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Have more people watch the Third Season of the Bravo Reality Show, "Project Runway" with Heidi Klum


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Geo58Good Things must come to an end!!

Sorry to see the show ending but did love all the episodes and enjoyed writing about the show, characters and chatting with everyone. Wonder when PR Season 4 starts? Thanks everyone for making this a very enjoyable goal.

(((Many Huggs to All))


George :) 8 years ago

Geo58Jeffrey wins Project Runway!!!

Uli’s dress (see photo) was rated higher than Jeffrey’s but he still won. I believe for his innovative style. Uli has clothes that every women would wear but even though she pushed herself and I loved them all. She had prints, two toned, summer looks, loved that bikini styles, dazzling green and purples, flowing colors and sexy stylish shorts. I thought she was going to win when it went down to the two final designers.

The big controversary in the beginning was when Jeffrey was accused of not making his own clothes! He could not find one receipt for a bubble short and he had to lose all the blonde wigs which i think would of made his designs even more beautiful. He went over by $227 so he finally went under by over $400 with the wigs. I was very happy when Tim announced that he and the producers feel that he made everything. Tim Gunn is awesome when eh came back and starting tearing up because that was thier last show whe they would all be together.

Laura makes some dazzling and well made clothing, her mini dresses, black evening wear, flowing silver dress, fur collars, taffiti type fringe and loved her print she choose with a feathered dress that lookd stunning.

What happened to Michael because it seemed that the judges did not like his workmanship. They thought it was too sexy and poor taste? He did have hot, white flowly dresses, green, orange color, hot pink and belt designs, safari print and the last one was beautiful. However, even though he went from light to bright the judges were disspaointed and way too sexy for the runway.

So Jeffey won because he has the most innovative style, “his own style” that seems to work because he has so incredible workmanship in his designs. It was his night and I am glad a happy ending occured after the beginning and accusations were made. His red polka dotted swim suit, stretch pants, two sided type design dress, very short jean mini jacket over black pants, silver white vested skirt, blue and blue striped jacket and his striped green dress allowed his model to win as well.

You could say between the two it was a tought decision for the judges and maybe were they pressured because what if Jeffrey lost, would they say it was because he went over budget? or was missing a piece which he had to make less than a day before because he knew if he could not find the receipt for this piece, he could not use it. No, I think his innovative style and design and they choose the best person for the winner. Congratulations on a great season and this goal has to be closed down because its’ over. Thanks for watching Peace.

Bravo Project Runway



George ;) 8 years ago

Geo58Only one show remains after tonght...

Well, this was part one of next week’s finale. It starts out with Heidi Klum talking to the four remaining designers and then Tim Gunn come on and explains to the four that they have about two months to create 12 outfits for Bryant Park and Olympus Fashion Week.

Michael Knight, with new braces, lives in Atlanta, Georgia and shows part of his collection. Tim is there to visit him and see how he is doing. His safari style looks promising but Tim appears how he can tie the whole thing into his clothing line. PLus, he appears to be struglling with the remaining outfits that he has not made yet. We learn how supportive his parents were when he was growing up and how he was an Army brat.

Laura lives in a gorgeous home, in NY City. Hard wood flooring and hugh living space for her five children and one on the way, a boy she says and she is really showing for her pregnancy. She did alot of work in the past month and it show. Her sparkly red evening wear style appears to Tim as too old fashioned looking and he honestly states to her, are they even pretty? The best scene was when laura’s youngest son offers him “turtle poop” and Tim runs away! Then the whole gang goes searching for the missing turtle in the house.

Next, we have Uli, in Miami, Florida. Her living space in on the beach and has a fantastic view. Her clothing is out of a tropical setting, safari, type dresses, bone, and silver fabrics and unusal not as much color as we are used to from her. Tim and her head to the beach and she explains to him that she grew up in a troubling time in East Germany.

