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stargazer673my faith...

I usually have to say I’m agnostic just to make others comfy around me. If I say what I believe people eventually stop talking to me. :-( 4 years ago


100 % 4 years ago


if you want to share your faith with others do it he nows you want to and if you just try u have done everything you cann do i have made 2 of my friende follow jesus and i am proud and he would be to 4 years ago

Christine TanUntitled

It is a difficult thing to do, to share. I know that there’s a 50% probability that I might be rebuffed. But the Lord will equip me to do His good works… 5 years ago



I actually just got home from a trip to another college university where I spent the whole week going out and sharing my faith with the students on campus. I am also part of a team on my home campus called Reach where we go out on the community college campus and the university’s campus and share our faith. We also come up with creative ideas on how to draw people to us instead of us going to them. We have a prayer booth at the university every Friday. We have a couple people open air preaching on Thursdays. Sometimes we will put ou couches and have thought provoking questions on a white board and invite students to come sit on the couch and talk with us about the question.

I am taking a class right now to learn how to be a better deciple for Jesus Christ So I am moving right along in this goal. 6 years ago

Annette ThompsonEvangelism Verses

I’ll witness to one person this week with the good person test. I found a list of evangelism verses for me to learn at and a pdf cheat sheet that I’ll print out. 6 years ago


If I shared my faith in here, I’d probably be putting burrs under saddles. I must, however, point out that the Giver of the Sacrifice is of more importance than the Sacrifice, and state that if a person was to spend the amount of time that they spend reading books about how to “walk the walk” instead in prayer and being still before God, their spiritual life would blossom. 7 years ago

AllisonCookHere is the most important message that I would like to share with you all.

If you truly love God, I recommend that you should read the following book:

“The Ten Commandments Are For God’s Beloved Children!”

It is available on and

I am a faithful Christian all my life. I used to regard Christians as the people with the highest morality. I had always tried to convince other people to give up their faith and become Christians and also tried to make all non-religious people to believe in Jesus. I always wanted to be in heaven with Jesus.

Recently, I stumbled upon this book. At first, I thought it was just another religious book. But as a Christian who loved to read things about God and His Commandments, so I bought this book (ebook, rather, on the publisher’s website for only a few bucks).

To my amazement! This book is totally different from all religious and Christian books that I have ever known. To me, this is the ONLY religious book that honestly and objectively teaches about God and His Commandments. It is the only religious book in the entire world that points out the ugliness and ungodliness of all religions in the world.

This book has changed my life forever! I now feel that I am more closer to God than ever. I no longer feel that I am or any Christian is more righteous or more holy than other people in the world whether other people know God or not.

This book teaches me to love God and love my neighbors with an honest and true love! And my neighbors are not just human beings, but all creatures big and small on the entire earth!

Now I no longer worry about heaven or hell. All I care is to walk faithfully with God and live happily with my neighbors on this wonderful and lovely earth as long as God lets me.

I recommend that you should read this book. It may change your life too. 7 years ago


Hi! I just went to a youth retreat this past weekend and it was AWESOME. This evalgenist Michael Rowan spoke (check out his ministries at and it was amazing. At the end of his great message abou the myth we buy into about religion (an awesome message that basically taught me to focus on KNOWING and LOVING Christ not folling a rule book) we had an alter call. But instead of the eyes closed, heads bowed, dimmed lights kind of alter call, we had an lights brightly shining eyes wide opened one, because if people couldn’t stand up for Christ and be honest about wanting to be close to him in a room full of christians when would they be? This really hit me. ALOT of times in church I’m afraid to lift my hands or go to the alter or at school im scared to wear a shirt that has anything relgious on it….but as the great DC talk song says “What will people think when they hear that I’m a Jesus Freak? THERE AINT NO DISGUISING THE TRUTH!” So what Im gonna be afraid of what people will think? Im scared to defend my Lord because of what I’ll look like? Jesus defended me till death around people who HATED him! And basically the question is….are you willing to DIE for Christ. Obvioulsy he was willing to die for you, a sinner so totally undeseving. Jesus was beaten until you could hardly even see he was human for YOU, a person whose scared to praise him in a room full of christians?
So yeah I’m scared that people are gonna laugh at me? I have one thing to say…PUH-LEEZE!
I’m gonna live all out for Jesus Christ. Let what I say, how I act, how I love and my heart be a witness to others. Let me tell the Good News to EVERYONE and not shy away because of my irrational fear of what people will think of me. Because its not about them…its not about me…its not about you…its about HIM.

