have the WHOLE WORLD cheer rouenpucelle once she's done 1000 things


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LLI'm looking forward...

to receiving an invitation from Rouenpucelle to cheer her 2000th thing. I’m sure she won’t disappoint ;-D 7 years ago

StephersonAirplaneMust check email more often!

I just found the invitation in my junkmail and joined, only to find out you accomplished your goal 6 whole days ago! : ( Well Congratulations!!! 1000 things is a lot! Maybe you can do it again for 1100 things! 7 years ago

Iron ManI done did my part

Tell me, though Rouenpucelle, how many cheers did you get? However many hundred they surely must have been, you deserved every one of them. 7 years ago

Rouenpucelleyou *all*

are worthy of JUNIOR SCIENTIST status for your excellent work at getting the ENTIRE WORLD to cheer me!

Huzzah! 7 years ago

JayI'm going to hold out

and be the last person with this goal. It’s my dream. 7 years ago

CalI can only speak

as part of “the WHOLE WORLD,” but I have done my part. 7 years ago

TGThe most

cheers I’ve ever given a 43er in one day- 14. I usually don’t even get 14 cheers to give away in a day!

I hope that you enjoyed the goal, rouenpucelle :) 7 years ago

JaySo far

I’ve cheered for me, Jack and Dougal the guinea pigs, my mum, my dad and my brother but the rest of my family and friends and the rest of the WHOLE WORLD will have to wait until I get more cheers. 7 years ago

retainerHow to measure this?

When can I be satisfied that the WHOLE WORLD has cheered rouenpucelle? I’ve cheered her, so now I’ll come over all solipsistic and declare myself the WHOLE WORLD for the purposes of this goal.

It’s hard for me to imagine how anyone can have done 1000 things in such a short time, but apparently all things are possible with SCIENCE. 7 years ago

HeyGabeGiving up already. *Sniffle*

7 years ago


And of course you will receive a cheer with my best regards. 7 years ago

vavavoomThank you, oh thank you

For allowing me to be among the throngs of little people privileged with tossing my cheers at the feet of greatness! A friend of mine has a sister who was once in the same room as another president, President Clinton. And she says he oozed Elvis-like magnetism throughout the throngs of women surrounding him. Well, I don’t think President Clinton could possibly ooze any more than the President of Leisure Pants.

I wonder if this is how Monica felt? I’m never going to wash this dress again—just in case. 7 years ago


Rouenpucelle is TRULY a FORCE to be RECKONED WITH! 7 years ago


I did it, but not so much, since I now have another important destination for my cheers : Aardila just gave me my 1000th one… 7 years ago


rouenpucelle has elected herself President of Leisure Pants has done 1000 things

The next time you’re over by Lost Coast, have a beer and/or something to eat for me!

To everyone else- sorry, but although I’m sure you will post many entries worthy of cheering (like always), I will only have virtual cheers to give out today.

All of my “real” cheers today are going to rouenpucelle for her amazing accomplishment. 7 years ago

redbandita1000 things!!!

Wow, that is a lot.

Rouen, congrats on so many accomplished goals! You rule. 7 years ago

asstronautI did my part...

Think cheerfully, act like a marmot.
In my pants.
With science. 7 years ago

Sir AaronUntitled

This is quite possibly the most selfless goal ever accomplished on 43things.

It most assuredly deserves an award. The whole world truly is worthy of a Nobel or at least an Obie. 7 years ago

shoemakerCompleted this one

in my pants. 7 years ago


My cheer super soaker is also empty, but if someone would like to fill it I will squirt you liberally. 7 years ago


A truly WORTHY 1000th goal has now been achieved. I can die happy. 7 years ago

TGI just saw


One more! 7 years ago

vavavoomHave you no shame?

Try as I might, I cannot shake the feeling that this is a blatant attempt to commandeer all my cheers. You gotta lotta nerve, lady!

Lucky for you I admire nerve. That and a throbbing, pulsing ….. brain. 7 years ago


I want to think of something JUNIOR SCIENCE worthy for the last three! 7 years ago

asstronautShe'll do it.

I think she may be even more manic than I am. 7 years ago

TGShe's at

994- better save those cheers! 7 years ago

Sir AaronKey Ingredient

This plan is such sheer madness that it just might work. However, I think for anything in life to be truly satisfying, whatever that anything may be, one should always add “with Aaron in my pants” to the end of the sentence.

Everybody knows life is full of so much more pleasure with Aaron in one’s pants! Doing 1000 things is immpressive! But doing 1000 things with Aaron in one’s pants!?? The sign of a higher being!!!! 7 years ago

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