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nurseviruet 5 months ago

jmoncada 4 years ago

AlexCriss 7 months ago

jmoncadaDay 10

If I make it a month I’ll call it done. I’m sure I’ll fall off the wagon and have to start again, but that’s ok. As long as I’m doing yoga on more that 50% of the days I’ll be better able to handle any craziness that creeps into my life. 7 months ago

carole81387 11 months ago

carole81387Buy DVD

Get DVDs for when you can’t go to class 11 months ago

pale_refraction 12 months ago

SuzanaSuzana 17 months ago

Art FellowThis morning

I woke up really early from my sleep this morning so rather than go back to sleep which would have been the easier thing to do, I got up and headed towards the room where I usually do yoga.

I think I was more focused than usual and I did the sun salutations more flowingly not taking too long between the repetitions.

Tonight I will review what I have learnt this morning including the four prasarita padottanasana (prasarita = spread out, pada = foot, uttana = intense stretch, asana = posture). 22 months ago

Art FellowLearn one sequence which can be repeated daily

I haven’t worked on this goal as much as I like to. Problem is that I take too long learning each posture (I only know a few). I’m learning from a book which probably isn’t the most ideal. I’ve finally come to realise that it’s best to learn the postures in the order that appear in a sequence so that I can at least master a routine that can be repeated on a daily basis. So as a part of this goal, I’m going to learn one sequence and repeat this daily. I’m guessing this will give me way more motivation rather than trying to go through all the sitting postures one month and then the standing postures in another month etc. without knowing how it’s all going to sit in the sequence as a whole. As I write this I have come to realise that it wasn’t clear in my head what I want my yoga practice to consist of.

On a very general scale, I’ve learnt that it’s much easier to learn things as you go and as you need rather than trying to understand each little thing on its own! I can apply this to a lot of other goals that I’ve listed on 43things like gardening, knitting, etc! 22 months ago

Shay1213 2 years ago

jennypenny84 2 years ago

Art FellowWeek 3

In my last entry, I wrote that I wanted to wake up at 5 a.m. in the morning. Well that didn’t happen on the day that I planned for but I did wake up really early yesterday (well before 5) and started my Yoga practice. It felt pretty good. I just felt at peace in general because I didn’t have to worry about people walking around me in the kitchen (that’s where I practice) or anything else for that matter.

Any how, I focused on the parvritta parsvakonasana as I’ve been doing in the last week and I felt a sense of achievement when I could tell that I was getting better at this.

Another thing that happened to me during the last week of practice is that when I get into the different postures, especially ones where I extend my arms out, I feel as if I’m at one with my essence. I don’t know a better way of describing this… I suppose I just really like the posture but it brings out something in me. My thoughts for now! 3 years ago

Art FellowWeek 2

Today’s practice was one of the most vigorous I’ve done in a while – I actually felt a bit hot!

I’m still working on my parivritta parsvakonasana. I think I understand the posture better now that I have consulted my other Yoga book.

I want to make Yoga a part of my life – so from this week, I would like to wake up early each morning so that I have enough time to focus on each posture, like I did today. Put quality in those postures.

I shall endeavor to wake up at 5 a.m. tomorrow and see how that goes… Which means I should really be in bed by 10 p.m tonight.

Wish me luck! 3 years ago

merritta 3 years ago

Art FellowWeek 1 (Phase 2)

I resumed yoga in the morning since three days ago for the first time since returning home.

Taking it slow but yoga felt really good this morning. I felt much stronger than the last two days and my postures flowed from one another.

Yay, going to keep doing the yoga-atleast-three-days-a-week thing again from now on. 3 years ago


My life is so crazy. I need to do something that will relax me and give me sort of balance and I think doing yoga regularly will do just that. 3 years ago

Starryeyed8 3 years ago

Art FellowWeek 6

I’ve started house-sitting in the last week and haven’t taken my yoga mat over with me so haven’t done any yoga in the last week!

But since I’m home now and have one more week to go, I think I’ll take my mat over :) 3 years ago

Art FellowWeek 5

This week has been quite challenging in terms of this goal. On Sunday, I got up to do a yoga session as usual yet it didn’t feel quite “right” nor could I concentrate very well.

Halfway through the morning, my neck started getting very tense to a point where it hurt to turn it around. I don’t know exactly what caused this but it could well have been my half-hearted attempt at yoga that morning – I could have been trying to twist my neck when it wasn’t properly warmed up or something :( But for this reason, I had to give yoga a bit of a rest and I only resumed this morning. 3 years ago

Art FellowWeek 4 Day 1 & 2


Apparently, it takes around/at least three weeks for anyone to pick up a new habit so I’m hoping that since this is my fourth week, my yoga practice will from now on be a regular thing every morning. 3 years ago

Art FellowWeek 3

Week 3, Day 2

When I woke up this morning, I felt weighed down by what was going through my head, which was work related and I almost did not get out of bed. But I said to myself “Work has nothing to do with my precious time in the morning, a time when a new day begins which will repeat itself for as long as I am alive, no matter what the circumstances” So I kicked myself out of bed and did some slow stretches and I’m glad I did.

I learnt a new posture today “utthita trikonasana” which stands for uttihita = extended; tri = three; kona = angle; asana = posture. This posture is a sideways stretch. 3 years ago

Art FellowNot quite EVERY morning but more like two days a week?

Last week I think I did two yoga stretch sessions! My goal is to do three this week…! Starting tomorrow! And learn at least ONE new position. At the moment I’m doing about 10 salute to the suns because I don’t know anything else I can do! 3 years ago


I did my yoga this morning even though after it was done, I went back to bed. I am just not used to getting up so early. 3 years ago

mrsjjmorrison 3 years ago

Melissa 3 years ago

jmoncadanot quite every morning

But I am closer to doing it every day. More like 5 days out of the week. I started doing my first yoga class for a week and now I’m doing class two for a week. We’ll see if I make it to class 12. :) 3 years ago

Sally Bass 3 years ago

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