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teach my dog a new trick

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i don’t own a dog 6 years ago


We have completed 2 sessions of Advanced Dog Training. Lily is doing pretty well, but I have to keep working with her. She still needs lots of work on “off”, as she grabbed some chicken off the counter the other night. 6 years ago


Trying to think of a new trick to teach the dog. She can do paw, wave, touch and bow. She has no interest in retrieving so that lets alot of tricks out. 6 years ago


heey i wanna teach my dog everythn cz i think he doesnt really wanna learn anythn! 6 years ago

rdhd2001the dog just...

will not roll over to save it’s own life. 6 years ago


with a cheezle on his nose! 7 years ago


my puppy Zephyr, being a bordercollie X Kelpie is an extreamly smart dog… he is 3.5 yo and he knows
lie down
to sit at the kurb and not cross till told
roll over
bow (when they strech with forlegs extended and bum in the air)
he can balance food on his nose till told he can eat it
he will put a ball on a tennis raquet/cricket bat/hand etc
shake… and shake other (paw)
thats all i can think of at the moment.

but i am in the process of teaching him to growl on command and also get the paper from the letterbox.
the growl command is proving quite hard, but we will get there.
he is picking up the paper command well tho! 7 years ago


i taught her how to speak on command. she loves it, since she loooooves to bark. 8 years ago


opps, i posted this on my sisters 43 things.
but yeah, i did it, he can shake hands now and you dont even have to ask sometimes. 8 years ago


i taught him to shake hands, and he’s damn good at it now. offers his paw before you even have to ask.
Yesa!!! 8 years ago


Now we are trying to teach him to cover one eye when we say “peekaboo.” My mother says we have to do this by the time we visit her over the holidays! 8 years ago

WillRead4SushiCount, puppy, count!

We’re now teaching him to count…sortof. We tell him to “touch 1,” which means touch our hand once with his nose; and “touch ,” “touch 3.” I still have to count them out for him, and then say “good boy” when he’s reached the exact number, but I want him to get to the point where he knows exactly what “touch 3” means! 8 years ago

WillRead4Sushiwhat next?

He’s a wicked smaht dog, so we’re running out of basic things to teach him. He already knows how to bow, crawl, circle, loop around my legs, play dead…

Any suggestions? 8 years ago

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