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Treffery 2 months ago

terrabunny 6 months ago

Cocktail4You 7 months ago

brittany_ 10 months ago

Boni Dutch 16 months ago

calypte 2 years ago

Rococo94 2 years ago

buxombananaI've lost nearly 100lbs!

I’m planning to lose another 55lbs, but I’m well on my way to a normal, healthy weight. 2 years ago

catherinegetsfit 2 years ago

buxombananaWell on my way to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight!


I’ve lost 60lbs! 2 years ago

buxombanana 2 years ago

Jim Parker 2 years ago

calypteThe universe is telling me something

This is an utterly gross story, so of course I had to share! ;)

A few drinks after work with the girls turned into a LOT of chat. Late back, tipsy – oh, go on then: haven’t had a chippy in aaaaaages!!

Now, I know fine and well I take my life into my own hands in ‘fish and chip’ shops, seeing as fish makes me quite ill. Haggis is fine, though – hah!! So, got home, started tucking in. Y’know, it smells funny but then she did put about quadruple the usual amount of sauce on it. But, y’know… funny funny. Fishy, even. Of course I’m utterly paranoid, but… Hmm.

Half a dozen chips in I thought, I’d better not risk this – and besides, it’s particularly unhealthy at the best of times, and rather against this goal. And as started scoping it up to head to the bin, what do I find in my chips? Fish bone.

Boak, gip gip, boak – and spew. Sorry, had to be done :P

Methinks this might have just ended any appeal for chip shop chips, ever :( 2 years ago

calyptePhotographic evidence

And oh hell no way I’m posting it!!

I’ve read so many stories where people lost the blubber after seeing an unflattering photo of themselves – well, got a stack of those sent to me yesterday from last week’s night out. And, urm, eeeek!! :( I look like a naturally slim person (I think that might be the height, right enough) carrying awkward bundles of flab that really don’t sit on my frame at all – not good.

So… until the assignment is done I refuse to throw any energy at this at all. Which means… tomorrow??

And I’m keeping those pictures! 2 years ago

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