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list 50 women little girls should admire instead of symbols of stupidity and weakness


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Collectorofcats 6 years ago

MichelleDue before June

I’m expecting my first child, a daughter named Elizabeth, June 14th. I hope to finish my list of 50 women that I think she, among others, should admire. 8 months ago

Quicksilwr 10 months ago

Collectorofcats Rita Moreno

Born in Puerto Rico in 1931, she was an actress who paved the way for other Latino and Hispanics who followed in her footsteps. She won an Oscar for her supporting role in West Side Story.
After winning the Oscar, Moreno thought she would be able to continue to perform less stereotypical film roles, but was disappointed.
“Ha, ha. I showed them. I didn’t make another movie for seven years after winning the Oscar…. Before West Side Story, I was always offered the stereotypical Latina roles. The Conchitas and Lolitas in westerns. I was always barefoot. It was humiliating, embarrassing stuff. But I did it because there was nothing else. After West Side Story, it was pretty much the same thing. A lot of gang stories.”

She went on to be the first Hispanic to win an Emmy (1977), a Grammy (1972), an Oscar (1962) and a Tony (1975). In 1985, she won the Sarah Siddons Award for her work in Chicago.[10] She stood up for civil rights and marched alongside other celebrities like Harry Belafonte, Marlon Brando, and Charlton Heston for civil rights for all.
Even though it may have cost her financially, I believe she is one of the most dignified people to embrace the performing arts for sticking to her guns. In the 1970s, she starred in The Electric Company and The Muppets. In 2004, she was awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom. 10 months ago

pixienrollAmanda Palmer

Born and raised in the Boston area, Palmer’s years of theater and performance art studies helped her to merge these art forms with her love of rock music. Post- college, she was notorious around Boston as a “living statue” street performer, art-party impresario, DIY theater director, and – occasionally – a piano-bashing singer-songwriter, setting up shop in small galleries and friends’ parties to share what would eventually become the first batch of songs for The Dresden Dolls. Upon meeting drummer Brian Viglione at a party in 2000, The Dresden Dolls were born and went on to create multiple critically-acclaimed records over the next seven years.

Palmer could have easily continued on that trajectory – but as the band hit their consecutive fifth year of touring, Palmer decided to take a breather and create her first solo album. After hooking up with Ben Folds for some creatively stimulating jam sessions, Palmer’s solo record, Who Killed Amanda Palmer, began to take shape. Spanning almost ten years’ worth of songwriting, Palmer had nearly thirty compositions to sort through with Folds when she finally went down to Nashville to begin recording them, with Ben Folds acting as producer, arranger and back-up one-man band. Who Killed Amanda Palmer gives the listener an entirely new angle by which to view Amanda Palmer as a songwriter, vocalist, piano-player and arranger.

Fans who have felt a kinship with Palmer – and there are thousands who pore over her words in her personal blog every day – will feel this bond strengthen even further due to the astonishing forthrightness and vulnerability in these songs. Those who know the backstory of Palmer’s personal struggles and musings will feel at home instantly; Palmer has piled every reference, challenge and acceptance from her very vibrant life into this album, inviting the listener into her home, as well as her heart. Who Killed Amanda Palmer sees our fearless heroine weaving together the many threads of her personality, her interests, her extensive artistic family, her astute, witty observations and the stark openness of her feelings into a dynamic record that pushes emotional boundaries while staying true to its genius creator. 11 months ago

Katie 2 years ago

LynliMy high school Spanish Teacher

She was not the kind of teacher who taught Spanish because it was the only subject available, she lived the language. She told us stories about how she walked in protest with the migrant farm workers and how she worked as a school teacher for the workers children. The workers had to be on the job early so they would drop the kids off at her house before dawn and she would end up with several kids sleeping around her. She brought in former Peace Corp volunteers to talk to us. She opened our eyes that the world was a very large place and that we were only a small part of it. She made me want to learn about the rest of the world. She made me want to make it better place and made me believe that I could do it. 20 months ago

Michelle 21 months ago

ethereal_haze 22 months ago

Foghorn10Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton should be a girl all girls can look up to because after being a water baby, and LIVING on a surf board practically her whole life, she had her left arm bit off by a shark. Even after that, though, she wouldn’t give up. She came back to compete in surfing, and WON. She should be a story of hope and inspiration for all girls, wheather or not the sill have all their limbs, because it teaches that no matter how low you go, you can always rise back up. 23 months ago

Foghorn10 23 months ago

LynliMalala Yousafzai

The bravest girl in the world.

