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seeking~serenityWeek 7, Day 1 is complete!

25 full minutes of run time…at once. With only the 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down. Mom was a trooper! I need to give her a massage. Her poor I.T. band isn’t very happy after the oast two runs.

We’re almost done though! Only 8 run days left in the program, and then onto a 5K! I am excited!!!! :) 4 months ago

besidequietwaters 5 years ago

seeking~serenityI started this again. With my mom! Completed WEEK 6, DAY 3!

I have been wanting to get her to do this program with me, but she’s always said she can’t run…’too old, too big, too sore, not enough time’ – you name it, she’s said it.

Well, I finally (not quite sure how) got her to start from the beginning with me. Yesterday, we finished out WEEK 6, DAY 3!!! I am so very, very proud of her!

The first day of the program, I wasn’t sure how she would do. We took it nice and slow…really slow, lol, but she did the whole thing, and every day since! Yesterday’s run was just a five minute warm up, a 22 minute run and a five minute cool down. There were a cpuple times she thought about pausing the time so she could walk within those 22 minutes, but she never gave in! She’s a bit frustrated that she hasn’t lost any weight, but she’s gained strength and confidence, and more muscle. She’ll get there! Her health is my main concern. A couple months ago, she had blood workup, and a few of her levels were higher than they should be. Shes going to have them run again soon and see if anything has changed.

It’s helped me going at a slower rate; I haven’t hurt myself once. So, that’s been nice. I have only ever completed W7D1, so I’m excited to get back to that day, and finally finish this thing!

My mom wants to run a 5K this fall! How freaking awesome! She’s 52, and just starting to run, and now wants to register for a 5K. WHOOHOO! I’m a happy daughter! 4 months ago

besidequietwatersWeeks Four into Five

On July 2nd and 5th I did a 5 minute warm-up walk, then 4 minutes jogging, 3 minutes walking, repeated another two times for a total of 26 minutes on the treadmill, followed by 32 to 33 minutes on the eSpinner.

On July 7th I did a 5 minute warm-up walk, then three intervals of 4 1/2 minutes jogging and 2 1/2 minutes walking for a total of 26 minutes on the treadmill, and then 36 minutes spinning.

On July 8th I did a 5 minute warm-up walk, then 5 minutes jogging, 2 minutes walking, repeated another three times, and then with cool-down walking for a total of 37 minutes on the treadmill. I skipped the eSpinner. Today’s C25K workout felt great! I was really light on my feet, even almost euphoric…:)

On July 10th and 12th I did a 5 minute warm-up walk, then 4 minutes jogging, 2 minutes walking, repeated another three times, and cool-down walking for 29 minutes on the treadmill, followed by a half hour on the eSpinner.

I needed some time off to rest my ankle, but got back to the Running Program on July 17th with a 5 minute warm-up walk, then four intervals of 4 1/2 minutes jogging and 2 1/2 minutes walking for 33 minutes on the treadmill. My ankle is much better after four days not running on it…:) 5 months ago

besidequietwatersWeek Three for All of June

The C25K Workouts for Week Three were a five minute warm-up walk, then 90 seconds jogging, 90 seconds walking, 3 minutes jogging, 3 minutes walking, 90 seconds jogging, 90 seconds walking, 3 minutes jogging, 3 minutes walking, 90 seconds jogging, 90 seconds walking for a total of 26 minutes on the treadmill, immediately followed by a half-hour-plus spinning session.

I did this June 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 16th, 18th, 20th, 23rd, 25th, and 28th, or three times a week for the entire month of June. On June 30th, because of a hurt ankle, I settled for cross-training on the Precor 100i elliptical then time pedaling the eSpinner.

Spinning three times a week since early January has built up my cardiovascular strength so that for July I’m ready to move forward with C25K and longer run times…:) 5 months ago

perkstrobot 6 months ago

besidequietwatersDoing C25K Again

This is actually my fifth time doing the Couch-to-5K ® Running Plan, but I want to get myself up running again and can’t think of a better way to make that happen!

So for my cardio workouts I’ve been combining C25K Weeks One thru Three on the treadmill with the stationary bike, for intervals of walking and jogging followed by a half hour of spinning.

The three C25K Workouts for Week One were a five minute warm-up walk, then 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking alternated for 20 minutes, for 1.5 miles total in 25 minutes on the treadmill. I skipped the three-minute cool-down walk in favor of the eSpinner. I did this workout May 20th, 22nd, and 26th.

Week Two’s three C25K Workouts were a five minute warm-up walk, followed by intervals of 90 seconds jogging then 2 minutes walking for 21 minutes, for 1.7 miles total miles in 26 minutes. Again I skipped the cool-down and got right onto the eSpinner. I did this May 28th, 30th, and June 1st.

The C25K Workouts for Week Three were a five minute warm-up walk, followed by repetitions of 90 seconds jogging, 90 seconds walking, 3 minutes jogging, 3 minutes walking, 90 seconds jogging, 90 seconds walking for 21 minutes, or 1.6 miles in 26 minutes on the treadmill, then hopping straight onto the bike.

I did this June 3rd, 5th, 7th, and repeated it June 9th, 11th, and 13th. Week Three has been such a good cardio workout that I’m thinking about repeating it yet another time…:) 6 months ago

BeautifulDay 2 years ago

Josh 7 years ago

norestforthewicked 7 months ago

traybucketUnconventional 5k training.