The final visit for Tim is Jeffrey who lives in Los Angles, California. Talk about circling the USA! Jeffrey has a wife and son who he adores. She has a very noticable mohawk hair style. We learn about his rough childhood, father left them when he was young, her fell into drugs, was suicidal and saved from his roommate and is clean from drugs for the past five years. His workspace is in downtown LA, and very large comapred to everyone else. He brings out Japensese style clothing that is part of his ghost and demon collection. His craftmanship is amazing, halter dress, and Tim really loves his clothing and is very impressed on how much work has been done. No complaints, and he appears to be the front runner out of the four designers.

Two weeks before the show, Laura drops a bomb and talks to Tim about Jeffrey and questions all the work he has done. All the designers had a budget of $8,000 for the designs and Jeffrey mentions he sent out two skirts for pleating. I wonder if this is allowed as I thought all the designers ahd to make the clothes themselves without any outside help?

Anyway, after choosing their models, make-up consulation, and final fitting, Jeffrey appears bored as all his alterations were just completed. Laura, Michael and Uli question his workmanship but Uli defends him when she says that the stitching inside is not that good. Jeffreys’ pants and zippers on his garmets are far superior to anything he has made before. Leather vests, old blazer style and he has all his models in blonde wigs.

In the in the final scenes we see Tim questioning Jeffrey in front of the other designers and he starts crying on Uli. Is this a sign that he did something wrong and won’t be showing next week or is this more media hype to make the show even more spectacular than season 2? (He did appear nervous when Tim asked for all the designer’s receipts.) Tune in next week’s show for the final answers. Who do you want to win? 8 years ago

Geo58Reunion Show

As we come down to the live finale in two weeks, last night I watched the mapcap events of the past season. Everyone was there, Heidi Klum, Tim , Michael Korrs, Nina Garcia, and the 15 designers. There were clips and out takes and some surprises. Milan, Taiwanise, and Australian is showing at Olympus Fashion Week along with the four designers! The diusqualified Keith mentions that some of the producers asked him to leave before the allegations of the pattern books, he claims were removed and then returned, before he could defend himself.

Insults were hurled by VIncent who called everyone, “amateurish designers” much to everyone’s displeasure, and became very upset when on of the producers had his dry clean only clothes ruined by washing them, through a loud display of “bleeped” messages on the screen. Kayne is the fastest talker in PR history with a 932 word against Miss USA Tara Konner at 7 words during Kayne’s pitch for his designer gown, which was one of the challenges he ended up winning.

The fan favorite was Michael Knight which was finally decided in the past two weeks, Laura favorite words “serious ugly”; Vincent’s “turned on”, Robert’s boring clothes” and Bradley, “make unusual noises???”

The designers agreed that the “dog challenge” was the favorite and the “Mom challenge was the most difficult one in which we learn that Jeffrey never apoligized to Angela’s mom Darlene in the most emotional episode of the season.

The two judges on the show mentioned the unusal alarms going off on the set, fainting models, (who I imagine don’t eat right to stay thin), (sad) and Jeffrey relieving some gas after eating.

We do learn that Tim Gunn is an artist and makes sculpture and yes, he does own a pair of jeans but laura does not. Next week, there seems to be a scandal brewing before Olympus Fashion Week however, I don’t think it will be anything other than media hype before the final show. 8 years ago

Geo58Week Eleven/Twelve: A Great Ending!

The show ended up as it should have, all four remining designers with each a different style to show have all been invited to Olympus Fashion Week. I thought that was the best way to give each of the four a chance to see what they have for designing a collection.

The final challenge was to make an outfit that refelcted each designer’s style, total freedom on what they could design, $250 budget, which was more than twice as the other challenges. I wonder if they each spent that much on each design? The only restriction was to choose “three words” that reflected what the design was for this week, and the 12 designs for Olympus Fashion Week they would come up if they made it to the finals. Each designer took pictures that reflect their choice and they had to tell a story about one of their photos shot in NY and why they made that choice. They also were invited back to Nina Garcia, Elle magazine who told them to dazzle us, convey how fashion editorial is important to “Elle’s” magazine ‘First Look’ pages which are see by millions of people.