She is a 15 year old activist for girls to recieve an education. She was shot by the taliban as she took a bus home from school. She is currently in the United Kingdom recieving medical treatment. 2 years ago

LynliHillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton is the current Secretary of State for the United States. She is a former Senator from New York and First Lady. She was a very vocal first lady. She was someone to look up to because she took the traditional role of first lady and expanded it. She was involved in the politics. 2 years ago

Katie47. Hedy Lamarr.

Hedy Lamarr, the Austrian babe of the Golden Age in cinema. Although she initially gained fame for starring in one of the first films featuring nudity and non-pornographic sex, that is not the reason little girls should look up to her.

You see, in short, Hedy was a genius.
She basically invented wireless communication.

With her neighbor, George Antheil, she patented a frequency hopping spread spectrum. She and Antheil called it a “secret communication system.” If used properly, it could make submarines more difficult to detect amongst enemies.

Hedy asked to be put on the National Inventors Council but was denied, and reportedly told by the chairman that she should use her celebrity status to sell war bonds instead!

The US Military laughed at her invention, solely because she was a woman and never gave it a second thought until 1962, when they used it during the Cuba Crisis.

Hedy Lamarr passed away in 2000 from natural causes. Only in 1998 did she receive formal recognition of her invention. To this day, many people don’t know that a movie star from the early 1900’s is responsible for the technology that we use everyday.

From Bluetooths to Wifi to film pioneer-ing, Hedy Lamarr is one of my personal heroes. 2 years ago

LynliMichelle Obama

I admire her for being a person on her own for being an partner in marriage and keeping her family grounded. 2 years ago

LynliRoz Savage-Ocean Rower, Environmentalist

at age 34, she was a management consultant and investment banker. On a train going to work one day she wrote obituaries for the life she was living and the one she really wanted. The difference between the two motivated her to give up her steady income and big house in the suburbs.

On 14 March 2006 she completed the first leg by finishing the Atlantic Rowing Race as the only solo female competitor, taking 103 days to complete the crossing. This she did unsupported, despite breaking all four of her oars and having to row with patched-up oars for more than half the race. Her cooking stove failed after only 20 days, then her navigation equipment and music player. She managed to maintain her daily weblog right up until day 80 when her satellite phone failed, leaving only the movement detected by her positional transponder.
Despite all this, and the danger of having to cut off the rope to her failed sea anchor in 12-foot (3.7 m) waves, she arrived safely at the finish in Antigua. She is only the 5th woman to row solo across the Atlantic from East to West

She is an environmental advocate, writer and speaker. She is on the board of Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation,and a Blue Ambassador for the UK-based BLUE Project. She promotes plastic-free communities as co-patron of the Greener Upon Thames campaign for a plastic bag free Olympics in 2012, and as a Notable Coalition Member of the Plastic Pollution Coalition.She also supports the work of the 5 Gyres Institute,and is an Ambassador for Plastic Oceans and MacGillivray Freeman’s One World One Ocean project. 2 years ago

