the very basics (today it was right turns), but I can’t deny that I’m making progress. Little by little. 10 months ago

fairevraiFirst lesson!

Ohhhhhh man. I think I must have been operating on pure adrenaline, because I do not remember a single sight, sound, or action I made over the course of the past hour.

Shoulder checking right when making a right turn (you have to do that?? Oh right, cyclists…) threw me off completely… and at different instances I took turns too quickly (nerves), made one-handed turns (What the- I have never done that before!! Nerves!), sped slightly through a playground zone (Oh geeze, nerves!) and didn’t notice when the light turned green at an intersection (I was preoccupied worrying about whether my mirrors were at a good angle or not).

I thought that all the time away from the wheel would make me cautious to an annoying extent… driving under the speed limit, holding up traffic, changing lanes too slowly. But instead, my elevated heart rate and white knuckles had me second-guessing everything and messing up even the basics.

I feel… Bad? Proud? Embarrassed? Alone? Some weird mix like that. Half of my body wants to jump into bed and hide under the covers while the other half wants to jump in the car and prove that I can do better than today’s miserable performance.

After I came down from my adrenaline rush, I called the school and booked my next lesson for tomorrow, which – to be honest – makes me feel quite queasy. But. Maybe queasy is just what it feels like to face a crippling fear.

This goal is a doozy. I hope that documenting my experience – insecurities and all – will help others with the same goal.

By the way – my driving instructor was relaxed and kind. I do not fear him – I fear my own humiliation and lack of confidence. 10 months ago

fairevraiGuys. Guys.

I called the place today and an instructor is picking me up tomorrow for a one-hour evaluation lesson.

I’m excited and nervous. But mostly nervous. 10 months ago

fairevraiDaydreaming about day-driving

Driving lessons and dealerships both cropped up in conversation this morning, and after having both topics rattle around in my brain all day, I am indulging some daydreams about the liberties a vehicle would provide for me. For those times when the daydreams have dissipated and been replaced by white knuckles, cold sweats, and second-guesses – a list, to keep the dream alive!

Things that I currently cannot do freely and that I think are totally rad, though they may seem mundane to the future, car-owning-and-driving version of me

  1. Going to the store for little, last-minute things.
  2. Getting to clandestine appointments that I would never dare ask to be chauffeured to (sounds a lot less innocent than it actually is).
  3. Road trips!
  4. Running errands related to spontaneous small business ideas.
  5. Curating an amazing stockpile of mix CDs and programming the best radio stations.
  6. Not feeling sheepish about having family members drive me to work.
  7. Being able to stay past “curfew” (ie. last bus of the night) on weekends.
  8. Visiting the library whenever. I. Want. Let’s just take a minute to ponder the magnificence of that one.
  9. Taking trips across the border.
  10. Maneuvering fearlessly in the big city (this one will take some time, but… can you imagine??)
  11. Being proud of the fact that I’ve conquered things that used to make me feel intimidated, stupid, and anxious: parallel parking! traffic circles! gassing up! changing a flat! oil changes! tire rotations! freeways! left turns! lane changes! mechanics!
  12. Choosing out sweet car accessories. Shhh. If I want to profess my love for Battlestar Galactica via window sticker, that’s my prerogative. If I want to pay for a celebrity GPS voiceover, that’s my prerogative, too.
  13. Honking the horn smartly.
  14. Driving to the gym, to a class, or to an activity. 10 months ago

a 10 months ago

Angelica Anarchy

Angelica Anarchy 13 months ago

DollyGot my license

But the nerves are still there 13 months ago

Dolly 13 months ago

gottawonderLong drives.

I’ve finally taken the plunge and am now driving to visit my family. It takes me about 12 hours. This was a tremendous leap for me.

I used to take the bus, but it’s become less and less convenient, and finally nearly impossible due to things like bus depots being closed at weird hours in small towns, my family still had to drive an hour and a half to get me, and busses being sold out on holidays.

I would have kept taking the bus had it not become just harder and harder to do.

I drove home last May, and it was terrifying. I even took a small highway that I thought would be safer than the main highway, but it was in such poor repair that it damaged the oil pan of my car.

This time, I knuckled down and took the big highway that went through a city. It was a little scary, but I made it.

The best part was having my car while I was home. That meant I had the freedom to drive to visit people nearby, and to take my Mom (who doesn’t drive anymore) out to do things.

I won’t say I was particularly confident, but I did it, and it was easier the second time than it was the first. I felt more confident at higher speeds, felt like I could read the road better, and while I was alert, I panicked less about the other drivers. 14 months ago

Mari Sociopath 14 months ago

Courtney B. 14 months ago


not called for some refresher lessons. guess the fear still has me in its grip.

i really need to do this. 15 months ago

spreadyourwingsDecided it's time again...

