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stardusting 3 months ago


I forgot about this, but I am writing something everyday, even if it is small. I have a Journal and use writing as a tool for thinking. Now my goal is to write more shareable pieces of work, whatever length. 4 months ago

Rs:) naanui don't

do it at all..

so better let it go.. so may be i will start… 10 months ago

AlanBoddhisatva 16 months ago

Rs:) naanuupdated blog today

topic: my list of presidential candidate for India..

blog: JUST FOR TODAY22 months ago

Zyra Manlunas 2 years ago

littlemissfickle2Writing for dear Jason

has made this goal very easy right now… ;) 2 years ago

BoldAsLove6/19/11 - Why I Wrote this Letter

Hey you, don’t fake a fad
Wake up glad, go put on a sweater
Remember, a philosopher named Descartes
Then you’ll know why, I wrote this letter

Hey you, don’t go away
We were meant to stay here together
The women, who forget let wonder set in
Sell all their skin, and buy fake leather

Meanwhile, sleeping on a plane, it’s not the same
You’ll marry the girl who rubs your shoulders
And we’ll do it now, a car full before we finish school
Why wait, like this world, we’ll just get older

Hey you, please don’t frown
You wear a crown now and forever
Remember, a philosopher named Descartes
Then you’ll know why, I wrote this letter

[This is kinda silly but I found a writing exercise online called Rock n Rhyme. Can you guess the song I used? Can you guess who I wrote it for? As silly as it felt, it felt good. I usually take myself way too seriously when it comes to writing. I’m happy with the results and happy I wrote something today…with a little help from my friends. ;) I couldn’t get the third stanza/third line to flow at all.]

Hey you, I love you! 2 years ago


For some reason it just seemed right to start writing anything right now. My mind is clear and my heart is light. And thus may they remain. I’ve been learning how to pray. Not sure to whom yet. Today I sat there in silence (if you don’t count the construction racket and the jabbering in my head) and talked to someone. Asked for an auspicious day – I have a feeling that important things are on the way – thanked for yesterday’s blissful day. That’s how I feel right now, filled with bliss. The day is colorful, blue sky and bright yellow sun, there’s some delicious mediterranean freshness in the air, a cool, flower scented breeze. I feel enlightened. 2 years ago

littlemissfickle2Pleased with this one

Let’s say it’s not exactly artistic writing (which I intend to work on), but basically I’ve been writing something everyday. Whether it’s working on my class portfolios or in my journal or even on 43 things. Writing has been coming much more easily, thankfully. ;) 2 years ago

littlemissfickle2 2 years ago

Rs:) naanuhmm recently i ve posted it

http://god-teach-me-that-you-love-me.blogspot.com/2011/05/into-your-eyes.html 2 years ago

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