LynliClaire Lomas

Before 2007, Lomas worked as an event rider, producing and competing thoroughbred horses in her hometown of Eye Kettleby, near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, UK. While competing in Osberton Horse Trials in Nottinghamshire on May 2007 she had an accident, colliding with a tree, which resulted in broken ribs puncturing her lungs and causing pneumonia; multiple fractures on her neck; and a spinal cord injury causing paralysis from the chest down. After a speedy recovery at the Sheffield Northern General Hospital’s Spinal Injuries Unit, due to the spinal cord injury on T4 thoracic vertebrae Lomas was left without the use of her legs and lack of general sensation in lower part of her body
Despite the injuries that left her with paraplegia, her condition has improved rapidly due to medical rehabilitation treatments and being active in sports (gym exercising, horse riding, skiing and swimming). Lomas also credits the high level of support and understanding she receives from her husband Dan and becoming a mother as she gave birth to her daughter Maisie in March 2011.
This progress and support stimulated Lomas not to become depressed but instead to run various campaigns and fundraising events publicly during 2008–2012 in order to acquire equipment for her rehabilitation and raise funds for research into spinal cord repair for the British charity Spinal Research, for which Lomas is an Ambassador for their Saddle Up Campaign for horse riders.
After intensive and continuous rehabilitative exercising and therapy, Lomas reported she gained improvements in core strength. However, her lower body motoric abilities are still impaired and she has to use a wheelchair to stay mobile in everyday life
Lomas ran a fundraising campaign to raise £50,000 for the charity Spinal Research to find a repair for spinal cord injury. This campaign promoted as Claire’s Walk focuses around her participation in the 32nd Virgin London Marathon of 16 May 2012. She finished the Marathon in 17 days using the ReWalk robotic suit that helps people with paraplegia walk standing in upright position
Though the organization requires participants to finish the marathon within 24 hours, they allowed Lomas to walk 2 miles a day for 17 days accompanied by her husband. She finished the marathon after 17 days, passing the finish line on 8 May 2012 at 12:50. Donations for Spinal Research were gathered mostly online through the Just Giving UK website and reached £90,000 as she crossed the finish line, up to £143,000 five days later.
After completing the 2012 London Marathon Lomas received 14 medals from other marathon participants as a symbolic recognition of her accomplishment. Her crossing the finish line at The Mall in central London was escorted by three mounted members of the Household Cavalry giving Lomas a guard of honor and she was awarded the Virgin Trophy by Holly Branson. 2 years ago

Katie49. Sarah Robles

Sarah Robles is the strongest woman in America. Yeah, you read that right. She can lift a shitload of weight. So much weight, in fact, that she qualified for the Olympics.

I found out about Sarah via a friend’s blog post – a petition was circling around, making a point that Ms. Robles, only 24 years young (!!!), was living off merely $400 a month. Basically, people thought that the reason she hadn’t been sponsored because of both the lack of attention to weightlifting, and the fact that Sarah (and other women weightlifters) aren’t exactly bikini-built. Ms. Robles was quoted saying…

“You can get that sponsorship if you’re a super-built guy or a girl who looks good in a bikini. But not if you’re a girl who’s built like a guy.”

Since more awareness has been made to this issue, the company Solve Media has sponsored her. Woohoo! :)

In addition to this boatload of a financial situation, Sarah has Madelung’s deformity in her arm. She perseveres, even with pain.

I believe that girls should look up to Sarah because she is a kick ass lady who doesn’t fit the feminine frame of fitness. She inspires me to be just as strong as she is; in more way than one. 2 years ago

LynliAviation Survival Technician 2nd Class (AST2) Sara Faulkner

Sarah Faulkner was always interested in joining the military for the phycial aspect. In high school she found out she was a good swimmer. She was a Sea Cadet and went on some Coast Guard training with the rescue swimmers and changed her mind about joining the Navy to be a Coast Guard rescue swimmer. She was more motivated because there weren’t any female rescue swimmers

She assisted in 52 rescues in two days during rescue operations for Hurricane Katrina. 2 years ago

LynliKelly Mogk Larson

U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers attracted international attention most recently during the rescue operations following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana and the surrounding areas. It was reported that in the first five days following Katrina, Coast Guard crews performed more than 33,500 rescue and hoist operations of Katrina victims stranded on rooftops and in flood water. This was reportedly more than the Coast Guard had rescued worldwide in over 50 years. President George W. Bush awarded participating members of the Coast Guard a Presidential Unit Citation and ribbon for their response to Hurricane Katrina.

The first female Coast Guard rescue swimmer was Kelly Mogk (later Larson), who joined the Coast Guard in 1984 and later became the first woman to complete Navy Rescue Swimmer School on May 23, 1986.Kelly Mogk, the first woman to graduate from the tough rescue swimmer school—which averages a 40 percent attrition rate, failure higher even than for the notoriously challenging Navy SEAL program.