Uli must have been listeining to Nina and really hit the mark tonight by first choosing Michael’s favorite model Nazri; which may have thrown him as he became confused as what to make, over Clarissa. Most of the other designers went into their work. At first Uli cut up her “tye dye” print fabric and layed it on the floor, she didn’t have a particular design in mind but I love her choice in fabric. Her beautiful model Navri with the big hair was what she must of had in mind for her design. Her colorful mini dress design (see picture) was photographed in front of a jazz band and she hit the nail on the head as all the designers loved her work and “out of the box” style for this week. (It featured a brillant open look straight down the middle, high collar, blue and black color that conveyed “fun” “life” and adventure” as her three words.) She said that she had to “pull out all the stops to win” when she choose Nazri and she did just that, wise choice Uli, well done! Her design is going to be photgraphed by world reknow photographer Giles Bensiman and featured in Elle’s “First Look” pages. If she dazzles us with her 12 designs she could win it all.

Jeffrey gave us all the middle finger on national TV, and they didn’t even blank that image out, which surprised me. He insulted Laura as well as everyone else. He failed this week to come up with a different design, I didn’t really like the red white and blue halter top dress with a tulip skirt; it looked frumpy and dowdy to me; then look he was going for, he should of come up with an edgy but sophisicated not his provocative and romantic look he was going for. He showed us a different lifestyle as he has a girlfriend, a son, and likes to wear Uli’s clothes as she got him to try on her outfit she was in the process of designing. He was going for a romantic look on a Hansome Carriage that didn’t seem to fit his edgy style. He didn’t make the right choice this week and I didn’t like the dress at all; and I worry that his next twelve designs will be going in the wrong direction unless he can come up with something new, romantic, provacative, and sophiscated, we will see.

Michael was confused at first, maybe the model choice, or maybe it was too much freedom for him to handle because he hard a hard time with this one. He did make a smoking hot, very sexy plum charmouse gown and I loved it, except for the middle which was open and appeared vulgar and unflattering as the judges mentioned. He might have worked on this and saved this design by closing this open spot. The judges tore it apart, told him that it was not very flattering, they weren’t excited, he should stick to sportswear and expected more from him. I hope he sticks to what he knows best and conveys this in his designs, he could win it all.

I love Laura’s clothes, her sophisticated style and elegant look. Nina who invited all the designers back to her office, loves all her clothes and would wear everything she makes. Her design this week warranted her second place and her choices for words were confedience, elegance and glamour which is what Laura’s clothes bring out. Her pink stylistic cocktail dress with shimery fabric and a fringed bottom; and I see her as one of favorites to win at Olympus Fashion Week as the designers want her to “rough it up” a bit.

Overall, I applaud Project Runway for allowing these very talented designers to show there stuff at Olympus Fashion Week. It would of been very hard to eliminate one designer because they are all very good. Next week is a return of all the designers from previous week challenges, and the sparks will be flying as it makes good showmanship for TV. The final show will be shown live and the designers must have had a few months to create 12 designs for the show. It should be great to see who wins overall as any of them could win. I don’t have a real favorite at this time because I would be happy to see any of the four designers win. Should be a fantanstic live show and I can’t wait to see it. Peace.



George :) 8 years ago

Geo58Week Ten: It's Either Black or White

A total shocker from the beginning, Angela and Vincent were invited for another chance. Heidi Klum mentioned that the two designers, Angela and Vincent have won a previous challenge and were given a second chance to redeem themselves. However either of them had to win this week’s challenge or leave with the third outed designer.

