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go one month without television

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Newleaf4HIMone week later

After one week without t.v. I took a break from my “fast” and watched some tonight. First some news about the election, then something pointless and then a few minutes of something I found inspirational. I don’t feel too bad about watching but from now on, I want to watch only programs that benefit my life and never to just pass the time. Well I’ll be back on track tomorrow because I still want to achieve this goal. I feel confident because i actually enjoyed a week of peace and have been reflecting on other distractions and escape tactics which are still present in my life. For instance: Listening to loud music, spending too much time with others and not enough time by myself, too much reading without putting what I’ve read into action, and of course food and alcohol can be escapes. I found myself creating drama at times just to avoid dealing with anything real. At a party this weekend, I caught myself trying to be the entertainment instead of being happy just to be. I’ve had such an epiphany about how when we are not watching t.v. we’re constantly looking for substitute distractions from dealing with and living life. Well, at least I’m finally on to myself! 5 years ago

Newleaf4HIMstayed strong

Today I really wanted to just watch one show but I didn’t give in. I was feeling a lot more stress today and I’m used to using t.v. as an escape. I’m really starting to understand the parallels some people see between t.v. and drug use. I feel good about myself that I stayed strong on my third day of “t.v. rehab.” Yay for me! 5 years ago


This is my first day and so far I’m not too bored yet. It gave me a chance to evaluate my goals on 43 things which I haven’t done in ages! 5 years ago


Heck, I went a whole year! 6 years ago

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