Not jump into a relationship too fast this time

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so i guess we’re officially ‘together’ now.
and i’m deciding whether i’m happy about it or not.
we talked on the phone for 6 hours last night.
haha. didn’t get off the phone till 3am.
but yeah..i dunno. as much as everything he was saying was perfect and he just really seems to understand me and like me, i’m sitting here thinking “do i really want another relationship right now?” and i know that’s stupid. and that i don’t think we’ve really jumped into it too too fast. ugh. i don’t know why i’m questioning this. i guess it’s cause i know that he’s not the normal ‘type’ of guy i’d go for. he’s just..different. really different. but i think that might be what i like about him. i’m so confused about this. i’m really not sure what it is that i want right now, and i know it would have been more fair to him if i had told him that last night when he asked if we could start actually going out. i should have just said i wanted to wait a little longer cause i’m not sure if i want to be in a relationship right now. but i know that would have really hurt him. so i guess i just agreed and sounded happy and sure about it just for his sake. which isn’t fair to me. but i don’t know. i’m seeing him this afternoon after he gets out of work and we’ll see what happens. i just hope he doesn’t start acting differently now that we’re togther. cause i’ve had that happen to me. and it’s no fun. ugh i hope i did the right thing. 7 years ago

JennyUntitled you’ve gotta love the in-between phase where you’re not sure whether you’re ‘together’ or not. god i’m confused… 7 years ago


hanging out with him in a little while. just the two of us this time. though i kinda feel bad cause i’m dragging him to the mall with me. but whatever..we won’t be there all day, so i guess it doesn’t matter. 7 years ago


so we got to hang out yesterday/last night as planned.
it was a good time, his friends are cool.
lots of cuddling and hugging and holding hands.
and he kissed me on the forehead..which is just too cute.
no actual kiss yet though. oh well. i think that would classify as moving too fast, yes?

but there is one problem…and that would be me and my stupidity. i really really liked this guy. but now that we’re getting closer, i’m starting to have second thoughts. which is so stupid. i don’t know WHY i do this. but it’s not like it’s the first time, either. i’m just scared i’m going to mess things up. i know we’re not officially ‘dating’ right now, just getting to know eachother and everything. but i’m scared i’m gonna do something stupid and end up hurting him. that would be terrible, and i would feel so bad. i need to just stop second guessing myself and let myself be happy. cause we all know i have major problems doing that. i guess we’ll just have to wait and see. cause i just have to see how things go tomorrow and tuesday when we’re supposed to be seeing eachother. 7 years ago


finally get to see him again..
we’re going to the movies with some of his friends and one of mine.
should be fun, i hope.
i guess we’re hanging out before and afterwards.
if only i didn’t have to work tomorrow =[ 7 years ago


tonight was great…we both basically confessed to liking eachother..and i’m so happy. he asked if i wanted this to go anywhere and i told him that i did, but that i wanted to get to know him better first. so be both agreed that was best and that we didn’t want to jump into it too quickly. so we’ll see how this goes..=] 7 years ago

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