Tonight’s show showed some real empathy from Laura. I was really touched by her passion when she expressed her concern about possibly leaving the show, she was feeling really low, and her husband sent her a video message to help cheer her up. She was crying on camera expressing her dissapointment from the last challenge and it made me feel sad because I believed her. Even her model was giving her pointers on how to make her design more youthful and hip. It must of worked because her cocktail dress was gorgeous and stunning. I really loved the look! Plus, she might have made some pointers when she told the judges that she used every bit of fabric on her outfit, nothing was stuffed inside a purse or around a necklace, etc. This must of impressed the judges over Michael’s white dress design. Plus, she went outside of her design box from the usual Laura style, another plus. It was her night!

Michael did make another fantastic outfit, it was over the shoudler and Michael Korrs’ really likes his design work. He says this week, Michael Knight really gets it, everything down to the shoes, bag and his design. I think the only thing he didn’t do that Laura did was his moidel stuffed the scraps of fabric in his models’ purse. Laura sewn the bits of fabric on the outside of the model’s bag. Otherwise his design was beautiful and stylish, I had thought he might have been picked instead of Laura.

Uli was disspointing this week as she made an oversize necklace that was very heavy along with long sleeves that made her outfit look cheap. I really like the print she choose. She always has such incredible taste and style in her colors. She was overwhlemed with the extra fabric and what to do with it.

Jeffrey must of been distracted that Angela is back because his cocktail dress was more early Madonna or Gwen Steffano. She had long thigh high leggings? Checkerboard style skirt, and edgy style top, I didn’t like it at all. Hopefully next week he creates something elegant and sharp and not cheap looking.

Vincent made a black skirt, white top and a weird cape that the judges hated. Plus, the guest designer judge Zac Posen made a comment that his dress hem should of been longer instead of using the material for the long scarf. He has a problem with execution in his designs, some are backwards, too long, too short and comes up with excuses every week.

Angela made a disspaointing dress with an oversized neckline that protruded around the models neck and collar. The judges didn’t like it and thought it was too overwhelming on her. She also stuffed pieces of fabric in the models’ bag that didn’t really match the outfit at all.

Kayne even though Michael tried to help him out earlier made an solid black outfit and din’t use that much white at all as was stated for the challenge. His lack of white color in the front made his dress look like a “jeckyl and hide” as Zac mentioned.

Next week’s show will be hard to watch as the final four designers are whittled down to three. Who will be the final three for fashion week? My guess at this point would be: Jeffrey, Michael; and Uli and Laura would battle for the final spot. Unless Jeffey has another bad week, and even though he is getting ugly, I still think his designs are brillant, as Michael’s. I love Uli’s choice of fabric and colors but she needs to really “explode on stage” because the designers are tired of her style and want to see something else from her as Laura proved this week. On Laura, if she can duplicate this week’s creativity and put her efforts into next week’s challenge she could win overall again, she just needs more confedience. Michael and Jeffrey need to step up to the plate and have great designs or either one might be going home next week. I can’t wait for next week. Peace.



George :) 8 years ago

Geo58Paris Episode, Part II: Week Nine From Paris back to New York

The challenges are getting more difficult as the designers had to make a French Couture gown in only two days, using mostly hand sewn hems, collars and stitching except for the body of the outfit which could be machine sewn. Plus, the designers had $350 american dollars (300 euro) and had to fit two different models, one in Paris and their regular model back in NY. SOme designers had problems with fit because the models may have been taller or shorter. Usually only French designers are only allowed to make these garmets because they must undergo an extensive licensing from the French government.

Jeffrey, this week, was the first ever designer to win both his weekly challenge and also have immunity from the previous week. He didn’t have to go and design an good outfit however, he did take the most risk and was the most creative of all the designers choosing a unique plaid design (see picture); the judges saw this. Plus, it’s two wins in a row for him and his “bad boy image” is coming into play each week, (a good marketing ploy, his tatoos and punkish goth style are stylish and appelaing.) He is very good and watch for him to be in the finals and see how he plays against the other top designers. He designed a beautiful vibrant yellow-greenish type plaid couture dress that looked better in NY than on the French model and she even looked great in it. He had sewn almost 90% of the entire garmet and I loved the way it flowed when the model walked across the runway.

