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Pay off all my debt

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niragould 3 months ago

clara1985 15 months ago

Carolyn Bertino 8 months ago

claratobubu 12 months ago

wellthisisunoriginalAlmost there...

I’ve paid off my overdraft, most of the stuff bought on credit and money owed to family members… It’s just my bicycle left now. I think I have about 700 left to pay :/ which is a lot. I need to find out really so my aim is to call the finance company within the next week to give myself the actual figure. Then I can see when I can pay it off in full instead of monthly installments.

Right now and in the future my aim is to not buy anything on finance ever again. I don’t like the feeling and it creates unwanted stress.

My goal for when I have no debt left is to save 2000-3000, quit my current job and go traveling… I need to start planning so I have something to work towards to keep me motivated. I’m young I don’t want to miss this opportunity. 12 months ago

daslenePay off all my debt

I’ve currently lost my job and I’ve been living on debt for the past month. 14 months ago

daslene 14 months ago

jbeanie1 14 months ago

sandwichsupernova 14 months ago


I currently have about £3000 to pay off. I think I can half this by Christmas. That is my goal. 19 months ago

wellthisisunoriginal 19 months ago

SarahMercedes 19 months ago

CandyflossSky 20 months ago

highrene 22 months ago


I will be paying off all my current debt just in time to head off to grad school. I hope to live in such a way as not to occur too much more debt as I finish up my schooling. It has taken me a long time to get it paid off, and I don’t want to have to go through the process again! 23 months ago

VeritaBella 23 months ago

robmcq 1 year ago

Jordan Walker 3 years ago

ambreese1Slow and Steady

Almost done with this goal, just have student loans left of $6,000. Paid off $23,000 in one year so far !

Yipee!!!! Hoping to be done by May. I am currently listening to the Dave Ramsey show podcast for inspiration. 2 years ago

phlask 2 years ago

ambreese1 2 years ago

Chris Brooks 2 years ago

Mr_Accountant26th December 2011

I started this process in March 2010 when I realised that my levels of credit card debt were unsustainable. I took out 2 three year loans and used the money to clear off my credit cards. I then closed all but one of the credit card accounts and reduced the credit limit on my remaining card to 1000 euros. I should be virtually debt free by March 2013, excluding my mortage of course. Having to adjust my lifestyle and limit my spending has been really tough at times, some months I have had very little disposable income and so have not always been able to buy what I want or go out at the weekends. I can’t wait until my debts are cleared so that I can start enjoying a comfortable and debt free standard of living. 2 years ago

veronicaaaaaaaa 2 years ago

Carissa Miller 2 years ago

karie chamberlain 2 years ago

swardere 2 years ago

cpimmel33 2 years ago

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