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TGI got my first passport

in September of 2003, which means that it’s past time to renew it! I last used it 8 years ago :( and I don’t have any definite plans for using it anytime soon, but I might pop up into British Columbia when I go to my best friend’s wedding in Washington state in August. Plus it’s always handy to have a valid passport, just in case! You never know when an unexpected opportunity (or need!) might present itself ;) 3 months ago

TG 3 months ago

live2laugh 5 years ago

Jay 15 months ago

Dom Harrian 7 years ago

bluesfan 7 years ago


sjs213 3 years ago

JayStep 1

Easy. I went to https://www.gov.uk/ followed the links and applied for a form to be sent to me online. The only information I needed was my old passport number and now I just need to wait for the forms to be posted to me before the next stage can begin. 15 months ago

Janek 17 months ago

noffsinger 19 months ago

butohdancer 22 months ago

skyPRINCE 2 years ago


Mark 23 months ago

snakey 8 years ago

MarkI went to renewed it on Friday.

So this goal is pretty much done. I’ll mark it done when I actually get it. It should be 4-6 weeks. I got a new picture too. It’s crazy to look at myself when I was 17 years old. Its really embarrassing too. I look like a real nerd. I’m glad I have grown up mentally and physically. I’ll show my new picture when I get my new passport in. 23 months ago

Markthe day has come

Date issued 09 JUL2002
Date expires 08 JUL2012
With this passport I have been to England, Amsterdam, Philippines, and Thailand.
I hope I can claim more countries next time I have to renew my passport. I will be 37 years old next time I will have to renew my passport. It crazy to think how time flies. 23 months ago

JackieGurl 23 months ago

janice 8 years ago


This only took 12ish weeks and 2 birth certificates to accomplish exasperated sarcasm The only good things about this is 1) I did it WAY before the deadline and 2) I finally got it and can go to Europe now. 23 months ago

Shortygirl2125 3 years ago

writergirluk 1 year ago

Chris Campbell 9 years ago

A Well-Read Dog Head(finally) done!

I did it. My passport arrived in the mail today. I’m still waiting on my passport card, but it should be here soon. The whole process took less than 3 weeks, and I didn’t pay for expedited processing. 2 years ago

A Well-Read Dog Head 9 years ago

A Well-Read Dog HeadCalled passport center today

I’ve been checking my application status online and was concerned because it’s been two weeks with no notice of my application being received. I called the passport center main number and got someone very helpful who let me know that my application has been received and is in progress. 2 years ago

A Well-Read Dog HeadSubmitted application today

I got my passport picture taken, and I look undead. Not sexy vampire undead, more like freshly exhumed and shuffled off to the post office undead. Ah well, at least it’s done. 2 years ago

A Well-Read Dog HeadHave forms and cash, now just need a photo.

Wish I could just use my profile pic. 2 years ago

Jared Matthew Sewell 6 years ago

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