I purchased a new car today- well an old car but a new one to me. I’ve not driven for 8 months now on account of not finding anything I liked. I don’t particularly like this car really but it was only £700 and it’s got an MOT for the next 7 months and will get me from A to B. I figure if I start out small and increase then it’ll be easier to get back into the swing of things. I’m not sure my fear is conquered by this move but, I have an urge to try again. The insurance will begin on Thursday and I’ll be back on the road… watch out people of the UK! 15 months ago

iamevoxusi need

to call a driving instructor tomorrow. I need to get some refresher lessons so I can start driving again with a bit more confidence.

will call to see if I can maybe arrange 2 1 hour lessons sometime this week. 15 months ago


a business card for a driving instructer that offers refresher driving lessons, so planning to give him a call tommoorow to arrange a few lessons.

i haven’t driven properly for 2 and half years and i have never felt confident about it, so now its time to deal with this and over come this issue. i am buying my dads small car soon, and i want to feel confident in my driving.

i did actually take the car for a drive one night last night, but it showed me how rusty my driving was. so time to deal with this.

i need my independence back. 15 months ago


am buying my dads small car soon. have decided I will do 1/2 refresher driving lessons with an instructor. just to get comfortable with driving again, as its been 2 and a half years since I passed my driving test, and I haven’t really driven at all due to my slight fear and lack of interest in driving.

but its something I want to over come and I want that confidence and independence that driving brings.

im ready to start doing this. I want it. 16 months ago

fairevraiJohn Deere-in' it

My brother was asked to mow the lawn with the riding mower today, but I jumped in and volunteered. I had never used it before, and I wanted to learn. I did an okay job for my first time, and I felt so accomplished afterward. Plus, it made me a little more comfortable with operating machinery. 16 months ago

fairevraiMy best driving analogy

I went for another short, far-from-city-limits spin. I realize I still have a looooong way to go before I feel comfortable behind the wheel, and I find it frustrating that the only way to improve is by driving more (isn’t there a way I can study driving from the comfort and safety of my desk?!)

I drove for maybe 15 minutes yesterday. It exhausted me mentally, and I thought of a relatable analogy for getting back into the driving process: it’s like opening Photoshop or After Effects (or learning a new computer program) for the first time.

The first time you try it out, you are visually overwhelmed – so many buttons and screens and sliders! You tire quickly and stress easily because every time you need to accomplish an action, you have to search and scan each button and menu to find exactly what you’re looking for. But, as time goes on and you learn the ins and outs of the program, the framework disappears and you’re able to focus solely on the task at hand. Maneuvers become second-nature. New situations will crop up, but you’ll be able to scan the options quickly and pull up the right function quickly. Exhaustion will no longer be an issue.

Right now I feel as though I’ve opened a new program for the first time. I know how to move a mouse (operate a vehicle), but I second-guess everything else about the experience (how close to the centerline should I be? How much do I slow down to complete a turn? How do I know I have enough time to complete a left turn? How the heck do I handle traffic circles, again?). I have hope, though! Someday I’ll be a photoshop master of driving. :) 16 months ago

fairevraiAround the block

I just got back from a drive around the block with my mum, marking my first time behind the wheel in 5 years (has it really been that long?!).

We drove around the neighborhood, which was (thankfully) deserted. At first I drove slowly, but eventually built up to 50km/h. I drove across to a neighboring development and got the car up to 80 km/h for a stretch as well.

The drive was ridiculously simple, but I still had some anxiety crop up. My biggest confusions come from spatial skills that can only improve with experience, like my position relative to the centerline, relative to the curb, relative to other cars, etc. Still, this was a first step. I drove less than 10 minutes, but I did not want to exhaust myself on the first attempt. Looking forward to doing another 10 minute neighborhood trip tomorrow. 16 months ago

iamevoxus 3 years ago

fairevraiRelieving Research

I have started looking up potential driving schools. It has actually been an exciting process – I was expecting to have to take driver’s training all over again, but I see that many schools cater to drivers that are simply out of practice with in-car sessions.

Even more motivating are reviews left on sites like Yelp – apparently, being in your mid-to-late-20s and getting rusty at the wheel after years of living in a city/dorm/public-transit-heavy lifestyle is a common occurrence! My self-consciousness is starting to shrink and I keep daydreaming about driving around to do errands, to go to work, to visit friends… I can’t wait. 18 months ago

fairevraiIn control again

This goal is so, so, so integral to my feeling in control again.
I will definitely need support on this one – it is one of the things about myself I am most embarrassed about.

I am hoping to make great progress on this goal by the end of the summer. 18 months ago

fairevrai 18 months ago

spreadyourwingsBrum brum

Going to buy a new car this week or next. Time to get back on the road :-(. 20 months ago

Hey_Vanity 7 years ago

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