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jafryTVasiaA start

And a very good one, at that. Every night before bed, and any other chance I get, I’m in full-immersion of my dream future. Living it out in a state of already being complete, faith, belief, and expectancy, this is said to be a prime strategy in creating whatever it is that you want in the real world.

It’s an experiment, and so far I’m at least seeing increases in my confidence and levels of inspiration.

I’ll keep ya updated! 22 months ago

jafryTVasia 23 months ago

Jacques Kuun 2 years ago

browniexfrownie 2 years ago

JafryTVphoenixdown 2 years ago

Dunjolina 2 years ago

Lisa_Noneman 2 years ago


It finally happened!-Thanks to Takhisis!

We went for a walk through this place called Cathedral of the Pines a few miles from my house. It’s beautiful and there are flowers and trees and places to meditate and just enjoy nature as well as graves and religious icons and statues, etc…

And while we were walking we discussed life, and love, and senior project (and they’re all connected-as disorganized as that conversation seems like it would have been, everything just started flowing once we started talking).

I’ve been having such trouble getting inspired with this project, and i realized, i don’t want to do it! That is, the idea i came up with, I honestly didn’t want to do. I felt nothing for it, and it evoked no emotion or real connection to me, as well as the fact that I had way too many ideas going on and no end result in view.

So we talked about things that I feel strongly about, and what moves me, what inspires me…and it hit me. An idea i’d had at the start of my senior project, but shut down because i was afraid my parents wouldn’t approve…Well i took that idea, and morphed into something i felt even stronger about and realized, it’s not about whether they approve or not, it’s about me, and making a statement, and sharing a bit of myself through my work. (And i’m pretty sure they’ll approve of this new idea too)

And so, i’m inspired and have started working on this project once more…maybe this should have been under senior project, but originally, i was just inspired and realized i could tie it in to my project…sooo let’s say it’s both! =) 2 years ago

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