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Snowwbird 10 months ago

Eolyphe 15 months ago

AnnaGoesBananasI have always wanted to do this!

I want to learn how to kick butts… for reals! 20 months ago

AnnaGoesBananas 20 months ago

Ackcroth 21 months ago

Rouenpucelle 2 years ago

philosopheDesiderata Arcana

My father is pretty amazing, as a person. I have always been vaguely suspicious that my childhood friends came to my house more to hang out with him than with me. My dad is funny, intelligent, and multi-talented. He is an incredible artist, he he plays three instruments, and he knows seven martial arts.

He is in his 50s and still runs faster than my brothers, who are in their 20s. People have described feeling a wind tunnel left in his wake as he ran past them. His peripheral vision and reflexes are so sharp that he has on two occasions seen toddlers fall into swimming pools (behind him, no less) and been in the pool holding them out of the water before anyone else has finished turning to see the cause of the unexpected splash.

Ever since I was a kid, I begged him to teach me self defense, but he never got around to it. Decisiveness is not one of his many strengths, unfortunately, and although he plans on eventually opening his own dojo, he has only taught me some of the very basics of wing chun and monkey fist kung fu. It isn’t nearly enough to save me in a fight.

I have spent the last fifteen years desperately wishing I knew martial arts. Not just the physical self-awareness and confidence that accompany that knowledge, but I yearn for the intense focus and controlled aggression it entails. Instructors say the main ingredient in martial arts success is desire. If that’s true, I’ll be the most successful student ever.

For a long time, I guess part of me had been hoping my dad would be my sensei, but after 15 years, I am reconciled to the fact that it will never happen and have finally took my first step toward achieving this dream on my own. After some deliberation, I have diverted from my longtime desire to study bujinkan nunjitsu (traditional ninja fighting) and decided to pursue proficiency in the deadly IDF skill of Krav Maga.

What I like about the art: first, there are no rules. It isn’t a sport art, it is about reality, in which there are no holds barred. They encourage realistic scenario training, and besides gym classes they train on the beach, in the city, and outdoors, rain or shine. They allow women to wear skirts and heels to outdoor classes because girls can’t count on being conveniently attired for combat if someone decides to attack. Krav Maga is about efficiently disabling your enemy, using a combination of judo throws, muay thai strikes, and more.

There is a Krav Maga school about half an hour from me that caters to special operations officers and law enforcement, and I have an appointment to observe the beginners’ class there on Saturday morning. Here’s to old desires. 2 years ago

philosophe 2 years ago

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