Short version: I ran a 5k without training.

Long version: I’ve been cycling and doing CrossFit for some time now, and often our CrossFit WODs include running. The longest of these was a timed mile. So going out for the 5k last week was a big leap. But CrossFit definitely builds aerobic fitness, so my lungs were fine. My legs, however, were hurting most of the time. Still, I never had to stop and walk, and finished in just over 28 minutes. Worth doing. 8 months ago

traybucket 7 years ago

WiredN 8 months ago

lapland 9 months ago

creativecalling 10 months ago

art191 11 months ago

MaggieOnWheels 3 years ago

MoonlightMerlot 3 years ago

boocupid 11 months ago

B~OrchidStarting again

I lost so much weight and felt so good when I was doing this. I will start with Day 1 by Thursday! 11 months ago


Running just makes my back and knees hurt. I started the C25K back in May and promptly hurt my back, was in bed for two days and haven’t gotten back to it for fear of hurting myself again. I think running just isn’t for me. I’m going to focus on cycling instead. 12 months ago

delta214 3 years ago

SimplicityInTheLBC 13 months ago

A_Lamb 14 months ago


1 day 1 done. 60secs run, 90secs walk for 20 mins. 14 months ago


week was a bit of a washout. I did one day of this and despite enjoying it, my laziness seems to run amok. so will try to stick with it this week.

I kind of just want to run for 20/30 mins a day and have that be a habit. get it done and then get on with my day. involves me going to be bed earlier, so I can wake up earlier and feel refreshed to go run, instead of late nights and sleeping in more.

come on annie for goodness sakes. stop being lazy. 14 months ago


i completed my first day on this programme! went to the park that isn’t even 5 mins from me this morning at about 915pm. walked briskly for 5 mins, then started jogging for 60s, then walked for 90sec and repeated this for 20 mins.

it felt so good to be outdoors running, in the fresh air surrounded by nature. and there were a few people milling about with their pets. later on there was also some group of ladies who met up their in the park, and they had on some sweatshirts that indicated they were part of some running team. they didn’t look like trained athletes more like women wanting to improve their fitness. so they were there talking for a while and I ran/walked a number of laps passed them each time. then they moved into the middle of the park and started doing some (im guessing warm up) excersizes before setting off for their run. I had finished my workout before they had started theirs. but I might see with time if it is a group I might like to join, once my running gets better, and if I see them often. why not. it would be a good opportunity to stick with the running, keep fit and meet new people. and its so close to where I live. so will keep that in mind. but first I want to get better with my running.

give my legs, heart and lungs a good workout, which it needed today, and even tho this is really the easiest week in the program naturally, my being unfit, took its toll. I did it all, but I just felt like, I used to be a better runner than this. even jogging for 60secs felt like an age at times. but then I thought well this is why I am doing it, cos I want to get better with it again.

really love the outdoor aspect of it. will keep with that until the weather is really bad and have to go to gym to do treadmill version.

tomorrow is a rest day. I intend to do this every second day of every week, so works out to 4 times a week as opposed to 3 times a week.

happy I started this today. and got it done first thing in the morning with lots of time to spare when I got back home. so it will fit in really well with my having time to get ready for work etc 14 months ago


day tomorrow – its the first day I am starting this.

looking forward to it. 14 months ago


other thing I want to do is buy a small running “bumbag” to carry keys and phone, and whatever else.

I have a gym boss timer so I will be using that initially to time the secs/mins.

later on when have the bumbag can put my phone in there connected to headphones then can listen to music as well as the c25k app I have downloaded which tells me when to run walk etc. and can log my runs on that etc.

so def need to get bumbag will be useful 14 months ago


a copy of the c25k plan, the outdoor version as well as the treadmill version.

I plan to start on Tuesday this week as I have to be at work at 10am tomorrow (I usually only start at 1130am / 12pm each day, some days I have the morning/eve/day&eve off) and then just do it every second day consecutively each week. on the days when weather is really bad, then I will go to the gym and do the gym version for that day.

its supposed to be done 3 times a week but it will end up being 4 times a week if I do it every second day. I think that is enough for the week and its good to have one day rest in between so it doesn’t feel like a chore each day and muscles get a chance to repair etc.

hope this works out. I enjoyed doing this plan years ago. food wise. no diets, no extreme clean eating. no protein shakes and supplements. just normal eating in moderation. not going to stress aobut it. my thinking I will eat healthier just by way of the excersizing. it just happens. besides I have some healthy eating habits ingrained in me anyway. just some. I don’t want to fret about prep and food. let it just be and enjoy a meal.

so that is the plan. want to keep things simple. plan to do this for as long as possible even when I have finished it. will do it again. couch to 5k is essentially hiit cardio so its a good plan.

only planning to go back to strength training much later possibly in the new year only, but only once I feel like I have built up my endurance again and much fitter and lost some fat. then work on that. and I am thinking to do mainly bodyweight strength training and plyo work. I don’t wanna waste my time with setting up weights and stuff.

I am trying to simplify to keep things easy. so I just wanna get up go for a run, come home, take a bath, go to work. or just go to gym, jump on treadmill, take a shower, go to work etc.

no wasting time. in and out. 30 mins , 45mins max.

trying to simplify all aspects of my life. 14 months ago

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