So I hope this inspires someone else to share Christ with their friends, and remember witnessing doesn’t always mean “Hi I’m Tina do you know about Jesus? Let me give you a little flyer about Our Lord”, you YOURSELF can be the witness. Showing your Chirstlike qualities and your own love for God to other is more powerful than you may think.
God Bless Everyone and good luck! 7 years ago

horsegirl44key word share

it is amazing to share your faith with others, as long as you don’t push it on them. and in return you have to be willing to let them share with you. And if you do it like this, it is so much more than sharing, you get to expand and question your own religion.

it is worth it, I can’t believe I hit not worth it. 7 years ago

Mooncinder...especially my loved ones.

I’ve been a Christian for three years now. I have a few Christian friends but my parents aren’t Christians and neither are my closest friends at university or my boyfriend. I just wish there was some really obvious way that I could witness to all of them effectively. 7 years ago


i believe in christ. i believe in those who believe in Him. 7 years ago


I do this all the time, and I just added another goal that includes my testimony, I hope others respond… 7 years ago

pw52492Worth Doing

Totally worth doing, even if it annoys some people who “dont want you talk about it.” Christians are commanded to make disciples of all nations – so you are supposed to do it.

Peter 8 years ago

vitamvasCool Way to Share your faith

There is this interesting little card that is being used to share your faith with others. It’s available at I’ve found it a fun and easy way to bring up a discussion about God. 8 years ago

sospikesHave Faith.

The two biggest reasons people do not share their faith is they say they are scared to get rejected and don’t know how to. Here is a man who I am proud to be able to call my friend who can tell you exactly why sharing your faith is not anything but a Winning situation. At first I was nervous but now I have strength. I still dont do it as often as I wish I could but I do it more than I have ever done. 8 years ago

borderlinetoxicI wish I could.

My fears are the only thing that keep me from witnessing the way God wants me to. Sure, I’ll find moments to slip in something about God here and there, but I never get around to really telling people the whole gospel of Christ.

Take today.

I know this boy who is very lost. He cusses a lot, drinks, etc and falls into bouts of depression quite often. Somehow while talking, we fell into the topic of suicide. He told me how he thought suicide was up to a person since it was their body.

Of course, I told him my views and how I believe that we belong to God, not ourselves, and therefore suicide is out of the question.

But that isn’t really witnessing. I merely shared my views.

I feel like I missed a chance.

I just pray God will help me with this in the year to come. 8 years ago

Rita FajitaIam challenged every day

to keep doing this. Lord, I pray that when I have an opportunity, just hit me over the head so I recognize it!
Plus the fact sometimes I feel inadequte or just plain scared to approach a stranger, afraid mostly of the rejection.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 8 years ago

kangaA vision, not a goal actually

I’m such a selfish person :-[ that this will never become everyday reality to me. I really would like to share what I’ve experienced in my life – that I’ve come from the darkness, from great sorrow, and now travelling heavenwards… slowly, gradually, day by day. That’s a miracle. Life is fantastic. But, as said, I’m too selfish to have this as a ‘goal’ I’ll accomplish someday. I’m just having it here as a reminder, to help myself to keep in mind what should be the most important thing here in ‘pre-life’. And praying strength and words from the Almighty Father… 9 years ago


I feel so driven to spread the message of Christ. But I don’t know how… 9 years ago


how is everyone coming with this goal? 9 years ago

Oceanchild9It is always

worth doing, even if you never get to see the results.

I was listening to the radio today, and there was a gentleman on there speaking about sharing his faith. He spoke about how it can be intimidating or scary to share the gospel of Christ. But then he said something that made me listen.

He said that if God is telling you to speak to that person, that God is already speaking to that person. Regardless of their reaction to you.

Why are we so afraid to speak up? We should be more afraid of staying silent. 9 years ago

BobDavis1 Thing

One thing that is defiantly “worth doing” is sharing your faith.
Not only is it commanded by Jesus it is “THE” method described in scripture for getting people into heave (and keeping them out of hell).

If anyone has questions I’d love to try to help.
-Bob 9 years ago

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