On January 3, 1989 during her first rescue case as a Coast Guard rescue swimmer, Aviation Survivalman Third Class Mogk, played the key part in the rescue and life saving of a downed Air National Guard jet pilot who had ejected from an F-4 over the Pacific Ocean during a training exercise. She was awarded the Air Medal and congratulated in person by then President George Bush. Admiral Paul Yost, Jr., Commandant of the Coast Guard, cited Mogk’s courageous feat as one of the most deserving of a place in any account of the outstanding rescue achievements during the Coast Guard’s 200-year history.
This was the first actual mission of the first woman to qualify as a rescue swimmer in the Coast Guard or any other branch of the Armed Services. Her aircraft commander for the mission, Lieutenant Commander Peterson, was quoted at the time that in his 12 years of flying rescues missions, the conditions were worse than any he had seen for putting a rescue swimmer down to render assistance to an individual in distress. Even upon departure from Air Station Astoria, OR, it was understood that the rescue swimmer would most likely need to enter the water to assist the ejected pilot. The sea state was sixteen-foot waves with a six-foot, wind driven chop, and a temperature of fifty-six degrees. The pilot was severely hypothermic and near death with extensive, life threatening injuries from ejecting at a speed of 600 miles per hour. Because of his injuries and hypothermia, he could not communicate with his rescuer. To complicate matters, the pilot was ensnarled in the shrouds of his parachute. Mogk had to dive under repeatedly to free the shrouds from the disabled pilot. She put her own life at risk when she removed her gloves in order to expedite the removal of the shrouds, exposing herself to hypothermic affects of the water seeping into her wet suit.
After she freed the pilot for hook recovery up to the helicopter, Kelly was left alone in the rough, cold sea to wait for a backup helicopter to pick her up, so that the recovery helicopter could quickly get the recovered pilot to medical treatment facilities. Consequently, Mogk had to fight the quick acting effects of hypothermia until the backup helicopter picked her up. After recovery, she collapsed from the affects of hypothermia and physical injuries incurred in the rescue. Because of her courageous example, ASM3 Mogk immensely enhanced the reputation of the Coast Guard rescue swimmer program. 2 years ago

browneyes85Somaly Mam

Somaly Mam is a Cambodian human rights activist. As a child she was forced to be an indentured servant, and by the time she was a teenager, she was forced into prostitution and used as a sex slave. When she refused to prostitute herself, she was tortured and raped. She eventually escaped and since then she has devoted her life to rescue girls and women from sex slave trades. She eventually founded a foundation set up to help girls, and women who have escaped sex slavery by teaching them job skills and offering counseling to them. Somaly has been recognized many times by various organizations for her activism. 2 years ago

LynliSally Ride

A pioneer who followed her passion and proved girls can be good at science.
Sally Ride was the first American woman in space. She paved the way for more than 42 women after her. Her parents encouraged her and her sister to follow their passions. Sally went into physics and earned her doctorate. She beat out five women to be the first American female in space. She was very focused on science eduacation. She wrote 5 science books for children and founded her own company Sally Ride Science. 2 years ago

joeyinthebushKaki King

. 2 years ago

joeyinthebushLepa Mladjenovic

. 2 years ago

joeyinthebushLouise Bourgeoise

. 2 years ago

joeyinthebushElinor Ostrom

. 2 years ago

joeyinthebushMiriam Makeba

. 2 years ago

browneyes85Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the current president of Liberia and she won the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize along with Leymah Gbowee for their anti-war activisim in Liberia. Sirleaf is the first female to be elected as a head of state in Africa. 2 years ago

LynliEleanor Roosevelt

Before there was Hillary there was Eleanor Roosevelt.

Eleanor was the first First lady to travel the the world extensivley. She was not afraid to travel in airplanes which were still pretty new at the time. She supported artist, the troops, and was a force behind the new deal.

What I admire most about Eleanor was what she overcame. She lost her parents at a young age and was put down by many of her relatives. She had a very controlling mother in law who told Eleanor’s children that Eleanor was not there mother and that she was. And you think your mother in law was bad! Then there was her husband who cheated on her numerous times. Once Eleanor found about the affairs she decided to live seperate lives. This is when she came out of her shell and really came into her own. My favorite quote of hers “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission”.

There has been a lot of speculation about “was she or was she not?” There were rumors about her and her friend Lorena Hick and also about her personal body guard Earl Miller. All I have to say is it was her own business and I really hope that she at least a litte bit of happiness with someone. 2 years ago

browneyes85Leymah Gbowee

Leymah Gbowee is a Liberian activist who protested the Second Liberian Civil War. In 2002 after being witnessing the various damages of war in her country, Gbowee organized peace movements which became known as Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace, that consisted of Liberian women of different religions and backgrounds to protest the civil war and the tyrant Charles Taylor. The war ended in 2003 and the actions of Gbowee and other peace activists partially lead to the election of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as Liberia’s first women president. In 2011, Leymah Gbowee and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf were two of three women that were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. 2 years ago

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