Uli made a fantastic metallic silver gown with rope-like tassels sewn down the neck line and she received high scores in Paris and with the fans on the PR web poll. I loved the color of the outfit and so did the guest judge Richard Tyker who designed the outfit for the Delta airlines. Hers was very nice and she was second in the judging.

Michael was dissapointing this week because an egg was thrown at his model damanging his dress while entering the boat in Paris for the couture runway show. His outfit was not completly finished, poorly exectued and looked sloppy around the neck line however, he did show his expertise in the hand sewn look of his garmet. Overall, the NY judges hated his dress and wondered why he didn’t take more effort to make the dress fit the model.

Laura is three months pregnant and it’s taking her toll on the traveling back and forth. Her puffy collar black dress looked better in Paris than in NY, which affected the overall judging. I liked the French dress that was modeled better than the NY model. She neede to “poff up” her collar that was flattered during the flight back from Paris.

Kayne’s dress was his usual “glamorous beauty pageant” style which had gold mesh, appliques, beaded lace and was honestly stunning to look at. I loved it; however the judges thought he went overboard on the flashy-ness and was tacky. I picked him out this week and I was wrong for both the winner and loser.

Vincent tried to pull a fast one and finish by gluing his dress, which is a big “no-no” and the judges saw it right away. It was a nice design and had an oriental and hand sewn appeal at least in NY. However, all good things must come to an end and he was asked to leave the show.

Next week, the designers are designing for two celebrities which was revealed during a pre-view of next week’s show by Laura. I am not going to tell you who they are until next week. 8 years ago

Geo58Paris episode, Part I

Tonight’s challenge involved making an outfit for a hip, international jet setter and to be modeled by each designer as they walk on the runway and being judged by the regular fashion judges. The outfit had to reflect each designer’s personality and travel well. No wrinkles and comfortable.

Jeffrey was still trying to get Angela’s goat from last week and acting like a jerk, which was dissapointing to see. Seven designers and one was going to be eliminated in Paris, France.

The runway show was won by Jeffrey as he created a leather rock star, type look for himself. The fashion statement looked more expensive than the $75 to create it, as Heidi mentioned back in the USA. Angela’s outfit looked like a mess, rosettes on the rear and bad choice in fabric, linen. Uli’s and Laura’ outfit were equally spectacular, as one was colorful and the other classy and both beautiful. Michael continued to make a great white outfit with cargo pants with tassles. Michaels’ jacket shirt impressed the guest judge from Calvin Klein.

Kayne continues to make crass and bold statements, he is my next choice to be eliminated from the group. Vincent made a safe design with comfortable and stylish pants but, lacked his attitude in the design. Instead of being eliminated right then and there, all the remaining designers were flown to Parson’s in Paris france where fashion icon Catherine Malegerino made the final cut, Angela was eliminated and had to fly back home. Now they are six remaining.

Next week the designers’ continue in Paris were I imagine they will end their tour before fashion week. I would like to see Laura, Uli and Jeffrey for the final three. However, it could just as well be, Michael for the third choice because he work is very good. I don’t see Vincent making the final cut unless he surprises everyone with something wild. 8 years ago

Geo58This week's episode featured the heartbreaking adios' Allison

Talking Trash and choosing materials right out of the dumpster. This show was even more special because I went to my feminist meetup group and all the women in the goup watch this show every Wednesday evening. So after a empowering discussion on femnist views we sneered Vincent’s dress when Allison was sadly removed off the show. You could just see the emotion when she hugged everyone for the last time and she will be a great designer. Too bad as she was my favorite designer on the show. I guess they need Vincent for the finals because he’s this season’s villian however, some of his designs are really terrible ike his art work paper mache’ dress? He had the lowest score this week but, pretty and sweet Alison was let go.

