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Yisraela RuthNot from school

A few of my friends and I have been giving each other homework, reading assignment, music assignments, art assignments, television assignments. This has been so much fun. 4 days ago

Yisraela Ruth 4 days ago

adoxavis 3 weeks ago

Narin312To do

4. Finish art project
5. Do exercise schedule for P.E. Gym 1/3
6. Study for nationals physics exam in April (chapter 1-5)
7. Finish social science group project
8. Spanish (learn presence conjunctive verbs) assignment sheet
9. Check online help for playing drum set for Music class (practice the beat)
10. Select a project to start on in sewing class (knitting?)
11. Check out old nationals exams in math to make a study list
12. Finish 2 chapters in math 0/2
13. Finish reading A Walk To Remember by Sparks for English (build vocabulary for English nationals)
15. Read a children’s Spanish book for vocab (Spanish nationals)
16. Listen to Spanish podcasts & reach in Duolingo lvl 10 Spanish (nationals)
17. Finish Natural Science course A book (just read through it) & borrow next science-book
18. Finish S’s loong religion assignment
19. Complete S’s loong exercise assignment
20. Finish the movie-review on Gattaca for Ethics with Catherine
21. Grade English papers (test) 2 months ago

Narin312 2 months ago

AudreytheSloth 4 months ago

moniia 4 years ago

KingsOfKangeroo 7 months ago

19981125 9 months ago

gloriafish 12 months ago

BMadeira 12 months ago

moniiaThis Week to do list.

fill out financial aid paperwork

print out EMS paperwork and fill them out

-study and read schizophrenia chapter for Psych 238

-write essay for Polish class due Monday

-do research for the LTI report due next Friday

clean my room

find my I-card or get new one

-talk to Dawaina before spring break about internship

-go to the EMS office to exchange my uniform shirt 13 months ago

moniiaUgh! Studying!

So much for a lazy Saturday but I need end up going out to eat and trying an amazing dish so I can really complain. Alright this is all the things I am going to get done tonight.

- study for the Abnormal Psychology midterm especially the little details that distinguish disorders and the main treatments

-email Domonic about the dress code for the Vertern’s Affairs talk

-email alumni about intership opportunities for the summer

-try to find some money for laundry because I’m running out of clothes 13 months ago

clebe 14 months ago

HorseToothFoot 14 months ago

SleepyHeadphones 15 months ago

tylrp24 16 months ago

user41602 17 months ago

efishman 18 months ago

Mytime89 18 months ago

dearmalwina 19 months ago


Chapters 28-31 of To kill a mockinbird plot summary in one paragraph 19 months ago

Sdamon23 19 months ago


Today I did all of my homework and I’m now finished at 10:13 19 months ago

ReadySetStart 20 months ago

arrghoknotBuild in positive feedback

It’s sometimes helpful if you have a means of feedback… whether it’s an online quiz (there are thousands) or something else that helps cement the knowledge your homework is meant to shore up, and at the same time gives you a fairly immediate pat on the back.

Always give yourself a pat on the back when you do the homework – you’ll be more likely to do it again. :) 20 months ago

arrghoknot 20 months ago

skipchic06 7 years ago


Welp, I finished all my homework forever, and all signs point to my degree showing up in the mail in short order. 22 months ago

Adelaide 2 years ago

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