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drink less soda

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imnangelYayyy for quitting

I did it! Im 100% soda free now. Next thing in my list is tea. 9 hours ago

MazwynDrink lesser soda

I began drinking less soda since i’m 20 years old. It’s been 4 years and it’s really worth it. I drink less than 10 times of soda per year. Everytime i want to drink soda, i imagine how it “destroy” good things inside my body slowly. 1 week ago

Mazwyn 1 week ago

Sarah ChevalierDrink Less Soda

I opted for healthier alternatives, like juice and tea when I was craving soda. I focused on how much better I would feel, and it helped. 2 weeks ago

Sarah Chevalier 2 weeks ago

jovan949nh 2 weeks ago

Misty_snikdha 3 weeks ago

Mifeoh1452live football streaming

https://twitter.com/livesportsnet 3 weeks ago

Mifeoh1452 3 weeks ago

JadedForever 3 weeks ago

manderson_088 3 weeks ago

violace 4 weeks ago

cooben88 1 month ago

miopaul 1 month ago

imnangel 1 month ago

Bigmighty 1 month ago

NebraskanAlaskan 1 month ago

TheEastGate421 2 months ago

gingerach 2 months ago

Danny Welsh 2 months ago

_amydoll 2 months ago

ac205209 3 months ago

panderia 3 months ago

AmberRose96 3 months ago

bethcoutoNO MORE POP

i got to the movies almost EVERY weekend and i ALWAYS have a pepsi!! I went today and decided that everytime i go im going to have an ice tea or juice!! This is a good plain since tomorrow is NEW YEARS EVE!!!! one of my resolutions is NO MORE POP and i think i can do it!!! Its also going to help clear my skin and be healthier!!! 3 months ago

evamaria72 3 months ago

bethcouto 3 months ago

xpinkeyjennix 3 months ago

diamondrose 2 years ago

sammyslionI did.

During the summer of 2013 I tried drinking less soda, focusing on water bottles and Just Dance upstairs everyday. Back in 2009 when I had made this goal, I might have been wanting to do this only because I knew soda damaged your teeth and your body and wanted to kick the habit. During that summertime health kick fever I had, I barely touched soda. I only had it when I was at a friend’s house or at a restaurant or fast food place.

I have started to drink soda regularly again at VCU. I only have it when I’m eating food, but when I’m in the dorm, I’ll just drink the water bottles I have lying around.

So in conclusion, I have been drinking less soda, and I deem this goal reached. 4 months ago

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