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write a found poem based on spam


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Lost WayfarerSpam, Spam, Spam

The seemily tasty treat,
As long as it stays in the can
When dire hungry approaches,
I fight the urge with an out streched hand
To leave it in my memory alone

British breakfast Sundays
with tea and scones
My mother cooking up
Some strange concotion with eggs.
lacking, sausage or ham
What I found on my plate SPAM!

“Here is your eggs, eggs and Spam”
my mother would laugh
“But mom, you know I wanted “Spam, spam and eggs!”
As my brother started to singing in a loud voice.

“Spam, spam, spam, spam, Spammity Spam, Spammity Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam”

So the hidden treat, that lies in my cupboard
is not there because it is abhorred,
but awaiting for me, to make it something more
then many people think it is. 7 years ago

KatThe Time is Now.

Do Not Click
Type in your browser
and press the enter key
bullish profit guaranteed

contact your broker
you’ve seen it before
1 day target price
watch it like a hawk

Ahh. Finally putting spam mail to good use. Though if only I got some real interesting ones rather than drugs and brokers and rubbish. Where are the cheap rolex watches? 7 years ago

KatAn All American Company!!

Just Take a look at this one
This is a sector to be in
It’s only going to get better
In every voice, In every ban

You are responsible for you
Don’t get left out again!
Short or long
This one can’t go wrong
An All American company!

A mixture of a couple of spam emails. I cannot believe I actually found the rhyming line “Short or long, this one can’t go wrong” in a spam email. Lol. 7 years ago

Celtic Christiantoday's catch

This might be what you want
She will call you big boy

Join the millions who
Melt away fat easily with
a sexy babe in black stockings

Claim your bonus
A mature blonde teacher taking
All Major Designer Replica Watches 7 years ago

DesSpam Masterpiece #1

The random rants, raves and recommendations of one tall glass of milk

The time is Now
Listen to my message

Ring, Ring Ring
Listen to me

I Think It Is Finally Time
Time to motivate
Get started soon

I can help you
You Can do it also
See for yourself
Give it a shot

Using melted plain chocolate, pipe details around the Dalek
With be delicious
Yes, this is the one


No worries, it’s fine
Be happy with it!
Tell me this wasn’t worth it.

Anything else you need
We can assist you
We have the resources
Thank you again 7 years ago

KatI receive...

on average, ten spam emails a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. This should be an amusing and entertaining goal. :)

I wonder if there is some spam I havn’t deleted available. 7 years ago

EmilyEntwining Plots

The letter was reluctantly produced
As I handed it to the old lady
She will love you
And I know he’ll die there
And how stupid I am
A wish that he should—
Heaven knows—
And be the better for it

In the absence of such miraculous provision
Like a halo collapsing inward
That exists only at the back of your eyes
The awkward and unrhymed
We gather to hum its praises 7 years ago


Can’t hardly
Waitcan’t leave
The hall light on
Every night
Used to play
Miami Vice
In my basement 7 years ago

EmilyWomen don't need myths to justify age.

The boy went shaking his head no as he walked away
He left
He made this recording
Told me to give it to you
Told me they are easy enough to forge
He shook his fist

The question is a simple one
Both women
Powered by the destruction
No talk
Trod the dead leaves
The trees know where the key was 7 years ago

stagebunnyAre you lonely tonight?

I heard about her
the secret
she just wants sex
Just what you need
Just what all men need

Winter blues
night long
Are you lonely
Don’t be lonely
She likes you

divorced mom
may wish change
People from all walks of like
text available terms
into whirl 7 years ago

TaylorIt's me

It’s me Larry
Could no longer remain poet
New can learn, generalize, and hypothesize.
How Happy Are You? 7 years ago

stagebunnyThe Perfect Man

Power man
Fast and reliable
Discrete and safe
Do you measure up? 7 years ago

stagebunnyMy Title: Materialsim

February Sales
Cars Estate Apartments
Now You Can Afford
For the guys.

can you dig it, man7 years ago

DesI want to do this

But first I have a question for Ruth, the originator of this goal and the queen of spam poetry.

Ruth, did you use the subject lines in their entirety, or did just use certain phrases or portions? 7 years ago

RuthGFound poem--behold

Don’t Be Left Out

You don’t want to become bald,
apply your makeup like the pros,
unstop leeches (mortal sin!),
join a taxidermist of coffeepots,
buttonhole Deuteronomy & finally
squeak geriatric,

Don’t tell me this
doesn’t catch your eye,
deerstalker, corrupt
or no.

Cherubically bewail your unyielding wings,
the crabby bullfight,
neglected tattletale with
insidious help—
insulting singsong, cliffhanger
preposition: against!

Slipcovers be(came)
a noose,
nose leaf has found
mole drainage.
Half mayonnaise,
world forgotten.

Lukewarm pioneer, what is your
cold war objective? How much
does your image cost?

Test the sweets of the life yourself:
You want a mimosa family
writing neck verse amid
mountain spleenwort and
Your cash, health, future
rain magically, strew orange
quince, blushing pearls in
oyster bed.
The paradise for you

Every man wishes it.
Wild-booming chosen one: Ruth,
you are a real person,
authorized to participate.
Enjoy that burning flame. 8 years ago


as I clean out my gmail spam . . .
  • Liquidizes K. Oppression
  • Daintiness O. Distinctive
  • Hedonist Q. Dante
  • Greed J. Exaltation
  • Taxidermist U. Coffeepots
  • Deuteronomy T. Buttonhole
  • Cherubic S. Bewail
  • Unstops M. Leeches
  • mortal sin
  • singsong insulting
  • sluggish insidious
  • keenness compliments
  • rainy magically
  • unyielding wings
  • neck verse
  • strew orange
  • I don’t want to become bald
  • Apply your makeup like the pros
  • generally that half mayonnaise
  • She thinks you are perfect and a wonderful choice for her.
  • Don’t tell me this doesn’t catch your eye.
  • cliffhanger preposition
  • Main cavemen above great
  • enj0y that burning flame
  • crabby bullfight
  • tattletale neglected
  • lukewarm pioneer
  • Touche!
  • I heard that . . .
  • Order status, nerve impulse
  • Your cash, mountain spleenwort
  • Your cash, milk-blended
  • Your health, orange quince
  • Your health, mole drainage
  • Your future, pearl blushing
  • Your future, pearl-lined
  • Ruth you are a real person
  • How much does your image cost?
  • Ruth is authorized to participate
  • Success, world-forgotten
  • Success, wild-booming
  • What a trip . . .
  • Everything’s going to be alright! 8 years ago

RuthGfwd:any new news? I got some

  • Gondolas O. Swatch
  • Antigonus Latham
  • the best prices for impotence 8 years ago

RuthGSlipcovers B. Noose

Now there’s a name for ya. 8 years ago

RuthGYour future, nose leaf?

That’s the subject line of a piece of spam I just sent to my Junk Mail folder. From now on I’m going to collect these bizarre bits & eventually construct them into a poem. Here are a few more from my current junk mail:

  • Looked corrupt deerstalker
  • Tired o small and fragile penis?
  • Hi, mimosa family
  • Test the sweets of the life yourself
  • Need to hit your target audience?
  • cold war objective

And then there are the names of the supposed senders, such as Eminences H. Phoenix & the_iceman111.

If you have any to contribute, feel free! :-) 8 years ago

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