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Mary Geraldine 4 days ago

~ John Lee ~rough winter is great for compost

now that all the snow and ice it gone it seems there is an endless supply of leaves and other matter in corners and around shrubs in the garden, I wonder if this stuff all broke down in other years when it was not under the blanket of snow

whatever the case, it is all going into the compost as I clean the gardens 5 days ago

Nell09 3 years ago

greenandblk 3 months ago

goalie43 10 months ago

Amy 4 years ago

juliamichael 15 months ago

kaseyball 15 months ago

sharkgreatwhite 16 months ago

KeelanRosa 18 months ago

aswedishlimeBlack gold

It’s my new favorite thing to go out and check the progress of our compost. I’m finally starting to see the rich brown color of it and it’s exciting to think about the transformation. 19 months ago

Cuernavaca 19 months ago

AngelaNaomi 5 years ago

RagazzaRaffinata 23 months ago


Considering this done, though it will be ongoing and I have yet to produce any soil! I took my first bucket load to the compost yesterday. It was brimming with old kitchen scraps and garden trimmings. I don’t really like the container I have right now but I’ll keep using it and be on the lookout for a better bucket in the future. 20 months ago

GoodEveningMissWell it's kinda working...

Literally going the minimum effort route. Didn’t have a hoe or something to turn the pile, so it got pretty nasty. And then I avoided it. But hey! Nature prevails over my laziness and I actually see soil. And lots of critters. Didn’t see any worms, but they’re probably in there. Pretty black soil. However, there’s some papers that didn’t really decompose in the pile. It’ll get there though. 21 months ago


So I have a compost bucket/container going. I’m keeping it outside on the patio as I don’t have any space in my kitchen right now. There’s been a few opportunities to toss veg scraps in there. But I am finding that I keep forgetting and putting the scraps down the garburator like usual! Agh! Need to break that habit! 21 months ago

GetThere 2 years ago

tyedyesun 21 months ago

aswedishlime 6 years ago

aswedishlimecalling this done

Perhaps I’m removing this prematurely, because we’re nowhere near having usable compost, but I want to clear some space on my “active” list.

We’ve got a countertop compost container that we are adding all of our scraps to, I check the bin outside nearly everyday, and we should be able to do a turnover this weekend. I’m pretty sure composting will be built into a solid habit in no time, and we’ll learn the tricks to get some great compost cookin’! 21 months ago


Okay, so, this is my plan for now. Since I live in a 550 square foot condo having a compost is going to be a little different than if I had my own house with land. My intentions with this are to ‘practice’ composting because I really don’t know much about it and right now I garden in containers and only need a little soil. I also don’t want a gross compost stinking up my small patio. So what I’m going to do it find a medium size bucket with lid and keep my kitchen/garden scraps in there. Then once a week I will take the bucket over to parent’s house where they have a proper compost bin (empty and not being used at all) so I can cultivate the compost over there. Hopefully I can get them to start adding their kitchen waste as well, I really don’t understand why they aren’t doing it already. 21 months ago

aswedishlimeIs it too early

to go check up on it? :D 21 months ago

aswedishlimewe are officially composting!

Got enough of a base layer of “browns” consisting of shredded cardboard and what twigs we could find in the yard, watered that down, added the “greens” we’ve been collecting with our kitchen scraps this week, and spread some old grass clippings we’d found piled up on the edge of the yard, and did a light misting over the top!

Locked the top and walked away!

We are composting! 21 months ago

aswedishlimeshredding cardboard as I write

for some “browns!” 21 months ago

aswedishlimewe bought a SoilSaver!!

At a much reduced price through a county incentive program!!

It is assembled and in our backyard, hungrily awaiting some food scraps. 21 months ago

daniesbucketlist 22 months ago

todomoosimple compost bin

http://www.twinklevanwinkle.com/diy/upcycle-build-your-own-simple-compost-bin 22 months ago

todomoo 22 months ago

aswedishlimebins vs. tumblers

Anyone want to state a case for one over the other? 23 months ago

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