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waste less time on facebook

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Hayley Harringtonsuccess

Havent posted a status in over two weeks so far! And am just checking notifications and maybe writing on one persons wall and then I am DONE for that day! I may need to take my friend Kathy’s advice and just deactivate it for a little while… 3 years ago

Hayley HarringtonSlow Progress

Obviously this is one of the harder goals for a teenage girl. But, with some conflicting emotions in my head, I have forced myself not to make a status at all today. I have also only commented on ONE thing on facebook (which happened to have something to do with work, so I wasn’t going against my plans to stop any unnesessay drama, etc)...

...I didnt look at people’s picture, only liked people’s status’ today. My goal is to only post one status at all this week, and then maybe eventually get rid of my facebook for good for a while. 3 years ago


Hayley Harringtonwasted evenings

Once I get into my room and under the covers, Facebook is automatically the first thing I go to. Not only do I need to handle this semi-obsession with the website, but I need to start realizing that what I am doing is not only obsessing with the website, but obsessing with the information I can find on people. Sometimes i can feel like I REALLY know someone so well, when really, ive only met them a few times….I just know them on facebook. This is the sad truth to many teenagers these days… 3 years ago

SkydawnOh God.

This is possibly my worst habit.
All I do is status update and wait for stuff to happen. It’s all pretty pointless.

I do love Facebook, though. Gotta say that. 3 years ago


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