Plus, I thought Jeffrey’s genius dress design and green colored dress was brillant. He had the highest scores of all the designers however, Michael won again. I think they are trying to create a sense of jealously between Michael and Jeffrey for the finals. I really love this show and the women I enjoyed watching it with. Life doesn’t get any better than this.



George :) 8 years ago

Geo58This week's show started with an unusual twist...

the model’s not the designers, choose. The remaining models chose each designer for this next challenge as they had to pick a fashion icon and moderalize it. The winning model and designer would feature in a full Treseme’ hair ad. Michael Knight won with his model as modernaized fashion icon Pam Grier and will be featured on the new ads. Judge Michael Kors is back replacing Vera Wang, I think I rather have Vera instead of Michael Kors. Designer Vincent is annoying and should be the next to leave the show. 8 years ago

Geo58Tonight's Show went to the dogs...

This week’s asignment ivolved creating a women’s outfit, a story about the outfit and one for her dog. Two days, $150 worth of materials and one runway show later had the cutest litle outfits on the many dogs that walked and were carried along the runway. Some of the creations had little hats for the dogs including matching sweaters, jackets and signage for the judges which worked because the winning entrant had made a hi judges emblem on her dog’s sweater which they loved. However, the winning outfit was not my first choice as Allison made a real sophiscated outfit that matched the white poodle’s personality and the model down to a ‘T.” The show gets more exciting each week as next week’s promos include one of the twelve remaining designers getting kicked off before the runway competition, the first on Project Runway. 8 years ago

Geo58She went to the final five contestants and Ms. Tara Connor was eliminated...

Here is the final order:

4 th Runner up: Ms. USA
3 rd Runner up: Ms. Paraguay
2 nd Runner up: Ms. Switzerland
1 st Runner up: Ms. Japan

Congratulations to this year’s winner Miss Universe for 2006: Ms. Porta Rico 8 years ago

Geo58Time to see if Ms. USA can win with her evening gown designed by Project Runway

It’s on now at 9:00 PM EST. 8 years ago

Geo58Wednesday's Project Runway should of been called No Team Play

The remaining contestants had to design an evening gown for Miss USA winner, Tara Elizabeth Conner, (pictured center on the Today Show) as she competes in this year’s Miss Universe Pageant. The fashion designers had to impress Tara with their vision of what her evening gown should look like. With $300 of material seven teams of two were created, one lead designer and one asistant. In the finale guest judge sitting in for vacant Michael Korrs, was world known bridal gown designer Vera Wang and Miss USA herself. One team in particular stole the show with the two designers back stabbing each other. The losing team’s lead designer made a gown too short and his excuse was his model, whom he choose, had hips that did not match his dress manequine. I thought the winning outfits were gorgeous and Heidi Klum was just great as aways. I can see why so many people love this show and can’t wait until next week.8 years ago

Geo58It's on Tonight on Bravo, Project Runway, Season Three at 10:00 PM EST

Everyone needs to watch this show. It’s amazing how they come up with an idea and with simple materials make a designer outfit that is fitting for a runway model. The interactions with the designers and the mentors are just incredible to watch. I am hooked after watching all of season 2 and Heidi Klum is still attractive but, not as attractive as my wife Diana! :)8 years ago

Geo58This week's show was insane...

Imagine staying in a luxury hotel with your fellow fashion designers and then go on top of the hotel roof, sip champagne with supermodel Heidi Klum and then being told you have 15 minutes to go back to your hotel room, using scissors, pliers and a laundry bag, you must fill it up with material to create your runway outfit that best describes your personality.

Carpet pieces, shower and living room curtains, comforters, lamp fixtures, bed cusions, pillows, sheets, were all used by the 15 new fashion designers competing each week to become the next American Fashion Designer.Each week one or more designers gets eliminated from the competition by a panel of fashion icon judges and Heidi herself.8 years ago

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