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How weird to be able to say I’ve done this. I had no real goal to do it, but back when I was younger a few things just fell into my lap. Admittedly, my journalism jobs weren’t glamorous or anything—a short stint at a small-town weekly newspaper as a reporter/photographer, followed a few years later by back-to-back periods at two different radio stations as a news reporter and anchor. I covered city and county news, school boards, stuff like that. Nothing groundbreaking, no assignments involving travel to foreign countries, just basic legwork and the chance to be in print and on the air. Pretty heady stuff for a small-town 19-to-21-year-old with no experience. 5 years ago


I am working towards this, will start my first year of uni this september, hopefully towards a long successful career path! 5 years ago

Charmbracelet25Met tons of celebs

Now I work in social media marketing, but as a (student) journalist, I did a mega celebrity red carpet, met former president Bill Clinton, interviewed an openly gay WNBA athlete and worked in print, television, radio and online. 6 years ago

assamallerplease help me learning hacking

i don’t know where i can learn hacking..?
can someone send me a link with a web where i can learn how to hack or someone can tell me how to do?

and by the way what programs is nice to use for everythink?
like how to rewhite HTML web’s. 6 years ago

Josh PetersenAn inkling

I’ve had this goal on my list since before we publicly released 43 Things, and while I’ve made no progress on it, it is still a really important goal to me. I’ve resisted the easy thing – which would be to delete it – since I have no real plan for ever making good on it. But last night, I had the first inkling of how I might set to work on this one. And it involves accomplishing another one of my goals too. Plus a family legacy.

Sometimes things just need to germinate for a few years. 7 years ago


Well, if you can call PC Magazine journalism 8 years ago

Pattie A.Yup

This past year has been frustrating, but mostly very fulfilling and a great learning experience. 8 years ago

Pattie A.Coming to a close

Our replacements are here, so soon we will be departing, and my one year of full-time work in journalism (through the military) will be over. It’s certainly been a learning experience, and even though there have been a lot of headaches associated with it (probably more due to the military than the journalism itself), this has been worth it. 8 years ago

Edito_Ergo_SumFor far more than a year

My love for the industry has held me in it for years.

I’ve toyed with seeking something else as a challenge; but gain real satisfaction from working in the media.

Although I poke fun at the media (through my blogtoon http://askthenewshound.blogspot.com), I do consider myself lucky to be a part of the industry. 8 years ago

Pattie A.Grrr

We’ve been directed by above to create a new web-based publication in addition to the traditional paper we already produce, which in itself isn’t that bad (except for the fact that it is more work). What is bad is micromanagement by those who don’t know journalism or military public affairs. Although this problem stems from being in the military and not working in journalism.

I think it was Friedrich Nietzsche who said, “That which does not kill me makes me stronger,” and I’ve tried to make it my mantra during this time. I shared that with a co-worker, and he told me his addendum ”... or leave me permanently maimed or scarred!” 8 years ago

Pattie A.Past the halfway point

For the most part, I am really enjoying this. While my position is mostly editorial and supervisory, I write an article every now and then, and a couple of weeks ago, I went on assignment to Balad. Got a cover photo and two articles w/photos on color pages out of the assignment. 8 years ago

Pattie A.Doing this now

My section produces the command website (http://www.mnf-iraq.com) and command newspaper (the Scimitar) for Multi-National Forces – Iraq. It is quite different from my civilian job. 9 years ago

sereneteLearning things about yourself

Besides the steepest learning curve I’ve had in my life so far (all 27 years), I also condensed that year into a roundup article for my local Mensa magazine, which was taken up by another mag, and I had strangers write to me about it, which was great!

In that year (and a half), I worked for a Japanese newswire and an American magazine and had my mind totally blown apart by all the events. I had one-on-one interviews with Ministers, CEOs, angry union members, F1 racing drivers. And more!

Got sprayed with tear gas (those water cannons do NOT have water in them, but an awful stinging liquid), staked out hospitals, had my mobile ring embarrassingly during important national press conferences, tore my right ankle ligaments, attended one too many product openings, spent long hours listening to utterly boring speeches and many overtime hours.

I really couldn’t recommend it more! 9 years ago

John ClymanA great experience

I’ve spent more than 12 years doing one form or another of technology journalism. Two positive aspects of the experience have really stood out. One has been the opportunity to get inside the heads of incredibly smart, motivated, ambitious people and preview the technological innovations they’re driving. The other has been the challenge of distilling complex technical material into relatively brief articles that (I hope) engage and inform the people who read them. It’s a fun puzzle that requires both analytical/logical skills and creativity.

It’s also been fascinating to get a glimpse of how the publishing world works and witness the transitional pains and new opportunities brought on by the widespread acceptance of the Web as an informational and communication medium. Now it’s blogs that are starting to change the landscape.

This goal should appeal especially to people who are inquisitive and have a skeptical/critical streak, and who like to share what they’ve learned with others. 9 years ago

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